Early LifeEdit


Czertza on Korriban, several months after being freed, dorning the body paint and crest of his Saarai'kaar...

Czertza Marek was born on the world of Coruscant, to a father who held status in the Galactic Empire. His mother had passed away during his birth, meaning that much of his life was spent without the love and kindness that many mothers might offer, however, out of respect, for much of Czertza's boyhood he was nicknamed "Czen" which was the name of his Mother's Father, and the root name by which his own came from.

When Czertza turned four, his life came to a dramatic shift, his father whisped him up and placed him on a freight transport, some days later he rendevouzed with the boy seeking to hide him away. It had become known that both Czertza's Father and Mother were once Jedi, and with this discovery his Father would now being purged, as would his son if he were to be found. Czertza was sent to the world of Ruusan, the only world his Father trusted for him to be placed for safe keeping. His father was ever heard from again. This goodbye was their final.

Czertza Arrives on RuusanEdit


Czertza Marek in the Sith tombs of Korriban after his awakening.

With Czertza's arrival on Ruusan he was welcomed into the fold of the Jedi Order, though questions arose as to whether he should be taken on as Padawan. Though his midi-chlorians were quite high, he displayed instability and the biggest question which hindered the decision was whether his experiences with the Galactic Empire had permanently strayed him. Despite this, he had been accepted for Padawanship, he however had no Master, no Jedi to teach him, so instead he spent his time in Ruusan's archives studying and meditating.

As the years passed, and his study of the force became more and more refined, he began to question the legitimacy of the Order which had refused to teach him by lack of a Jedi to teach him further. He began to resent the Jedi, even going so far as to begin to blame them for the death of his Father.

Czertza discovers the dark side...Edit

It was during an unexpected siege upon Ruusan that Czertza first tasted the dark side of the force. Several Dark Jedi, foot soldiers of the Sith of Vjun, laid waste to guards and Jedi alike. Czertza, in his frustration, went to defend his home. He was all too easily defeated. The siege lasted days, and Czertza had been seriously injured. Finally, giving in to his hatred, he fought harder than he ever had, almost wounding one Dark Jedi, this Dark Jedi would be the man who would change Czertza's path for good.

Rather than murder the young boy, the Dark Jedi saw his potential and took him under his wing, he told the boy of what he could be. He left Czertza on Ruusan with only one word, one seed planted in his mind. Vjun.

Czertza and the Dark JediEdit

Czertza, less than a year later, had entered the museum of Ruusan, within it he found a single relic, a mask, the mask of Darth Revan. It spoke to him in a way he had never felt before, it symbolised power, unbridled power waiting to be unleashed. He took the mask from the Museum, took a ship from shipyard and fled the planet. Czertza would seek Vjun.

When Czertza arrived on Vjun he was immediately placed in a cell, beaten and left to rot. The Dark Jedi, who had been increasing their power, riding the tide between the Dark and Light sides of the Force, finally caught wind of the boy who had called out for them. To one in particular this call was heard. His name was Occidian. Occidian once again took him under his wing, teaching Czertza to use the dark side of the Force.

For some time he studied, delving deeper and deeper. Finally, his teacher came to him, he would have a mission: He would have to kill a Jedi.

Czertza returned to Ruusan shortly after, he did not hesitate, and immediately brought an onslaught of pain upon the Order. Padawan after padawan fell to his sabers, until finally a Jedi Knight would stand against him. That Knight would, surprisingly, be defeated also. Czertza, more than gleeming with pride, finished his work slowly, sadistically, he had lost himself to the Dark Side, he had done what his teachers had made effort to train him not to. Once he had choked the life from the Jedi, he fled, returning to Vjun.

Once on Vjun, and relaying his story to his teachers, he would be once again contained in a cell. This time because he was a force to be controlled, tempered, and retaught. Czertza did not leave this cell for some time.

Czertza is freed!Edit


Czertza during his time on Coruscant.

Czertza had just passed his seventeenth birthday when his teacher finally came to see him, releasing him from the holding cells of Vjun. There had been a change, Occidian, once a Dark Jedi, no longer stood in balance. He too had given himself to the Dark Side, and he would take Czertza with him.

Occidian had assumed the title "Darth." Czertza was now his apprentice. The pair left Vjun shortly after. They had chosen to reside for a time on Korriban, where Czertza's skills would further be tempered.

Return to CoruscantEdit

When it had come time to leave Korriban, Czertza was called to Coruscant where his Master had spent much time developing his notoriety in organised crime syndicates. Czertza had been given the task of overseeing where he could not.

The pair spent three years working, Czertza from the shadows, concealing himself and acting only as the hidden muscle of the now well known Occidian. It seemed there was an empire in the making, until Czertza went missing.

Czertza: Lost TimeEdit


Czertza on Korriban after returning from a three year absence.

For three years Czertza had been missing, as if he had never existed. Every trace of him gone, he was undetectable, even to those who were astute in sensing through the Force. When he reappeared, he first appeared on Korriban, he was dazed, incoherent, and badly wounded.

With him he had a single Holocron, which had within it the details of his last three years, details of memories he could not yet recollect. As he regains his strength, bit by bit, he gains access to further data within the holocron.

To his surprise, he discovered what had happened to him in his last moments before going missing, his persecution by the Sith Lords. What he could not understand, however, is how he came to be free, and more so, what happened to the Sith Order who locked him away.

The Holocron of Czertza MarekEdit

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During his isolation and mysterious disappearance a single Holocron data record was kept of the events that passed him by. It is thanks to this holocron that Czertza is aware of what had been done to him. He does not, however, yet understand how it is he achieved freedom.