During the short-lived rebellion of a clone cell in the Grand Army, the DC-16C was created as a counter to the more advanced technology of the Republic. Designed by, manufactured by, and used by the renegade 202nd Clone Battalion, the DC-16C is an unruly beast in the hands of even an experienced soldier. Lacking the safety measures present in official GAR weaponry, the DC-16C has massively-enchanced firepower and firing rate, with a large magazine capacity, but has little accuracy and is prone to mechnical failure due to its low-quality materials and lack of an onboard control chip.

Though the 202nd Battalion is long gone, the DC-16C finds use among members of the Grand Army itself, many dozens of units being buried away in their armories and carried by many of the troops as a weapon of last-resort, when conventional weapons fail to provide the sheer firepower that this weapon can provide.

Observers have claimed that a trooper weilding the DC-16C is 'a wrecking ball', indiscriminate of friendly troops and collateral damage, capable of taking down even light fighters as they swoop from the sky. Whether true or not, this weapon is a rarity, much to the relief of the enemies of the Republic.

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