Dae'dah: "What is this that I feel..."
Darth Dolusian: "That, is the Force."
Dae'dah and Darth Dolusian, the apprentice's first time touching the Dark Side


Dae'dah Haj'ra III, an Epicanthix-Human hybrid male, was the single son of the now, Jedi Master Guntai Haj'ra and former Sith Lord Victoria Lumos. Both parents at the time were Sith Lords in the sith cult, the Disciples of Ragnos. Known by the names Darth Sae'hal II and Darth Aurora at the time, the two mated if only to prolong the line of the Haj'ra family. Unknown to him, Dae'dah was born on Dagobah, where he was first exposed to the dark natures of the Sith. It was a time of plot, and even the Imperials of the Disciples of Ragnos Imperial Stormtrooper Corps were wary of the Sith, if even allies. But it was Ganron Kutilles who wished for a coup. Driven by the lust for power and empowered by influence in the Empire Reborn, Kutilles was successful in his first few stages of thwarting the Arch Lord, Darth Sae'hal II's plans. As an infant, Dae'dah was apparently sent off to the Moon of the Dead to train in secret. With Sae'hal's intention of the protection of his line of blood, he ordered Kutilles to take his son to the moon. But the trusty Imperial had something else in mind, and with his contacts he had several options. But before Ganron was able to put his plans into effect, the Sith Lord Darth Dolusian threatened the imperial and took the infant for himself. Through time and many years, the Haj'ra boy grew up to a young man upon Dolusian's freighter. Growing up in constant fear and mass indoctrination of the Sith ideals, Dae'dah's current viewpoint of the galaxy appears to be immoral. Given that his earliest memories for that of parental holograms and fearsome shadowy demons of the mind, threatening to harm him in the dark. It was only when he was a young man did he make his first friend, a droid called TD-084 of whom served as his mentor regarding the basics of life. Or what he thought was life. It was few years after Dae'dah began physical training that his droid mentor disappeared and he was left alone. Lonely in his years, he took the time to sculpt his physique properly. Shortly after, Dolusian summoned the young man; Dolusian said Dae'dah failed him and that he was a waste of time and was to be set free, but the younger man disagreed. He knew nothing else aside from the freighter and what he had learned. That was his life. It was then that Dolusian took him as an apprentice and Dae'dah began his real sith training without knowing of the living existence of his true family.


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The Haj'ra Legacy - They Were Wrong

The story behind this video is that the character was born between Victoria Lumos and Guntai Haj'ra, kidnapped quite soon after and then believed to be dead after certain circumstances. 'They were wrong.'