A traveler, information gathered, and job runner, Daiton is a relatively unknown entity in the broader galaxy. This makes him a perfect ally for many who may come looking. He is now looking for work where ever he can find it, typically drawn to areas of conflict.

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Early History Edit

Much of Daiton's early history is unknown, most notably to himself. He knows nothing of his parents or family, only that he was born and raised on Corellia. He also got odd jobs running as a courier and the like for much of his young adult life.

Recent History Edit

Daiton has recently left Corellia due to some infighting of gangs in his area of the planet. He now seeks a bigger life in the broader galaxy. He seeks out Tython, an area of struggle in recent times.

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(See table at right for basics)

  • Strengths: Hiding in plain sight, listening, information gathering, minor electronics hacking
  • Weaknesses: Not a great combatant (relies on sneaky and evasive nature), not as eloquent in speech, wears rebreather mask from unknown accident
  • Force: Very little, but a tiny bit of ability can be detected by most Force users

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  • None

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