Damasc is a pink Drakis from Naboo, born 305 ABY on Draki V to his mother, Rhia and father, Theran.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Damasc was born on his homeworld Draki V in the village of Thi'han to a pink Common Drakis, Rhia and a dark green Plains Drakis, Theran, at a young age he showed a great curiosity, sometimes getting himself hurt in the process.

When Damasc was 3 his parents had to make a shipment run to the city of Theed on Naboo, his mother was an Entertainer and would earn the family credits dancing in the cantina while his father dealt with customers and sold his wares. On this particular trade run, their buyer was a hooded man with a dark complexion, Damasc's curiosity lead him to tug on the mans robe inadvertently pulling his hood down and showing a dark corrupted face, before his father could do anything he was cut down in a flurry of slices from a lightsaber, his mother followed the same fate soon after. The Sith took pity on the child however and took him on as an apprentice and thus began Damasc's dark training.

Dark Side Training Edit

Damasc was raised from 3 onwards by a fallen Sith known to himself as Darth Cadina, the man raised the boy to worship the dark side, every night Damasc's dreams were filled with the screams of power, the lure of the dark side and every day was another torturous day of training. When he was first taken in his memories of what happened were sealed away using the Force to make him a loyal warrior of the Sith.

Many years later and Damasc, now 12, was sent on his final trial, he was to go to Yavin IV and annihilate the Jedi there, little did the man know that he would soon lose an apprentice to the light side.

Turning to the Light Side Edit

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Damasc in meditation by the canal, Yavin IV

Upon arrival at Yavin IV, Damasc was greeted by numerous Jedi, he knew not what he was there for only that his master had sent him here as a trial, as he talked more with the Jedi and made new friends it dawned on him that he was in the wrong, he started to slowly betray the dark taint and pulled himself towards the light side and soon became a Kalway Order of Jedi Adept, his first step to becoming a Jedi.

Jedi Training Edit

Damasc quickly rose in his training as an Adept and was soon taken as Apprentice to Sir Moy Borsuk, a Kalway Order of Jedi Consular, thus began his training as a Jedi Padawan.

Departure and Return Edit

Damasc always had an overwhelming curiosity and urge to explore, this led him to leave Yavin IV and explore the local systems on his personal X-Wing. Upon his return to Yavin IV however he found his last master, Sir Moy Borsuk had left the Kalway Order of Jedi and moved on in his life. Upon his return Damasc approached Grand Master Luvbutton Moonsoo and rejoined the KOJ as an adept again. Damasc was soon took under the wing of Sir Nilaw Fadlan who continued Damasc's training.

Second Departure and Return Edit

Damasc once again felt the urge to leave Yavin IV but this time for reasons unknown to him and others. Upon his return several years later Damasc noticed Yavin IV had changed quite alot, old friend and enemies gone and new faces dotted Yavin IV. Once again Damasc approached Grand Master Luvbutton Moonsoo and rejoined KOJ as an adept. This time Damasc picked out a master he felt held the same views and light as his old master, Moy Borsuk, this knight went by the name, Waren. Since becoming Sir Waren's apprentice he has risen back through the ranks and is still in training.

Training and Abilities Edit

Sith Training Edit

Due to his Sith training Damasc has a few innate Sith abilities including the Shii-Cho and Makashi lightsaber forms and still holds the Sith tenets and teachings close.

Jedi Training Edit

As a Jedi Apprentice Damasc has learned the Jedi Code and adjusted his fighting style to match his new life using a mixture of the Soresu and combat with a shield attached to his left wrist. Damasc has shown great prowess in combat and utilizing the Force but can't combine the two efficiently, this has led him to persue the path of the Guardian, he has also shown an interest in becoming a Weapon Master and training in the use of the Lightsaber Pike. Damasc's Force power pool includes Force Push, Force Pull, Force Repulse (Only usable when angered), Force Jump which is also assisted by his wings giving immense height and a way to soften the landing, Burst of Speed, Force Grip which he uses only as a means to lift heavier objects, Saber Throw, Force Lightning a remnant of his Sith days and Force Sense a basic Jedi ability.

Natural Abilities Edit

Damasc's species are naturally resistant to most medicines and poisons but there fast metabolism makes them quite the eaters to keep up their energy levels, Draki can also fly but due to an injury Damasc suffered during his first Adept training his flight has been hindered to shorts bursts of flight. Since then his wing has recovered but has since found no use for them other then to slow his descent from a Force Jump. Damasc's species is also host to an old Trandoshan gene that sends him into a blood frenzy whenever someone close to him is in danger, this is usually bad as he will attack anything and recklessly use the Force to extreme levels without any regard for his own body.

Skills and Talents Edit

Damasc is surprisingly talented at building Lightsaber hilts and even manages to understand the basic structure of a Lightsaber enough he can build spare parts for them and even managed to use this knowledge to tinker with droid parts and even built a mechanical wrist mounted shield for himself. Damasc has yet to learn how to repair or maintain his personalized X-Wing.

Equipment and Apparel Edit

Damasc is equipped with the basic Apprentice Lightsaber of the Kalway Order of Jedi, he also bears a mantle on his shoulder adorned with the Kalway insignia as a sign of being a padawan due to his lack of hair to make a braid. Damasc also wears a belt that hold his Comlink and Datapad, he also wears a self made mechanical wrist mounted shield on his left wrist which he utilizes during combat. Damasc has also been known to pilot a personalised X-Wing at times.