The first incarnation of Dantooine was created by Cellmaster Alexander, Damien Dusk, Revan Muromachi and Veronna Prevost. It existed for seven months in early-to-mid 2006. It was also the birth place and main hub for the Star Wars community (SWC), that later became known as SWRP.

The sim was home to the now-inactive Jedi group, Knights of the Old Republic. Who later whent on to reform themselves as the Jedi of the Ac'Trayth and then later as the Ac'Trayth Jedi under the lead of Veronna Prevost (Now Rykiana Ferina).

Sim DescriptionEdit

Dantooine featured two cool things The Force Elements DCS and a custom-made combat system called Dantooine Combat System (DCS) created by Revan Muromachi, Damien Dusk and CellMaster Alexander. It was the first fully intergrated combat system that tracked Force use, and all conveniently built into the weapons meaning no secondary system was needed as it was all in one handy role play tool that used to whisper what your current health level was, however it was opposed by many who later went on to create their own Combat systems loosly based of DCS, for the star wars community

This sim was the only full (as opposed to partial region) SWRP sim in Second Life for most of its existence. When it existed, it was the only sim that featured public vehicles: there were golf-cart-like landspeeders scattered throughout the land which anyone could use. After use they would auto-return to certain parking spots. The sim resembled the inside of the Jedi enclave in the Game of Star Wars: Knighs of the old republic, and the lower surface was very loosley fitted around it also.

On the surface was a rich abundence of vendors and even a Cantina that was run by Veronna Prevost called the "Dantooine Cantina Club" or D.C.C which proved very sucessfull with the star wars community, Dantooine also served as the starting point for some of the community's best known role players such as Mantis Grebe, Lucas Atlantis, Achtai Coronet and many many more.

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