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Dantooine is a planet of the Star Wars Universe.

Dantooine (Outer Rim Territories) is a sim featuring a Jedi Enclave, home of the DJE Dantooine Jedi Enclave and DG Dantooine Guard.

Dantooine's PlacesEdit

The Jedi Enclave was found in ruin. The settlers and the Jedi worked together to recovery this historic place.

Dantooine had several continents. There was an equatorial one that was connected to a larger northern one and a south polar one by slender land bridges, as well as a disconnected north-eastern continent.

Dantooine is a green world. Dantooine in the Post-Legacy Era was rebuilded by the human settlers, they founded the new Dantooine Goverment, and their Senator represent them in the Galactic Senate.

To be Civilian in dantooine is to be part of the settlers of this planet, for centuries they govern dantooine and in majorothy of them , they were farmers .. the civilians were witness of many wars, battles here, and they allow again to the JEdi for to rebuild Dantooine as well ... now this community works witht he Jedi and guards for a unique objective, to keep the freedom of dantooine from the sith oppresion and Empire.

The Command CenterEdit

Dje-controlroom-2016 002

In this place, all the traffic on Dantooine is monitored. Guards and Jedi use the terminals to consult information about arrivals and departures from the planet. The Data server of DJE is highly guarded. Command Center features:

  • The Outer Rim Territories Holomap
  • The Most Wanted Panel (the most wanted criminal records of Dantooine)
  • The Planetary System Map (for to see an hologram of the main planetary systems knew)

The Ceremony PlaceEdit

Dje-conference-2016 001

In this place special ceremonies are hosted such as promotions of DJE members or diplomatic speeches.The ceremony place is located inside the Jedi Temple and it features several benches for the public and a podium for DJE Masters.

The Jedi ArchivesEdit


In this place, you can find a big variety of information regarding DJE and the Jedi Lifestyle. The Library is located in the Jedi Enclave and it's meant for public use.

The Consular HouseEdit

This place is used by the Admissions Team for interviews, public relations and meetings with other factions.

The Jedi TempleEdit

Dje-temple-2016 001

The Jedi Temple hosts several rooms, each one serving a specific purpose. Here, Jedi study and train on a daily basis. The atrium leads to the Dojo and the Archives, the ceremony place and the knights hall follow. This Temple works like a place of protection for Jedi and civilians in danger time, the strong concrete walls guarantee a solid protection against attackers.

The Meditation PlaceEdit


In this place, visitors and locals have a quite and beautiful place for meditation.

An ancient tree is placed here, the Vault has an open roof, it is the centre of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave.

The OutpostEdit


This place is used by allied factions that are committed to assist Dantooine and its citizens.

The outpost features fully functional security cells with programmable codes, barracks and a medlab.

The Conference RoomEdit

In this place Jedi host conferences and lectures..

Jedi, Civilians can use this facility for any event, this building is located next to the MedLab.

The DJE ArenaEdit

Dje-arena-2016 001

In this place, the Jedi exercise with training lightsabers in order to improve and get better everyday.

The Lab CenterEdit

In this place, Medics and Healers treat the patientes and injured persons .

The center is equipped with advanced medical devices such as, Bacta Tanks and recovery chambers.

The Lab Center is leaded by the MedHead of Dantooine, they keep the records of any person who has been there.

In the Lab Center you can find:

  • Medical Bed with Scanners
  • Midi-chlorians Test Chair (for to do the test of Midi-chlorians Counter)
  • Medical Cabinets for medical supplies
  • Equipment for analyse samples of any kind
  • Surgical therapy rooms

The CaveEdit

This beautiful piece of nature is The Crystal Cave of Dantooine.

The Cave is used by the Jedi for trials or exploration purposes.

Inside, you can find fascinating crystals and minerals.

Garang Edit

Dantooine-town-2016 001
Garang, also known as the Capital of Trades and Commerce of Dantooine, houses a big spaceport and a large residential area for settlers and merchants.

Garang hosts a cantina, an embassy and an outpost that can be used by republican factions.

The Jedi StatueEdit

Dje-statue-2016 002

In this place (over the fields of Dantooine), you find the Jedi Statue, a symbol of peace and equilibrium.

This Statue, shows a Jedi kneeling, holding his lightsaber ignited.

The Dantooine CantinaEdit

Dje-cantina-2016 001
Known as "La Cantina de Bloomita", the Dantooine Cantina is a place for enjoying drinks and listening to good music, if you want to have a time for fun, it is a good place for to do that, the visitors of Dantooine go there for to relax, talk and meet new people, this cantina was under the administration of Lavender Bloom.

The Cantina works like a refractory in some moments of the day, inclusive, the Cantina spend a cocktail free for the visitors, it is called "Dantooine Night" it is a very strong cocktail, don't abuse of this drink.

The Dantooine Goverment OfficeEdit

Dje-government-2016 001
In this place, the Main Office of the Dantooine Govern, the Senator of Dantooine is placed, all the meetings with the Dantooine Goverment are made there, this Building is a Civilian Building, and it is under the protection of the Dantooine Guards.

The Dantooine Goverment is a Civilian Organization than lead the society of Dantooine, the settlers elect their Senator, who represents Dantooine in the Galactic Senate.

The DJE Council ChamberEdit

Dje-council-2016 001
This chamber is placed in the third level of the Jedi Temple, in this place the Jedi of Dantooine celebrate their internal meetings, this council chamber has the pictures of the DJE Councils Masters in the whole history of the Jedi order placed there.

The Council Chamber is a secure place, the chamber canbe launched in orbit around Dantooine in time of danger or for security reasons.

The Dantooine LakeEdit

Dje-deck 002

This is place for public use, the lake has some things like games and enjoy the natural enviroment of the Lake, for entertainment of visitors, even a visitor can take a boat for a trip down the river of Dantooine.

Dantooine GalleryEdit

Dantooine Movie TrailerEdit

Dantooine Jedi Enclave official video

Dantooine Jedi Enclave - SWRP

Dantooine Jedi Enclave - SWRP

In the beginning of the Dantooine's Restoration.

Dantooine Jedi Enclave Second Life Star Wars Role Play 2

Dantooine Jedi Enclave Second Life Star Wars Role Play 2

Made by Caronte Blanco

The Renew of Dantooine



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