The Jedi work on Dantooine is not solitary work, they have the support and help of the Dantooine Guard, they are an elite guards unit, and the members of this unit consist of highly trained peace officers that were entrusted with the important task of protecting the civilians of Dantooine from any form of criminal activity.

The Dantooine Guards has the administration of the Dantooine Outpost, under their leadership, all the criminals arrested on Dantooine are placed in the cells of that outpost. In this Building we can find a little Medbay, the Cells, Barracks and the Commander Room.

Dantooine Guard
The population of the planet meant that the maintenance of order and security was an important concern for the Dantooine Guard, helping to the Jedi Order present in the Planet.

These brave guards, Now, they are under the leadership of General RavenClaw, and the Captain Emerald, they fight against the sith and any Sith ally on Dantooine, for them, a Republic needs to be restored soon, the Sith Empire govern freely over the Galaxy, but if a planet can keep his freedom, this is a light of hope to others in the Galaxy.

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