The Dark Government was formed to oppose the corrupted Galactic Republic and give more of a fair government. A government ran by Senators of the many Criminal, Mandalorian, Smuggle, Pirate and Sith Order's it Governs. All led by The Chancellor, Darth Kraylar. the Dark Governments Capital currently is on Eclipse, where it governs many groups such as the Talux Clan, a huge pirate criminal organization said to be bigger then the Black Sun. as well the Dark Government governs the Order of the Jen'ari and the Sith Imperial Shadow Forces, as well as the Mandalorian clan Dha'oya'Karir.



The formation of the Dark Government was done by Darth Marell, a Dark Lord of the Sith. He formed it while on Ord Mantell aiding the United Imperial Alliance. Darth Marell's vision was to have a Republic that would go against the Galactic Republic. Darth Marell named Darth Arden the very first Chancellor of the government.

Dropping NSDEdit

Darth Marell and a brief Mysterious Chancellor met with the Jen'ari Dark Council and agreed the Dark Government does not need to be known as an Empire and rejected NSD from the government and took in Darth Marell's Sith order, the Jen'ari, and Darth Ulles was murdered over the NSD ejection.

New ChancellorEdit

The Mysterious Chancellor stepped down and it opened elections for a new Chancellor, but the Mysterious Chancellor's final orders were to open trade routes with the Hutts through Nar Shaddaa and Mos Espa. Darth Marell respected his final wishes and made the trade route happen. Upon paying the taxes the government agreed to the Black Sun had issues with the Hutts and threatened to kill the Hutts. The Mysterious Chancellor still in office until a new one was elected ordered the Sith Armada Darth Marell had built to invade Mos Espa and protections was to be provided for the Government's Business partners. As well the Chancellor ordered Imperial Agents into deep cover to spy on the Black Sun which proved worth while as the Imperial Agents gained proof that the Black Sun was indeed plotting to kill the Hutts.

Darth Kraylar New ChancellorEdit

The elections for a new Chancellor finally came to an end and a Sith Master from the Order of the Jen'ari was elected new Chancellor, Darth Kraylar. As his first act he noticed the Republic was investigating as to why the Sith Armada is over Mos Espa. He then ordered Darth Marell's Secret Weapon known as the Resurrection over Mos Espa. Little did the Chancellor know that Darth Marell had two built, a small one and a big one. The Chancellor ordered the smaller one to aid the Mos Espa armada. His plans for the bigger one was to send a part of the Sith Armada to Tython to answer the Republic's investigation. The Sith Imperial Military has not shown sign of hostility but what the Chancellor has planned remains a mystery.

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