Dark Ida's HistoryEdit

(You manage to come across an ancient datapad while exploring, it seems to contain information of an ancient Jedi Master.)

The Dark YearsEdit

( My name is Dark Ida. I am a Jedi Master in the New Order of the Jedi. My past is not to clear but this is what I know. I know I grew up on a dangerous planet inhabited by Bounty Hunters. After doing some recent research and the help of some friends I have found the planet I seek. The planet of my home-world, or at least I thought, was Nar Shaddaa. A strange planet with much life and much activity going on. Such a thriving planet would seem easy to find, but It is not the easiest to locate. Through my review for this past memories came up. Not much but very few. I was raised not by my parents. In fact I don't even know my parents to this day. I do know I was raised by Bounty Hunters themselves. The name is still rough to remember but I am sure as I continue the search the name would become clearer.

( It was a cold rainy day on Nar Shaddaa. There was no one around but myself and Ishtar Rane, a Bounty Hunter of the planet Tatooine. She found me in Nar Shaddaa alone on a dock by the boarding area. At first she thought she would just walk past me like everyone else. In her own surprize she picked me up. I could either be a prize to her to sell or someone special. She wasn't going to be long in Nar Shaddaa and was off the the planet of Tatooine, her home-world. She decided to bring me along to show her friends or other smugglers. We were there for about a month and continued to the planet of Naboo. I myself, infant at the time but still liked this place. I would laugh as Ishtar made funny faces and as our trip there I have figured out she was using me to get the charm of others so she can get the goods. I didn't think much of it until we were being chased by a merchant and the authorities. )

( She kept running holding on to be as she boarded her ship. It was a race to see who could make it out of there the quickest. Luckily we got out just in time and only took minor damage to the ship. She then looked at me and said "I can not risk your life anymore little one. You deserve a home and a family." We were now near Irith another smuggler owned planet. Here I was taken in by a local and raised until I was two. They noticed strange abilities in me and were quite frightened. From there they to me to a boarding area where once again I was reunited with this Ishtar Rane. She waved to me and said she was going to take me to a strange planet where many have the same abilities as me. We were arriving on a very hot planet. I could tell by the way her ship started to glow. I looked around as we landed. It seemed no one even lived here. She told me the planet was called Byss. She said many here have the same thing you do whatever it is. )

( So I ventured out on my own as I waved my hand to this strange smuggler. I looked around. Nothing. Looked some more. Nothing.....Then. A strange figure came from behind me. "We've been expecting you...young one." I quickly turned around and saw what looked like a person but was it? I waved my hand like I always do when I meet someone new. Then a growl I heard. I looked behind me in the other direction. I waved my hand to the other weird looking person. This one looked more human then the other one however. "Greetings....." I waved again. "We heard you have something that we have too. A sort of ability?" I nodded my head up and down. "Can you show us?" I nodded my head up and down again. Then I started to tingle like I always did when I summoned this power. Then the weird looking person's weapon came at me with a slight gentle upward push. I then grabbed it at looked into the little hole insertion area and was just about to press the button and...."Give me that you little prick that is my Master's!" Then I began to start to cry and said "Sorry." "Now don't start crying. This isn't the place for that, and you! don't treat our.....visitor so crude." )

( I was then offered to follow them and accepted their proposal. I saw two big statues as I followed by them holding the bigger person's hand. "We are on the only place you will see for a long time so long as you stay but you don't have much of a choice." I walked in the main hall with them as they brought me to the most awful statue I have ever seen. I looked away and remained that way. They then began some ritual with me. I felt my heart beat faster and faster and then I did what any two-year old would. Ran. I ran and ran until I reached a storing room on the hot planet. To my surprise someone had already found me before I even could get away. There was someone working in their. Guarding the entrance to the docking area. I just acted normal and waved my hand. He waved his and let me look around. "You a new one?" Confused I didn't know what to say. "Umm" "Y..e...s?" I slowly spatted out. "Oh!" "Good." Then he turned around and continued working. As he was watching the screen he continued talking. "You really shouldn't be in here but I suppose as long as you don't touch anything, I suppose you are fine." "AHA!" "We found him! He is in here!" I was found and no where to go for sure. So. I continued running until... I slipped. There I was on a platform only 200 feet below was molten lava.

( They had me now and I was escorted to a different room where I was suited up. I guessed they didn't make me do that strange ritual anymore. Now I was off to wonder Byss. They said to meet them in the same building to be suited for a name tomorrow. I came like I was told. "By the power of this staff...I declare you....Dark...Ida." He then held up some stick with a weird amulet on it. He then touched my head and I felt power surge through me. I felt as if I can take on all these other Initiates and win. I was instructed however to go to a room and wait there for further details...... )

( Fourteen years past since that day. I was sixteen and was going to go on my first mission. I was to go to the planet of Tatooine and control a riot situation because some powerful Jedi Master was visiting there. I knew little about Jedi Masters let alone JEDI'S. So I would investigate this a little more. I found this JEDI by accident. We sensed each others power. He knew who I was but I didn't know him. He acted casual however. "Greetings friend, is there anyway I can help you?" "Yes..who are you?" "I am just a fellow traveler like you I assume." I began to wonder. "Well actually I am here to control that riot over there." I pointed. "Well then why aren't you controlling it?" "Well...." I then ran and was about to draw my saber and do as I was instructed to kill all who didn't obey the law that I was given. Instead I decided I would watch this Jedi some more. )

This Jedi was strange he seemed to calm me down in his presence. I then began to ask him some questions. "What are Jedi?" I spat out very rude. "How are you to assume I am a Jedi?" he said. "Well we both know it so you don't have to hide it." "A Jedi is one who finds peace who finds what and who they really are while protecting others in a sensible way." he said calmly. "Strange...." I wondered. "You.." "Uh.." I was totally speechless. He seemed just what I always wanted. I never really got along with the others at Byss. In fact, I don't even really even want to remember them. I then asked this JEDI what does it take to be a JEDI. He said, "It doesn't take much but yet so much." "Uh..What do you mean?" "I mean what I said and just that alone is what it takes to become a Jedi. You yourself would seem a good Jedi if only you were not tempted by the dark-side." "I was not tempted! You don't know me and I don't know you and you are the cause for this riot so I am specified to kill you!" I then ran drew my saber with it's red glow. "You won't attack me." "You better be quiet old man or you'll be a dead old man." he then laughed. "You are not controlled to much by this dark energy." "What makes you say that?" I stared at him with my saber down. "...Because you would have killed me already." I looked down and released the energy from the hilt and off the redness stopped. "I suppose you are right. I can't kill anyone or anything. I am awful. I wouldn't even attack when told or do as I am said at Byss. "Perhaps that is not where you belong then...."

( The Jedi then offered me to go with him. I accepted his proposal just like I did the Sith people. Anyways off I was with this new person, a Jedi. From there he brought me to a place where there was a temple like the old evil place but this was different. This Temple was peaceful. It had a garden around it. It had flowers and grass where I was so use to lava being there. It was quite unique. )

The Light's CleansingEdit

( I lost the urge of evil and gained the sense of a true jedi. My master was Evelyn Syaka who trained me when she was a Knight of the Jedi was soon a Jedi Master as I became a Jedi Padawan III of NOJ, New Order of the Jedi located at Burnott. at the that current time. I was soon a Senior Padawan and then the Order disappeared. Nowhere to be seen. I searched the remains of the site but it was gone and only few Padawans like myself remained here looking for something we may never find. I decided I would search throughout the galaxy for NOJ again. I stumbled across something on Yavin IV however that startled me. It was a peace of cloth. Now normally I would have dismissed this for a civilian but I continued to go off this. Then someone appeared in front of me. It was a Sith. "Why are your people here Jedi!" "Answer Me!" he shouted. "What people?!" "You know what I mean that pathetic Order of yours." "Which one?" "The New Order of something, I can't remember, but I will kill you Dark." "How do you know my name?" "Because I am the one who gave it to you as a pathetic little scum you were...and roam around with these Jedi? traitor you will die for this outrage." He then began to ignite his red saber as I lit my green one in sequence with him. "So it is true shall die a good little Jedi." He then took first swing as I dodged and thrust my saber back. It was neck and neck until he fell. I didn't even strike him he just...fell. Then behind him it was the Master I met at Tatooine. "Hurry this way." We ran through thick brush as we came upon a valley. )

( It was magnificent. NOJ restored again. I quickly fit in again and just as I was about to thank that strange Jedi Master. He disappeared in the crowd and to this day I have never seen him again. I soon earned my rank of Jedi Knight and continued with my teachings and teaching of others. )

( It was a cloudy day almost as if rain was in the air. There came this old man behind the South-West corner of the Valley. It was a strange person indeed. They went by the name Zoffa. I was instructed to teach this new person. His power was so enormous. Zoffa was not a fighter or pilot but he had his way with words. He could persuade the most difficult situation into his favor. Although I wasn't too impressed with this Padawan he seemed unique. I progressed his way to Knighthood more quickly than I but mostly and the common rate a Padawan received there rank of Knight. Zoffa was an easy going Padawan who didn't worry what the outcome but worried about people in it. )

( The day after Zoffa was promoted to the rank of Knight I was walking along what use to be NOJ on Yavin IV. There I saw an Adept. I saw him day after day and wondered who is Knight or Master was so I stopped by and asked him one day. He replied he had no Master or Knight that he was alone as an Adept. Since I had no Padawan and he was and Adept without Master the choice was obvious. Once this strange Adept named Balmung became my Padawan he seemed to be different. Many people were cautious of him but there was nothing to worry about I figured. He too like Zoffa soon became a Knight of NOJ. After his promotion I headed to the Temple for a meeting with a public audience. Luvbutton a good friend and I were promoted. Luvbutton was promoted to Jedi Knight and I, a Jedi Master. As the days went by I thought of that old man. I thought, perhaps was I just as him now? )

The Calm Before the StormEdit

( I looked out to the horizon of a new NOJ as a great temple was being constructed. I helped when I felt it was necessary to do so and those working on it appreciated my help. After about 6 months the temple was constructed and completed. I walked down the hallway pacing thinking of the past. Old friends gone. New friends about. Life seemed to go by too quickly. Yet time hardly moves at all an instant. A Padawan whose Master had vanished asked me to be his Master. I talked to him for some time and it was apparent that I would teach him until his Master returned. His name was Daaron. He climbed up the ranks to the highest Senior Padawan very rigidly. Many troubles troubled Daaron. He seemed to be confused with the light and dark and would often take this out on others. The Council later exiled Daaron. I wondered to myself if it was my fault. Perhaps would it had been different if I weren't in the temple? Time passed again. I later met Brin and Buff.
We would as you say would be some of the strangest explorers of the galaxy but it seemed to bring joy back into being a Master and of the Council. Brin later was promoted to Knight as Zoffa and Balmung. Zoffa was promoted to Master such as I and would later be a fine Council Member. Buff must have known every inch of Ziost as we traveled the surface I assumed. There was someone I saw though on Ziost as we split up. A strange woman standing on a rock looking to the horizon such as I often did. I came closer to inspect the lady. It was Ishtar the one who rescued me as an infant. I did not know to hate her, love her, or talk. As a Jedi I knew emotion was not a good thing. I came closer "Greetings My-lady." She then looked over to the West at me. She gasped and gave me a hug. "Dark how can it be?" I looked at her surprised wondering how she remembered me. She told me she would head back to Tatooine to live out the end of her days as an old lady. Her appearance was now more fragile than her smooth skin when she first found me. I fell asleep next to the rock and in the next morning I found her dead. I carried her to my ship and plotted a course for Tatooine, a planet I rarely ever went to. I found her house where her grandchildren ran about. I waited until they ran inside and brought Ishtar home. As I did so I fell into a vision. An old man appeared. "It doesn't take much but yet so much. I mean what I said and just that alone is what it takes to become a Jedi, and you my friend...are a Jedi." I then came out of the vision looking down at the step where I found a light-saber mysteriously. I looked at it. It was my old light-saber when I came here so long ago! I pressed the button. It did not turn on. Then another vision I went into. "Because I am the one who gave it to you as a pathetic little scum you were...and roam around with these Jedi? traitor you will die for this outrage." I looked down and the saber was gone. I then looked at my side with my light-saber I had now. Another vision appeared. "I felt as if I can take on all these other Initiates and win." The serious of visions ended then. I just then began to understand them. I am a Jedi. I am the keeper of the peace. I fight with pride and not darkness. I am Dark Ida. )

The Expanded HistoryEdit

Notice to Readers

  • [This is a work-in-progress that attempts to cover decades in the Star Wars timeline where the individual, "Dark Ida" disappears from the community. Any of the following works are to be considered fictional unless otherwise noted by the author, Dark Ida (me). The goal of the following works from Awakening, Decent Into the Void, and further chapters are to be considered first-person accounts from a datapad and not actual conversations or third-person narratives such is, the entirety of this page, omitting the information box on the right. Please have patience as I continue to update this page over the next few weeks with more information leading up to my return to the community as this may explain motives and character progression that would otherwise be confusing without understanding. To continue reading Dark Ida's official history within Second Life's Star Wars Community please skip below to "Dark Ida's History Continued..."]

Awakening [09/02/2012]Edit

(You continue about your daily routine until suddenly an old artifact that you had forgotten about begins to hum back to life and flashes images and words of new information that was once encrypted. The data that you had attempted to mine ages ago with no avail has suddenly sprung to life all on its own and begins to reveal hidden information. What has caused the encrypted data to suddenly unlock itself seems a mystery but curiously you begin to dust off the old screen and attempt to read what you can before the energy from the old datapad withers away.)

A few years had passed since the construction of the temple and the halls were full with bright young Padawans, ready to take on the life and learn the lessons of a Jedi Knight. I had paced in the hallways, studying the same ancient stones used to reconstruct the temple-ground. Mysterious images depicting Massassi behaving in unusual patterns with a dark figure holding out its left arm outwards towards the creatures. Wavy lines emanated from the dark figure's hand as depicted with light-etched carvings to symbolize some mysterious work at hand. During the reconstruction, many of the builders had assumed the drawings to be either an early depiction of a Force-wielder that controlled the assumed primitive beings, or perhaps some early form of art that attempted to explain something that could not be comprehended at the time. I grew attached to the stones and examined them every day, they seemed to have a connection to the Force, but what they depicted was not that of customary practices performed by either the Jedi or the Sith; however, this was only a feeling and there was no evidence to support my intuitions. After weeks the others had grown worried and I had decided to abandon the stones for a time and clear my mind. I had submitted some scanned images of the artwork to the archives database and thought no more of it.

(You continue to read various entries of training Padawans and the daily life of this Jedi Master but it seems irrelevant as the screen dims and lines scatter vertically across. Furiously, you scramble to reach the end of the archive to understand what this all means...)

Finally got word back from Coruscant. It appears they have found other references that matched the images I had scanned six months ago. It's amazing how much time flies and without even realizing it! I had completely forgotten about the stones, perhaps because the other Masters have been drawing me away from the temple, knowing my obsession, and into the jungle to assist a small brigade of Padawans in the ways of Elementalism. Regardless, the news is intriguing and fascinating. I will have to make a point to travel to Coruscant myself and see the data they had matched to that of the temple stones. I will be leaving my datapad behind since it appears to be nearing full capacity. I have been sending requests to the technicians to increase the memory but they seem to distance themselves from "ancient tech" as they call it. Fortunately Seven, a well-respected Knight, had given me a spare she had from the medical bay prior to our focused training on healing. Further training would have to wait since the news is just too beneficial to pass up. I am sure she will be vigilant and train while I am away. I still cannot understand why this mysterious image continues to draw me in almost as if it is blinding me of everything else around me... I will attempt to link this new datapad with my old one, I will try to store all the data to a single storage unit later or perhaps infuse it within a holocron.

(A series of strange letters and numbers flash that continue to repeat in patterns. Suddenly you realize that they are coordinates that can be plotted on a starmap. Once doing so, you uncover that the coordinates are in fact a signal that seems to imitating from a strange position. So strange, because it appears to be coming from an asteroid field in the Outer Rim. This makes you wonder why the Jedi had plans to go to Coruscant but a signal is coming from the opposite direction. Curious you press on towards the coordinates...)

Descent Into The Void [04/18/2013]Edit

(You finally exit the jump from light-speed and find yourself just short of impacting a huge space rock that gently glides within the vast emptiness of space among a current of other formations drifting along. A light begins flashing in your cockpit and the navigation equipment begins to malfunction with a small bleep coming from further ahead in the asteroid field. Determined you push forward and maneuver amid the constant clashing of titanic asteroids. After pressing on for a few moments you see a flashing red light emanating from atop what would quite possibly be the hugest boulder. Upon closer inspection it appears to be almost planet-sized and bears the marks of an ancient mining facility. After docking in the primitive docking bay you find a terminal and plug into it, trying to determine what has happened. You find the latest entry to be only a few years old and seems to have been left by a VISITOR_DRKIDA. You proceed to view the message and it appears to have recorded a message.)

The information the archives provided was not what I expected. Although it is something to go on, it was not quite what I had expected. *WIP

Dark Ida's History Continued...Edit