Created in a Byss cloning facility before its destruction. The young man named X1138 was a failed clone experiment of force wielders ordered by the emperor himself. He was used for experimentation until the age of 30, when he was given up for dead. The pain and anguish he forwent helped him discover the dark side of the force; he used the force to fake his own death and fool his captors.

Sinuous traveled many systems, one night in his sleep he was given a trajectory path for his ship, and this trajectory would lead him to Malachor V. On Malachor V he found his Master and was taught basic Sith principles, but his Master disappeared to never be seen again. Malachor V gave him a profound understanding of what lurked inside him, namely, Dark Force Energies.

Later in life Dark Lord Sinuous began following the teachings of Naga Sadow, Darth Plagueis,and Darth Sidious.

Lord Sinuous took to the stars traveling to Unknown space in search of more Sith Artifacts.  


He has traveled and has experienced plenty, and like his name suggests, “he walks and speaks in a crooked way”. He isn’t a war monger but rather likes the intelligence of a well planned takeover. He is methodical and works behind the scenes to conquest power. Will not get angry easily and laughs at taunts. You might defeat him at this moment but he will get you in the end.

He finds Jedi amusing, almost like looking at Nuna run around with their heads cut off. To him they are almost childish and will only grow up when they experience both sides of the force. His favorite sayings are, “Spark up”, and “Let’s Dance”, both regarding the initiation of a duel.

Obsidian Dominion our Order Edit

A Dominion of Darkness, as an eclipse envelops a planet with darkness so does the OD. Obsidian Dominion is a small order but we believe in quality not quantity. Obsidian Dominion