Fro-Ma's chilhoodEdit

Fro-Ma has born on Coruscant with brother Zaw-Wi Gusan. She started learning Jedi knowledge and force. when she was 14, she started travelling allover the galaxy. 4 years later she and her friends crushed on Thila. Two people from sapceship stood alive - Marta and her friend, Ethan. Darth Deom found them and saved them, because he felt strong force inside them.

Starting LearningEdit

Dark Marta in Prison on Yavin IV

Dark Marta in the Prison On Yavin IV

Kallway trooper: "What's your mission here?"

Dark Marta: "Nothing. Just walking through."

Kallway trooper: "I know, any Sith can be here just for a walk."

Dark Marta: "I told you, I am here for a walk only."

Kallway trooper: "Please dont move, we will talk anywhere else. You are under arrest."

― Dark Marta and a Kallway trooper on Yavin IV

This is talk of Dark Marta and Kallway trooper on Yavin. she was under arrest, and he took her to the prison. Unknown person, Uni Zmoa rescued Dark Marta from Yavin.

Some Days Uni Zmoa has been Killed by a rancor on Dathomir.

Darth Zoa: "My master needs our help"

Dark Marta: "What happend?"

Darth Zoa: "I will tell you later. Lets go!"

― Darth Zoa and Dark Marta
Snapshot 0023

Dark Marta before attack on a sith temple

On zonama Sekot Jedi attecked the sith temple for unknown reason. Dark Marta knew, she has to fight. There was many Jedi, around snipers. Fro-Ma has been shoot by a one, but she heald herself in the temple back. Finnaly, when all of Sith have been  defeated, she ran away from the temple to the spaceship and took off.
Snapshot 0099

Dark Marta without mask and cloak