Alora 001

Darth Alora


Darth Alora is a Human female born on Korriban, both parents were Sith that were killed by Jedi. Forced to grow up on her own, she was found by Darth Marell who took her in and trained her in the Sith arts. to this day Darth Alora serves under Darth Marell as one of his most Loyal Sith.

Growing into the DarksideEdit

Darth Alora born Aayla Cristole on Korriban under two Sith parents was raised until the age of 15 to be a Sith. Then an Order of Jedi came to Korriban where Aayla's parents where cut down. Aayla Ecscaped Korriban and begun to travel the galaxy teaching herself in the Sith arts as much as she can before she landed on Mos Eisely where she had ran into a Sith Lord known as Darth Marell. Darth Marell was about to have Aayla killed for tresspassing in his private sanctum. Darth Marell spared her in the end feeling the Darkside within her and took her as his Apprentice.

Rise of a NEW Sith EmpireEdit

After reaching the rank of Sith Lord/Lady, Darth Marell announced Aayla to be forever known as Darth Alora. Darth Alora and Marell travelled to Mygeeto where they executed and purged a Jedi Acadamy to conquer Mygeeto and Darth Marell and Darth Alora begun to construct a NEW Sith Empire along with Marell's Sith Order.