"We are tool, a weapon forged from the sands of Korriban. Risen from the molten lava of Byss. Welded together to form a sheer mass of terror and destruction. Nowhere is safe when our chains are broken.

— Darth Avictus to a Jedi Master Grebe

Early Life Edit

Grey Jedi Edit

Rayth was born on Boden, in a relatively small mining facility. At the time of his birth the planet was controlled by the Imperial Military. Rayth spent most of his younger years in the mines working for the Czerka Corporation.

Some years later a small incursion broke out on Ziost, where the Cult of Ragnos waged a seemingly endless battle against the Potentuim Order. The battles raged on for weeks and months draining man-power and supplies. The conflict drove the Grey Jedi off world for recruits and supplies where their presence was most unnoticed.

Rayth was recruited by the Grey Jedi during a uprising in the Boden mining facility. While the Imperial Forces were distracted quelling the riots, teams of the Grey Jedi infiltrated the camps and took on recruits, whom they promised freedom and protection, for both Force users and Non-Force users.

Rayth started his training almost immediately. Completely unknown to him, he was a force user. His talents did not go unnoticed by the Grey Jedi's council and wasn't until the initiation ceremony did he learn of his powers. As Fate would have it, Rayth was only able to train for a few months at the Nexxus (The Grey Jedi Academy) before the next savage attack on the temple began. Rayth watched with his peers from atop the great Nexxus pyramid as droves of Grey Jedi Knights and Masters were slaughtered at the hands of Darth Ryu.

When the battle in the fields subsided, Darth Ryu's forces began their assault on the Academy. Before the main blast door could crumble, Jedi from Yavin IV descended upon the planet in their drop ships. Engaging in close quarters combat, the Academy was once again ablaze with combat. Overwhelmed, Darth Ryu gave the order to retreat to their temple.

In the conflicts last moments the last of the remaining Grey Jedi were given the chance to evacuate the planet and take refuge on Coruscant. Rayth and his peers boarded one of the republic vessels and never looked back.

A greater cause Edit

After making several stops on nearby planets, the ship Rayth sought refuge on was shot down over Dromund Kaas. The hulking frigate took a critical hit in its hull from the Dromund Kaas Anti-Ship weapons. The frigate nearly disintegrated when it hit the surface, the life pod Rayth was on barley made it to the surface safely.

Broken and battered Rayth and several other refugees stumbled across the blackened soil, treading carefully past the Acidic green geysers. He wandered aimlessly for hours if not days. Those who made it to the surface with him were all but dead. Anger soon found him like a hungry predator, and when hope seemed lost he found himself in-front of the Dromund Kaas temple. The temple was monstrous and ancient. It was clear that age offered no mercy to the fortress. Atop of the pointed green pillars stood a figure with long white hair, a complexion of silver and a face void of life. Rayth entered the temple, taking the stairs to the highest point of the facility.

Darth AEON looked down on Rayth and smiled

"And why is it you wish to become Sith?"

— Darth AEON to Rayth

Rayth was Born Edit

For the Empire Edit

Rayth was recruited by DLoTS and trained briefly under Darth Destius and Darth AEON at first. Receiving the bulk of his training from Darth Shadowsoul. He served as a Marauder during Emperor Validus's rule.

His Acolyte and Apprentice training were completed through Darth Shadowsoul. However it was Darth Gevecht that bestowed the name Rayth upon him. He soon began his long nights and endless days training for the might of the Empire.

Unsettling times Edit

Rayth was plagued by stubbornness when it came to the studies of the Sith. He hated studying and books, feeling it was a waste of time when he could be in the arena fighting and strengthening his combat skills. He often scoffed at his superiors, touting his combat skills in hopes to avoid any more History Lessons.

Snapshot Byss, the Deep Core - RCS -, Byss (199, 51, 36)

As Rayth continued to train and his skill with a lightsaber became more proficient he grew arrogant, often thinking he was immortal. Even Darth Padar complimented him on his fighting skills in the arena.

Rayth strived and hungered to become a Sith Lord. At any opportunity that involved combat he quickly took it. Rayth was convinced that through pure strength alone, you could defeat any foe. No book or lesson could come close.

Rayth became unsettled when time passed and several Sith below him were given the rank of Lord. He had been in the order the longest, was the best fighter in his class and still yet nothing came of it. He grew angry and started questioning the decisions of the DLoTS Council. Even going so far as to attack Darth Gevecht during an altercation, defeating him in single combat, only to be defeated shortly after by Darth Destius.

After several years Rayth finally achieved the rank of Sith Lord.

Nefarious was Born Edit

During an assault on Byss a Jedi strike force attacked the main holding cells to free a Jedi Knight that had been captured the prior week. During the assault a thermal grenade exploded near Rayth, throwing him off the top sky-way and landing onto a communication platform below. The fall and force from the grenade caused Rayth to forget who he was and also required him to wear a mask for breathing assistance.

This created an opportunity for Rayth to be reforged as a weapon. He was given a new name "Nefarious" by Darth AEON and a new future awaited him.

The time right before Emperor Validus's main assault on the core worlds, the internal affairs of DLoTS became worse. Backstabbing and power lust became a typical day in DLoTS. It was around this time Darth Torrid reveled who Rayth was to Nefarious, causing a turmoil in the young Sith. With Darth Torrid manipulating him, Nefarious became angered with his masters various decisions and believed them completely incompetent. After years of serving DLoTS and countless battles waged and won, Nefarious rebelled and left the order.

DLoTS no more Edit

Nefarious fled to Ruusan, where he intended to hide among the Jedi. His most hated enemy, but he knew they would prove useful. Emperor Validus soon ordered that Nefarious be killed. Several times Nefarious had to fight his former brothers and sisters, regretting each battle.

Approximately one year before the battle of Ruusan Darth Rowe and several other DLoTS lords launched a small attack against the NOJ, with the sole intent of killing Nefarious. Despite Nefarious's combat skill he was unable to defeat Darth Rowe, and only managed to kill two other Sith followers before being wounded.

Battle of Ruusan Edit

Emperor Validus staged a large scale invasion of the Planet Ruusan in hopes of crushing the NOJ. Just before the battle began Emperor Validus extended a merciful option; Help the assault on Ruusan and be cleared of your crimes, or die among the flames. Nefarious agreed to help and after several hour of fighting, the NOJ order was defeated. True to his word Emperor Validus cleared Nefarious's name but exiled him from the order.

Blood Moon Edit

After the destruction of the Jedi conclave on Ruusan, Nefarious was given the task of helping the defense on Blood Moon, preparing troops and defense installations. While he knew very little of the planet and its caretakers it kept him busy and allowed him to sway his mind from re-living his previous failures.

While on Blood Moon Nefarious trained under Darth Ptas and Darth Xian'Taious. Nefarious became more acquainted with the Force than ever before. The extra time allowed Nefarious to train longer, and the lack of any relevant threats kept his mind at ease.

Seeing is believing Edit

Like many Sith, arrogance was Nefarious's downfall. The belief that his saber skills were above everything else the galaxy had taught him, was dreadfully false. This blindness was Nefarious's greatest weakness, and his enemies knew how to exploit it very well.

Some time into Nefarious's training, three unknown force users descended onto Blood Moon. As it was, Nefarious confronted the cloaked force users leading to a brief confrontation. Despite Nefarious's skill with a lightsaber the three force users combined their powers and threw Nefarious off the main buildings landing pad. The fall was so devastating that almost every bone in his body was crushed from the force. This left him completely paralyzed and unable to move.

Nefarious was left on the cold red surface for three days before he was found. In that time, his entire life flashed before his eyes. He ran simulations in his head and came to one conclusion. He could never have defeated them. He ignored his teachings and closed his eyes to his masters experiences. A mistake Nefarious never made again.

Present times (Avictus was born) Edit

Korriban Edit

Nefarious was eventually recruited into the Sith'ari, a governing Sith order that oversees the defense and restoration of Korriban. He became an apprentice to Darth Ptas and eventually rose to the title of Darth. Darth Ptas stripped away the name Nefarious, and was since referred to as Avictus.

Avictus is now a Korriban Academy Combat Instructor.

Appearance Edit

Avictus has always been known to wear heavy plated armor except in the beginning of his training where that was forbidden.

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Avictus has frost white eyes and stands around 7 feet tall. He normally wears a mask and is usually stern in his posture. He has medium length dark brown hair and is covered is Dura Steel Plating.