Details Edit

Name: Darth Catervatim (Birth name Hakk Zzhoren)
Species: Human, with Sith Alchemical modifications
Birthplace: Onderon
Age: 25
Force Skills: As a Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Catervatim has a myriad of manners in which he may apply the Force.

History Edit

Born on Onderon as Hakk Zzhoren, he led a harsh life surviving the various Beast Rider attacks, and learned to depend on his loving friends and family. At the age of 18 he decided that it was time to move away from home and seek out more direct defense against the ravages of the Riders and other potential threats, so he joined the military. Once he finished his training he returned on leave to his home, which he shared with his fiancée.

He was hoping for a grand reunion with his fiancée, and he opened the door to their house expecting just her to be waiting there. But that wasn't the sight which met him - there was a stranger in their house and she was fawning all over this interloper. Hakk's rage took over and all he could see and sense was the betrayal in action, with a preternatural strength fueled by his growing rage he quickly stepped forward and shattered this cursed invader's form against his fist. He stared at her for a moment and uttered one word, "Why?" but before she had a chance to respond she grabbed her chest over her heart, and slumped back - her eyes still wide open. Hakk dropped to his knees, tears of rage in his eyes, "There's no going back after this... this murder." He closed the door that was left ajar during this display of rage and stepped around the two fresh corpses heading to the wash-room hoping for a moment of peace away from the darkness that he just unveiled from within himself. "This can't be real," he assured himself, "I'm dreaming, that's all!" Hakk turned on the water from the faucet and splashed himself in the face praying that he'd wake up from this apparent nightmare. "Nope, not a dream, alright..." he gritted his teeth, " well the military won't take me back... what did I do exactly back there? Killing without a thought; willing someone to death through anger; slaying two persons in less than a thirty seconds, unarmed. Hrm..." He paused for a long minute and stared himself in the eye through the mirror. "The famous Jedi Order will probably swoop down to consume me for my.. my... darkness.." Hakk left the bodies sitting where they were, caring not for the position as he prepared to devote himself to the study of the dark arts and discerning the proper place to start his training under a suitable master. Sitting down cross-legged in front of his victims he meditated on his new-found sensitivities which directed him straight to one place: Coruscant and the power there. He acquired a vessel with the money he saved from his training and fled from the planet of his youth, from the darkness of his past and into the darkness of his future.