"Lost is the true way of the sith, only we a remnant remain to balance the force."

Early Life-Edit

Cerberus was born Sipto Gloren on Eiattu 6, in the era before the Hypserspace wars. His Mother, Sarta, died during childbirth, his father saw his son as the reason his wife died and resented him, leaving him in the care of droids as he drank the money he made from his Mining Job on the small planet in the Expansion system. When he did see Sipto he abused the boy causing him to seek shelter by exploring the small Mining Compound getting to know its systems and causeways better then any of the old miners. As his father's drunkness got worse he abused the boy more when he saw him eventually scaring the boy so badly that he had to go to the infirmary. Sipto would grow to resent his father but the full effect wouldnt come out intill his laters years.

Teenage Life-Edit

As Sipto grew up he would become one of the Mining Compounds best engineers getting his own quarters and avoiding his father completely. He worked hard untill he was the age of 15. His force power's untill then had been surpressed by his fathers abusive nature, but once free of that they started to show in short bursts. A miner traped under a tunneler seemed to magically be flung out from under it as Sipto pasted, was only one of the many things that occured as he began to discover he was diffrent from other people. Slowly his force powers grew but with no teacher they couldnt become fully developed. His Life was a harsh one as he hid his new power in fear of what people might think if they found out, headaches wracked his mind as he tried to fight his powers, but soon it would come to a head.

The Incident-Edit

As Sipto turned 18 his headaches grew worse but he hid it by taking nightshifts where he rarely saw anyone and he could focus on his work to slightly reileve his headaches. One late night he went to the bar for a drink to calm his head before his shift. As he sat at the bar a voice behind him said, "Oi boy I think your gonne buy me and my freinds a round." Sipto would turn and see a large man standing behind him clearly drunk as he swayed holding a large bottle of the local drink. Sipto would grunt and turn back around, the man was a normal drunk here, he had ignored him before he would do so again. This time though the drunk was a bit more off his chair then normal and decied the boy was being smug with him, he would growl and throw a punch at the back of the Sipto;s head knocking him into the bar. Sipto surprised by the sudden and vicous attacked turned and instinctively throw his hands up. As he did so somthing in him woudl break and the force would flow from him sending the man barreling across the room and breaking his neck as he landed. The other miners in the bar would watch wided eyed as this happened before looking to Sipto, at first there was fear in their eyes and then anger as they rushed the boy, grabing and lifting him into the air. They carried him through the small causeways pouring towards the incenorators. The large ovens were used to melt the rock from the ore and as the approached them Sipto's father would pass. For moment hope brightened the boys eyes before his father simply passed by ignoring the party, all hope Sipto had left him. As they got nearer and the heat increased Sipto would simply try to take his death like a man. As they approached one of the huge open ovens they would drunkenly scream waking Sipto from his meditation, the young boy would scream loudly trying to persuade the men to regain their senses, but the mob wanted blood. As they neared the edge the would stop and sneer at the crying boy before they tossed him into the oven slamming the heavy door behind them. The boys screams would cry out for a few minutes before his throat was burned away. The Miners would laugh and make their way back to bar laughing about what they had just done. As the boys body burned somthing in him would snap his badly burned body would lurch at the heavy metal door. The Door would blow of the huge hinges coal and burned flesh pouring out, the scared burned body woudl crumple up and stand its skin cracking as it slowly marched towards the bar. The secruity team that arrived two weeks later would watch as the thing tore through the compound destroying all as it went eventually reaching the shuttle port where after destroying three of the four shuttles there it took the remaining one out into the unknowns of space. The gore was unbeileveable...but the most desturbing was a man who had been tore from his flesh and seared in the ovens...His file name come up as Troken Gloren. And So Cerberus was born...

Cerberus's Rise to GloryEdit

Cerberus, a name he had taken from a holo-book he had read as a child, the name of a Dark Creature. The Dark Creature he veiwed himself as now as he had no face, no eyes, no nose, nothing... he was a monster. He blindly hit the navigation computer on the small shuttle, he cared not where he went anymore.. he wanted to die and be gone of the world. The Shuttle drifted for years through space untill it crashed landed in 5,000bby on the Red Planet of Korriban. The Shuttle would crash on the outskirts of one of the great Sith cities. At the time Sadow was preparing his forces for war agniast the newly discovered Republic, taking the young defmored boy as no more then a corpse he order his exuction, but as Cerberus was being led away he sensed somthing in the boy. He would call to him with the force and the responce from Cerberus mind was strong. With this he gave his new pet over to a fellow Sith by the name of, "Lord Tranis." Tranis was instructed to train the boy, a task he took readily to as it would keep him away from the invasion force of which the old sith wanted nothing of. As the force set out Tranis would begin intrsucting Cerberus on seeing and talking with the force, the effort was slow but eventually Cerberus grew competent. Tranis taught him how to control the force that held his defmored body togther and how to use his odd Red Force Lighting. Cerberus griped knowledge quickly and efficently but he had much to learn. As the Invading forces were pushed back to Korriban and Sadow and his enemy did battle over the planet Tranis and Cerberus left in a small ship...leaving their sith brothers behind them to die as the Republic attacked.

Dromund KaasEdit

Tranis and Cerberus eventually were found by a small sith armada that had fled the defeat of Korriban, they were welcomed readily and Tranis continued to train Cerberus as the armada made its way to Dromund Kass a planet far off in the Unknown regions. When they arrived on the swampy planet, the Sith Lord among them would set them to rebuilding the empire, and so they did. It took them years but eventually an Empire was forged. Tranis died during the recronstuction leaving Cerberus wanting more knowledge. He soon found a new master in the aging Sith Emperor of Dromund Kaas, the Emperor whom had discovered a way to outlive most of his followers by use of the planet itself. Over the next thousand years Cerberus would train and grow stronger his hatred for the Republic and the Jedi growing, he would hear of famous sith such as Darth Revan and would be inspired by the wars they waged agniast the Republic. As the time grew near for the great war his master had planned for the last thousands years, Cerberus came into his full power, his master awarding him witht he title of Darth Cerberus. He was given a small battle group and as the call went out he and the rest of the sith forces left to fight in the Great Galactic War.

The Great Galactic WarEdit

For Four years Cerberus would fight agniast the Republic in battle after battle including; Ilum, Dathomir, and Manaan, eventually he partook in a major battle at the second attack of Bothawui. Cerberus's battle group returned battered and broken from that only to learn that his master had changed his tactics, and wanted his help to turn the Mandalorian's agniast the Republic.Cerberus was a key agent that arranged the Arising of the Mandlore. With the Mandalorian help he and the sith managed to gain many victories, though their blockade of Hydian Way was broken Cerberus encourage by his master steered the new Mandalore towards a path towards the Republic captial of Coruscant. The Mandalorians and an Elite Sith Army stormed the Captial while most of the high command were on Alderaan speaking a hopeful peace treaty with the Sith Empire. Cerberus lead by Darth Malgus helped to destroy the defense grid allowing the Sith Armada to bombard the planet, rendering the negoations a one-sided Treaty signing. For a year after that Cerberus trained with his master, but wining the war seemed to have sub-dued the Sith Emperor's lust for power and he soon left the control of his new and vast empire to the Dark Council. With the galaxy split in two and he once more master-less Cerberus drifted through out the Galaxy training with numerous Sith lords such as; Darth Angral and Darth Malgus. But never again did he take a true master....


The Time of lost originsEdit

 For what seemed years and years Cerberus disappeared from history, he seemd to drift between events and time, helping the Sith one day and dissappearing the next, no one truly knows where he was during this time though some suspect he built a small temple on a Planet in the unknown regions and trained apprentices from there, though no record of any exist. Whatever the reason for his dissappreance Cerberus did not reappear untill the Empire ruled under Palaptine had this time his appearacne in the stock market emerged as he began buying stocks not only in Bio Mecial industries but also in property...from this point he would start making his fortune to support his return...

A new way of the Sith Edit

Seeing what seemed to be a decline in the Sith way Cerberus spent many a year after the fall of the great sith empire to come up with his own theories on the Sith Way. He began to see the sith and jedi more as balancers of the force then powers. He theorized that without both the light and the dark sides of the force neither could go on. His thoughts on this subjects grew untill he realized no matter how many worlds the Sith took and no matter how many wars they fought, they would never win the fight fully. Some trace of both side would always spark a new empire wether it be one of the light or one of the Dark. With this new way deeply in his mind he sought an apprentice to pass on his ways and as the rule of two now seemed over many a sith youngling were avaible.

Star destroyer

The Training of an ApprenticeEdit

 Cerberus would seek out a Apprentice in the one place where the darkness was the greatest, Korriban, he would arrive on the destroyed planet and walk among the ruins of the temples and great cities his mind venturing out and tempting any who would come. While he waited he would seize himself one of the crippled ships from orbit around the planet. He would rebuild it and make it sound slowly renaming it the Azeren. It would be on the day he completed this task that his Apprentice would arrive. Ordun Tromac was a Napan that had sensed the dark being on the lost dark world, he would arrive on a small shuttle to find Cerberus waiting for him... the records end here on the apprenticeship of Ordun... his body was discovered years later in the confines of space. He seemingly did not pass the training. It is said Cerberus took several more apprentices killing them all for weakness or cowardness. He eventually left the Dark world piolitng the massive Cruiser with his command of the force. He would move through the Galaxy joining orders and trying to find the perfect sith apprentice to train in his ways.....his story continues as he moves through time.....changing bodies and recharging his energies frequently....

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