Darth Dian-CetchEdit

Darth Dian-Ketch (born Kibraxxis Zia) is the son of a former Jedi Master, Bria Zia and former Sith lord of the Ancients Darth Adazca, after being neglected by his parents, at the time Kibraxxis was sent to live with his father's mandalorian family and Kibraxxis was raised in the ways of the mandalorians. Eventually at the age of 16 Kibraxxis was a full fledged bounty hunter. Although he was content with his spot in life, Kibraxxis felt the calling to the sith and approached his father who at the time was the Lord of the Sith Ancients, and demanded entrance into the order. Darth Adazca regretfully allowed Kibraxxis to study amongst the order but made it hard for him. Eventually Kibraxxis was accepted as a Sith Lord, although not taking on a title, It would not be until Kibraxxis took over the order of the Sith Ancients would he come to take a title, He took on the name Darth Dian-Cetch, after defeating his father in a duel and sending him into exile, Darth Dian-Cetch now rules as the Lord of the Sith Ancients

Early YearsEdit

Kibraxxis birth came as a surprise to most, his mother Bria Zia was never touched by the Lord Adazca, but she had fallen madly in love for the sith lord when the Jedi order erased his mind and asimilated him into the Jedi order after he had under gone a lone wolf attack on the jedi temple. After Darth Adazca was slain while fighting for the Jedi by his former sith underlings, he was taken back to ziost to repair his mind, the Jedi master bria could not accept the loss of the one she had loved so much and in response she took the sample of Darth Adazca's blood and with the help of a sith lord now known as Dark Lady Chaos she inseminated herself with a clone of Adazca, and she later gave birth the one called Kibraxxis named after his father's name before he became a sith. In the Early Years Kibraxxis was raised in a Jedi enclave with his mother, although he was separated from the others and harassed for being the son of a powerful sith lord.

Once Kibraxxis reached the age of five, Darth Adazca became aware of his birth and went to assasinate his own son, after coming in contact with kibraxxis, he could not find it in himself to kill what looked so much of himself, so he killed Bria Zia, and cut out Kibraxxis' eyes which is accustomed to his family and brought him back to Ziost. After being unable to figure out how to raise him, Darth Adazca sent kibraxxis to live with the Mandalorian order he had once belonged to the Te Kry'am Vode. Kibraxxis was raised a warrior from the start specializing in vibro swords, he was a natural and would beat anyone he had faced in a duel, but the lust for the dark side which his father had felt at the age kibraxxis had now reach, overwhelmed him and so kibraxxis went to confront his father seeking admission into the order. Kibraxxis' first attempt to join the Sith Ancients was turned down by his father, but after proving his strenghts, Darth Adazca could not turn his son down and allowed Kibraxxis to enter the sith ancients