Darth Marcus is a Sith living on Uvena Prime. He was married to Darth Lilith (Remy Placebo).

Biography Edit

"Lightsiders think they create... but in their selfless wandering they destroy more than they create. They destroy the essence of sentient life. They destroy emotion."

— Darth Marcus to a Jedi Knight

Early LifeEdit


Darth Marcus, Age 26

Rick was born on Bespin in a colony known as Tibannopolis. He lived with his parents there until the age of 6 within a slum owned by the planet's mining corporation. His brother, Khail Tanner was a Force User and several years older than him. He was taken at the age of 3 from his family and was unknown to Rick until a year before he was orphaned, when a smuggler crashed into their slums and killed both of his parents. When a Jedi enclave on Bespin- who had been consumed with a small rebellion on in Cloud City- heard of the tragedy they attempted to acquire Rick. He had only been saved from being taken from his family due to blind chance, but Rick hid from the Jedi and later sold himself into indentured service in order to get passage off-world and for basic living accommodations. For 2 years he served aboard a freighter that transported people between Tatooine and Bespin.

Rick had not been paid any money and was forced to find a place to stay at one of the two destinations offered by the freighter service. So at the age of 9 he rented an apartment with an older co-worker in Mos Eisley and began to look for work. Since there were few jobs a 9 year old with little work background could do, he became a thief and part of a small-time gang. Most of his work consisted of scamming people with bogus deals or defective equipment.


Rick Tanner, Age 12

When he became the age of 10 he fell into debt with a member of the Hutt estate and was forced to take on jobs assigned to him by them. Although Rick tried hard to get out of debt with his Hutt master, his debt continued to accrue. In a bet with his master, Rick won enough money to buy his freedom, however he cut out Rick's eyes and he was forced to work off the debt of a pair of new eyes provided by his old master. His master was annoyed with Rick and to pacify him, Rick was forced to work as a blind tavern slave for months. Those two months were the most degrading, inhumane, painful, and was the origin of the transformation occurred that led Rick to become what he is today. Eventually his master replaced his eyes with the artificial ones, but the memories remained.



Rick Tanner, Age: 18

At the age of 18 he killed the member of the Hutt estate who had enslaved him and paid off the Hutts enough to keep a bounty off of his head. With the rest of the money he bought passage off the desert planet and headed for the Empire with little idea of what he might become.

As one might suspect, Rick's respect for life dwindled in his adolescent years. Killing was a profession for Rick and little more. He found himself becoming a soldier in a Sith army, comfortable with that and eager to perform well. Rick was not a greedy man and the fact that the Sith paid their soldiers handsomely was not the why he chose to be with them. Causing pain and suffering and death was the motivation for him at this point in his life and it was the Sith culture which began to flow through his veins.



Rick Tanner, Age: 19

As time went by, it was discovered by the Sith order which hired him that he was force sensitive. A course of action was taken to ensure Rick was pushed in the right direction to become an unstable person. He found infatuation with a Sith initiate known as Remy. This love grew naturally and without any help from the Sith. Soon he found himself training himself in the ways of the force, harnessing his natural anger and love for his future wife, Remy.

It was at this brink that Rick had begun to search out Jedi and wanderers who were weak in their convictions to the Light side of the force. He found the process of converting them to the Dark side of the force amusing and managed several of these himself even before officially becoming a Sith. As his powers grew so did his knowledge of the New Order of the Jedi. He befriended a few padawans mostly out of amusement, but for one or two the relationship was authentic.

Darth MarcusEdit

"There is more to strength than simply being able to kill a life... That is what separates us from those pretenders that have strayed from our beliefs and brought only death and destruction to the galaxy. The dark side of the Force is more than that."

— Darth Marcus

Contemplate 003

Darth Marcus, Age: 23

It was some time later that Rick found out that the man who had enslaved him on Tatooine had been a Sith Lord in hiding. This man had been slowly preparing Rick for the conversion but the process had allowed Rick to kill the man and his training went unfinished until Darth Aran proceeded to convert Rick with his anger and strong emotions. The process was short and with his natural handle on the force and the powerful emotions that had been driven into his subconscious by an estranged Sith Lord, he soon became one himself. Shortly before Rick became a Sith, he tortured Remy for little more than his own amusement. This twisted event led to him defeating Darth Aran, mostly by chance, in a duel. Sometime later he was challenged by another Sith and defeated. His punishment was severe and it led to a strange love affair between himself and his future wife. The whole event was the crux that finally sent him spiraling into the Dark side.

Through this next phase of his life, the Order of Rowe was pitted against the New Order of the Jedi on many occasions. The Grand Army of the Republic was called to rescue the NOJ on several of these occasions when the Sith visited their planet of Ruusan. Many people were converted by him during this time, others killed. One event which led to his status as a Darth was one which occurred on Coruscant. Rick was captured on Coruscant for being a Sith and interrogated by Imperial Guards there. Soon Remy found out and traveled to Coruscant only to be betrayed and captured herself. They were both tortured vigorously until rescue came from a Jedi he had befriended. They escaped, but the event left Rick a different person, his love for Remy grew. Having expanded his mind throughout the boundaries of the force through love, hate, and anger he was given Darth status.

Power StruggleEdit

Inarmoragain 001

Darth Marcus in Armor, Age: 30

As his powers grew, so did his understanding of the Force and his place in it. He started to contemplate whether or not Sith was just an antonym for Sith. With the Jedi becoming weaker and weaker as time progressed, it became apparent that the Sith Code was more than it appeared. In the void that was the New Order of the Jedi, the Sith Empire formed and Marcus began to read further into the code to which he'd pledged his life. Killing Jedi seemed so mundane and worthless with how little passion they displayed in following their beloved Jedi code. It no longer became victory like it once had been, now destroying the Jedi seemed like a waste of power, something that should be looked down on. And the struggle Marcus had with the Sith Code moved to an internal struggle over who he truly was. He loved, he felt passion, and victory soon became a struggle to make himself less weak. His former master, Darth Aran, had become lost like many Sith in recent history. He had lost himself to passion and become weak for it. There needed to be some direction in life other than pure emotion, Darth Aran followed the Sith Code but in a different way than Marcus. Slowly but surely it was wearing thin on them and accomplishing little. Each time he killed for no reason other than to make himself feel stronger. But was he? Some said actions spoke louder than words, but that was hard for Marcus to accept. Soon the Sith of the Triumvirate was no more and Marcus' poor opinions of the Sith Empire could no longer be something less than inaction. With Remy he formed an academy which would help resolve his inner conflict, a conflict that even Remy was unaware of. His respect for the Mandalorian grew, and they even constructed a small cantina which would be the home for Dralshy'a and other Mandalorians.

But out of the woodwork came corruption and disgustingly weak people, subverted by an evil Empire. Marcus soon wondered if it were possible for Sith to have morals, but it didn't matter. All of this power was brewing more passion, passion ill-directed at weak Jedi. He heard so many Sith tell him that the weak needed to perish for the strong to live. But it seemed a waste to just eliminate potential tools without hesitation. It seemed that emotion controlled these Sith and Marcus voiced this without hesitation. It would take no time at all before the Dark Lords of the Sith soon believed him to be their enemy. With an internal struggle still raging on, and now an entire empire after him, he did like any good Sith should do... he used these to strengthen himself.

Rick1 001

Darth Marcus and Wife, Darth Lilith (Age: 27)

After much of the fighting had become futile and the passion diluted, Marcus was free to concentrate on the Dark Praxeum Sith Academy. He had been put in place there as a teacher of young marauders, the ones most likely to become abominations like those of the Dark Lords of the Sith. But Marcus had never been a good teacher, always a fast learner but never a good instructor. He failed a few of the students and slowly the academy began to get smaller.


Eventually Darth Lilith abandoned the academy to become a jedi after the corrupt Dark Lords had decided to engage the academy once more. Although his wife still loved him and this Marcus knew, he had become confused internally by this event and took a leave of absence from the academy, becoming somewhat of a hermit for a time. He concentrated on meditating, but never centering himself.


Marcus and Lilith visit Yavin. (Age: 32)

Eventually the Jedi rejected her because she would not resign from being Marcus' wife. They could not allow a Sith and a Jedi to be married and so Darth Lilith's application to the New Order of Jedi was terminated. Lilith gave birth to Marcus' daughter and returned to the Dark Praxeum Academy. Having survived because of Darth Nefarious and Darth Umbra, the academy accepted Marcus and his wife back as teachers.

Lost And FoundEdit

The Dark Praxeum Academy did not survive for much longer due to the expanding Sith Empire. With enemies everywhere and students lacking, the academy finally shut down for good. Marcus, who was still recovering from the trauma he survived when his wife chose to become a Jedi, joined The Trayus Academy with his wife. He seemed detached from the events going on in the Empire at this time in his life, observing the people around him from inside of a shell. He remained true to his Sith philosophies, but also hid his emotions from view. Marcus became somewhat of an arbiter and as a result his emotional state became somewhat erratic; he tortured his sister thinking she was an impostor. But now that he has found his sister after not having seen her for his entire life, he is slowly coming back around.



Marcus meditates over a fallen opponent (Age: 34)

After Remy's brief transformation into a Jedi, Marcus had incurred deep emotional wounds that hadn't yet healed. After finding and torturing his sister, his mental breakdown was not far off. In a lapse of judgment, Marcus cheated on Remy with someone he didn't even know. Remy and Marcus took months to recover, but eventually things returned to normal and their marriage was saved. Even still, Marcus had become more sensitive to the conflicts that were constantly breaking out between opposing ideas. Although hate and anger were still commonly a part of his emotional spectrum, for the first time in his life he was beginning to feel more compassion than anger, and more love than hate. Some might see Marcus as having centered himself, but this was not a conscious decision. Centering oneself as a Jedi might would preclude the expression of no emotion, but Marcus had sustained the opposite and felt every single one. This event helped Marcus deal with his wife's outbursts which had more commonly led her to become labeled as a threat to NOJ members. Marcus still believed in the Sith code, but his faith was lacking when it came to the teachings that came along with it. He would become much more questionable over time and spent much of his time talking and learning. He wanted to know exactly what needed to be done and why.


Marcus3 002

Marcus on Uvena Prime. (Age: 37)

After Darth Lilith had found her place once more among the Trayus Sith, Marcus was thrown out of her life. As he became more and more distant with Lilith and the Trayus Sith and their intentions, she and Marcus finally separated ways. Darth Marcus quickly realized that there was nothing that could win her back short of giving into the same carnal urges that she had and decided to leave Rhelg and go as far away as possible. Darth Marcus seemed drawn to Uvena Prime, sight of a conflict between Jedi and Revenant Marauders. The Revenant Armada seized the planet and enslaved the local populace, piquing Marcus' interest. He immediately took up residence on the planet and began observing the conflict, doing as much as he could to escalate it. After Lilith and Marcus had separated he stopped using Sith Alchemy to hide the damages the force had done to his body. His gray skin became part of his persona and his hair began to turn white.


Snapshot Nar Shaddaa2 Vorzyd V (SWRP), YToub System (137, 11

Darth Marcus age 43.

A failed sith was Rick Tanner. His wife dead, his friends missing or also deceased. After the Revenant Armada had been removed from Uvena Prime he had started the process of turning the native population against the victorious Jedi. Around the same time he found a Sith Alchemist that he convinced to poison Uvena Prime's atmosphere. By further alienating the populace the Jedi were nearly thrown from their home but they were able to successfully thwart Darth Marcus' plan and when it was revealed the populace came to their support. With one last effort Darth Marcus attempted to at last persuade the Jedi Mikori to the dark side. Failing at that, his safety was compromised and he was forced from the Uvena Prime system. It was at this time that perhaps Darth Marcus was beginning to lose himself again, but his wife had beaten him to it. With Lilith dead there was nothing really holding Marcus to the republic and so he disappeared. When he returned to the republic some years later, it was with wrinkles that had come from years of uncontrolled force usage. He'd forgone sith alchemy and allowed his appearance to age and fail. His blue eyes remained youthful but all else had sagged and otherwise grown older. He'd long abandoned his lightsaber and he now typically donned civilian clothes. Although everything about his return seemed to indicate that he was ready to assimilate, he made a point not to abandon the dark force aura that surrounded him even as he smiled those pale, old lips.

Personality TraitsEdit

" feel sadness and anger, but feel my love. Anger and sadness will fade, my love for you will not."

— Darth Marcus to Remy.

Marcus is very non-conforming when it comes to Sith behavior. The view of the Sith that the empire has a whole is distorted in his opinion. One example of that is Marcus believes love to be a powerful Sith emotion. His marriage to Remy is evidence of that and he often tries to convince others of the fact that deep and romantic love will lead to the Dark side. Marcus also is strangely calm for a Sith and at times appears to control his anger. But this is not the truth, Marcus is able to direct and channel this anger. One might compare him in style to a Palpatine, where often times he may not appear very sith-like at all. But be assured, everything he does is with the Sith ways in mind. Marcus can often times appear diplomatic and in some instances he actually tries to avoid conflict. This is merely strategy, not part of some belief that violence is inherently evil. Violence is necessary in the Sith ways but Marcus knows that not every fight can be won, and not all that can be are worth winning.

Sith BeliefsEdit

Marcus 001

Darth Marcus, Age: 24

(Under construction) What follows is basic arguments which are founded (In Character) by Darth Marcus and are the guidelines he follows as a Sith. The basic format is one in which a statement is given (usually from the Sith Code) with an argument/explanation following it.


1. Peace is a lie. The universe is forever changing and balance is impossible. Although most sentient things strive for peace and balance, this goal can never be reached and is simply an ignorant and naive thing to contemplate. In any case, peace is something invented by sentient beings that really means nothing. Peace as we know it is just an intermission between continual conflict and attempting to lengthen these periods might be seen as something worthwhile but can be compared to punching at the air to ward off a coming storm. Those who stand in its path bear the brunt of these storms wither and die in the process.

2. Through passion, I gain strength. Emotion is the single entity which is missing from the minds of scientists which disallows the creation of sentient life that perfectly mimics the behavior of living, breathing things. Sentient biological beings are most often described by their emotional tendencies and without them often die because they cannot find a neutral niche in the culture of our galaxy. It is because of emotion that art, music, love, and war is made. All of these are in one way valuable and necessary to exist as unique entities in our universe. Without art we are made to describe in perfect detail our surroundings, all seeing the universe in the same way without bias or argument. There are a kind of people who strive for a universe without individuality. There are others who know that music is imperfection and unique because of this imperfection, and they in turn love it because this illogical copulation of individuality and creativity is all that we have that makes us who we are. These people are called Sith, and because of the imperfections they love and cherish, they make war on those who would censor their music and art, limit the love they shared, and have latent intercourse with brief moments of peace all in the name of unattainable balance.

3. Through strength, I gain power. Power is the personal goal of all Sith, and the path each one takes is unique. There are those who believe that the Light side of the force is the creation of life whereas the Dark side of the force is the destruction of it, and they are as unwise as they are ignorant of the true essence of the Force. Power is having control, but only a fool would demonstrate control by destroying a life. True power is directing the force in exactly the way you dictate. By destroying a life one is only demonstrating their lack of control over that life. A true Sith should be able to utilize the Force within all beings without being hindered by others; they should be able to utilize the Force within an enemy.

4. Through power, I gain victory. Victory is not only a temporary display of control over a unit, but what a Sith's power is destined for. With power an individual can accomplish anything. This means that with enough power a sentient being can become a god of weak men and create and destroy as creativity guides him. Victory is the inevitable display of power and the reason for being a Sith. Mountains are moved by power, cultures shaped in the victor's image. Victory allows the creativity of an artist to be known and allows for us all to be unique in our existence.

5. Through victory, my chains are broken. Freedom is perhaps more important than power in some ways. With power comes freedom, and with freedom comes power. The two work hand-in-hand for sentient life to create an individual unique in body and mind. All Sith should be interested in setting others free. A mind should be free to wander, to experience the full spectrum of sentient emotion, and unhindered by the influences of others. The gift of freedom from a Sith to a chained soul is perhaps the greatest victory to be had by an individual. The feat must be repeated until all are free and all have the power to set their creativity unto the universe.

6. The Force shall free me. Freedom is not the same as life without consequences. If by serving another, more powerful being you are free to be a unique and creative individual then there is no shame in the path you have chosen. Through the force we must learn to let the Force be a guide and a tool. A Sith must not take one's freedom, and a Sith must follow the calling of the Force that speaks to each of us. Even for a powerful Sith Lord there are consequences for his actions and even he knows that Freedom is more than unfettered chaos.

(more will come in time. Just remember these are IC arguments only attainable through OOC knowledge. Someday perhaps they will be published ICly, but these arguments for now are only here to allow people to understand the mind-set of my character)