Darth Morsus was born Rurik Gra'tua on Mandalore. He was captured by the Sith during the Second Battle of Mandalore during the Mando-Sith War. After they noticed that Rurik had a strong connect with the dark side, he was apprenticed to Darth Dolor. After learning about Plagueis's Rule of One, as well as the secret to eternal life, from Darth Plaguies's holocron, he killed his master and later orchestriated the Battle of Wayland to purge the Sith. Afterwards, he set out for the Unknown Regions to learn more about the force.


Early lifeEdit

Rurik Gra'tua was born on Mandalore in 1,164 ABY. When he was one, the Sith invaded Mandalore and his mother was killed. Afterwards, he was raised solely by his father until 1,174 ABY, when the Sith invaded again and his father was killed. Grief-stricken, he took up one of his father's many weapons and headed towards a Sith camp.

Rurik snuck up around the back of the camp to catch the Sith by surprise- or so he thought. Rurik did not understand the Force and did not understand that his rage was like a beacon to he targets. He snuck into the nearest tent, gun raised. The Sith that was inside was waiting for him. Sensing Rurik's rage and great potential to be a Sith, he chose not to kill him, inside he simply disarmed him and captured him. The Sith then asked Rurik if he wanted to join the Sith. Rurik refused and cursed the Sith for the death of his father. Even then the Sith did not kill him; for he felt great potential in Rurik, potiential to possibly become the next Sith'ari. Instead he chose to imprison him; an uncommon act for the Sith.

Rurik was transported to Wayland, the headquarters of the invading Sith, for his imprisonment. He was imprisoned for two years before he killed one of his fellow cellmates. For this act, he was brought before the warden. After was warden deemed Rurik wasn't insane, he offered for him to join the Sith. This time Rurik agreed and took the name Morsus. He was then taken to the Sith academy.

Sith AcademyEdit

Morsus progressed quickly through the academy. He chose a traditional lightsaber and specialized in Makashi and Vaapad. For his Force training, he chose a well rounded repuitore of techniques, including Force Crush and Force Mind Control. He graduated after three years, instead of the normal five. During the graduation ceremony, where masters pick their new apprentices, Morsus was picked by Darth Dolor.

Apprenticeship to Darth DolorEdit

Morsus, now with the new title, Darth, found Dolor to be a suitable master because the two had a similar mind-set. The two mostly conducted missions away from the front lines and rarely were part of the battles. Their first mission as master and apprentice was to infiltrate and destroy a weapons factory on Mandalore. They infiltrated and planted the explosives with ease, but on the way out they found resistance. Morsus had one of his opponents pinned and he raised his lightsaber to deliver the finishing blow when he saw that he was his childhood friend. He hesitated for a moment- a length of time that a normal person wouldn't notice- but then decapitated his victim. After the mission was over, Darth Dolor reprimanded and punished Morsus for his hesitation.

The Search for Darth Plagueis's HolorconEdit

Darth Dolor and Darth Morsus were sent to find the lost Holocron of Darth Plagueis. If this mission was successful, Morsus would be promoted to Sith Lord. The mission took master and apprentice to the Muunilinst, where the tomb was protected for over a millennium by Plagueis's dark powers. While Morsus and Dolor were exploring the tomb, the two were seperated by a collapsing ceiling. The two then split up to find the artifact. Morsus soon found Plaeguis's Holocron, but instead of taking it back to his master, he activated it.

Over the next few days, Darth Morsus learned a lot from the avatar of Plagueis. He learned the secret to eternal life and of Plagueis's Rule of One. this In Rule of One, as opposed to Darth Krayt's, had only one master but no fellowers. This would only be possible for someone who possesses eternal life because there was no one to pass the master's Sith knowledge to. After learning all that he could, Darth Morsus destroyed the Holocron and went to kill his master.

Spirit lifeEdit

Later on for his betrayal, he wast being hunted down by other Sith, but because of his immortality, it would not be able to Kill this powerful Sith. Once he was caught, the Sith Alchemists decided to remove his spirit from his body and cast it into a Sith holocron. Where Morsus has been for thousands of years, even possible that it could've been Millions. Millions of years later the Mandalorian Kahn Werda (Kahn Daka'ri) traveled to Korriban with his clan to obtain ancient Sith artifacts, which could be sold for a very high price then... Kahn was curious when he found a special holocron, and he activated it.Lord Morsus was freed. Morsus took control of Kahn, Morsus learned to know how the galaxy had changed... The immense presence of Jedi, who he felt needed to be destroyed. And where to start of better than at Tython? Since that was the Jedi planet most fresh in Kahn's memory. Morsus lead several attacks on the planet... And then he retreated back to Korriban for a while, plotting his next move. Even though Morsus was millions of years old,the Jedi had changed a lot. Kahn was able to break through Morsus's spirit, as he then cleansed it with the help of Sith Alchemists, who also knew how dangerous Morsus could be to them. Morsus's spirit escaped into subspace. Kahn Werda, that then took back his old name as Kahn Daka'ri went to serve the New Jedi Order on Tython.

Morsus, who was wandering around in subspace found a new body now. He had enough time to prepare without anyone knowing so. He succeeded to take over the body completely. His plan was clear... Invasion. He leaded a first attack on Tython by orbital bombardment. Success. He then retreated back to Korriban to take it further than it ever had been. Pure immortality. He used his already equipped knowledge to this time make his body immortal as well. As his spirit already is immortal. He succeeded. The next step to Morsus's dark plot would be to permanently link his own spirit to the host's body.