"The tears of Zellik has weakened him he has thrown himself into pit of lava to never return ... I was once called Zellik and Zodus but not they are dead they were weak...Zellik he gave into suducement and shall never return again .... Zodus became just a memory of the past and is not the future ..there is no Zellik There is no Zodus BEHOLD THE DARK LORD ...DARTH RELLIK"

— Darth Rellik after meeting with his old potentium Master


"Theres to much of my past to keep up with"

Rellik wasn't always know for his name he had 2 others that have been removed from his being He was Born with the name that he Shall never be called again Zodus Starcon.

He was born on a small unknown moon most likely near yavin not much is known of his childhood his parents suposelyed died at the age of 5 being killed by a unknown group the only sibling he most likely had was his sister Maria ..after parents death both his younger sister were to survive on their own sneaking into the cargo of ships from planet to planet finnally was lost on Mos espa in the middle of the desert starving and suffering of dehydration he and his sister finnally collasped on the dry hot sand left to die ... short hours later he woke up on a Ship's medical bay Along with his Sister he there met his Saver Sir Rexsus of Potentium Sir rexsus warmly offered him and his sister home on the planet Zonama Sekot the accepted.. Sooner into the years they became enrolled in the Potentium Academy becoming Sir Rexsus's Students .Through many training sessions both should great succeeding in force ... Long after hard training sessions Zodus became he gain the title Knight .. his Sister became his padawan and was most likely the greatist part of his life .. Once becoming a Knight The Order had a Distress call from the KOJ order they were in battle with Sith and bounty hunters by hire and needed help Zodus came with help ,his sister tagging along unknown to him .. his Sister came and was caught between battle while in battle she saw a Jedi Aprentice fighting a Sith youngling to her thoughts the jedi was being terribly cruel towards the child and attempt aid him by standing in front of the two the jedi Aprentice still new to the force ,force push Maria Causing her head to smash into a hard rock Killing her in the process Zodus came to his Sisters lifeless body and felt complete pain and agony .. came to anger ... this was one step to the Dark Side ..after a ceromony of her death he continue to morn her death and became closer and closer to wanting power to crush the jedi for revenge.. Sir Rexsus saw his pain and try to Sooth him but was not Succeeding well

Sir Rexsus: "She would not want you unhappy like this you need think of the good times with her and try not give into this pain of yours my brother"
Darth Rellik: "I can not Stop thinking of what that jedi did he should be PUNISHED HE SHOULD BE BANNISH FOR HIS CRIME AND THE OTHER JEDI LET HIM GET AWAY LIKE ITS NOTHING"
― Sir Rexsus remarks on Rellik's attempts

... 8 months later Zodus went out to find the one who killed his beloved sister and strike him down ..Rexsus came to yavin warning the jedis of the corrupted Knight ..there standing infront of him Was his master with other jedi

Rexsus: "I can not let you do this my brother I will stop you this is not worth killing a jed..."
Zodus: "you show them mercy for their crimes and try to stop me YOUR BETRAYING ME I HATE YOU"
― Zodus confronts Rexsus

With that Zodus drew his saber and fought his master and other jedi but fell in battle his body horribly broken Rexsus say

"you were my brother my son you had hopes for the order And you turn to the so called Dark Side Im sorry your no more then a sad memory"

— Rexsus

Zodus's body was picked up finnaly by kitana and Lady Sundew and brought back to lehon and was given Cyborgnetic implants and a Suit thus giving birth to Darth Zellik there are many storys of his Dark actions across the galaxy the most recent is After he found a cure for his scared body Of his fiance finding him being swayed by a Dark lady that shall not be named for his repent he threw himself into lava pit Renaming him Darth Rellik having a old friend find... he is now no longer in a suit but a altered clone body from the works of his beloved aprentice who he is inlove with now

Rellik has multiple Scars on his face even though his body is a altered clone body he also has sith markings on his back and... other region...

Lightsaber TrainingEdit

Force AbilitiesEdit

Rellik has multiple powers one is the Pyrocreation and Unique Strength he was taught by Sir Rexsus also how to shape object such chairs spikes swords many other things out stone or other things there were many things Rexsus taught him before turning Sith .He is Also capable to with extreme amounts of pain He is also has the knowledge of many force abilities such as Chocke, push, lighting, Force sleep, drain etc




Sabers: Rellik has a custom made saber from his beloved Aprentice made Specially for his tastes

Forms : Rellik is known to use many forms but sticks to one personally and that is a basic form

Apprentice SaberEdit