Satu'nalia,also known as Darth Saturnalia, was originally a Lethan Twi'lek from the days of the Old Republic who quickly rose to power in the Sith Order of her time. Fearing that she would become a threat to his ambition, her master lured her into a trap and bound her mind to a Holocron, which he sealed inside of his tomb. The holocron was soon opened accidentally by the Jedi Master Kimmie Aeon, and Saturnalia was able to control her mind as the Sith known as Darth Vulcanus for a time. During her time indwelling inside of Kimmie, she was able to reconstruct a clone of her original body which she was able to transfer her essence in when Kimmie Aeon destroyed the holocron she was bound to. After thousands of years in imprisonment, Darth Saturnalia has returned to find the Sith in a dire state; outnumbered and dieing off from crippling assaults against them. She seeks to breath a new life within the Sith and see that they control the galaxy again as they onec did.

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-Shadowhand to Dark Lady Malicia of the Shadows of Primus

-Ambassador for the Sith Empire of Korriban

-Headmistress of the Korriban Academy

-Head of Korriban's Medical Facilities

-Founder of the Korriban Sith Trooper Guard

-Founder of the Korriban Sith Slaves Group

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-Senior GM of Galactic Primus (Korriban) Sim

-Administrator for the Galactic Unity

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-Darth Saturnalia is not the same character, as the Jedi Master Kimmie Aeon. She is the sith spirit that indwelled in her mind, that drove Kimmie to the dark side for a time. They may be the same Second Life Avatar, but they are completely different characters. Saturnalia was created after Kimmie Aeon's creator retired the chacter from active SWRP.

-Darth Sartunalia's appearance is based upon Darth Talon

-The name Saturnalia, is actually taken from a pagan roman festival of the same name. Saturnalia in ancient Rome was a day of tomfoolery in which slaves and masters reveresed their social roles. The reasoning behind her name was due to the fact Twi'lek females are often used as slave dancers for their beauty, but Saturnalia has risen to become one of the most prominent masters in her respective order.

-Saturnalia's shoto saber, Bloodscron, closely resembles a Sai in appearance when lit.