Brief HistoryEdit

Once Having trained under the eye of the Sith Academy Headmistress Vulcanus, Serena was taken under the wing of Empress Dolor and began intensive training with her, often carrying out personal assignments for the Empress. Following the splintering of the Academy and the disappearance of nearly all the higher ranking Sith, Serena took command of the Blackheart mercenary group, joining forces with the Dark Jedi in the search for a new base. Attaining the rank of Darth, she took the moniker "Umbra", a tribute to both her habit of acting within the shadows and her near solitary use of black-bladed lightsabers. Due to her personal training with Dolor, Umbra is more than a little insane, taking pleasure in chaos and destruction as a whole. With very few real loyalties save to the Sith and her missing mistress, Umbra doesn't care about conquering and ruling the galaxy. She commands a fleet of warships, with one of the vessels acting as a roving Sith Archive containing the data and artifacts rescued from both the remnants of Malachor V and the Korriban Academy's own libary. Also aboard are assorted secret projects, including a series of Dolor clones waiting to be given life.