Darth Vendoss (also known as Daemion Riaxik), was a former jedi knight who turned his back on the Jedi Order, after being both followed and tormented by a Sith Lord from the Obsideon Dominion. Besides being known as a Sith Lord, Darth Vendoss was also the husband of Nightsister Salcia Lyn Neox, whom he had two children Aenanya/ Vashara, Aeva with, including the clone Vashara Vendoss. Darth Vendoss made his first and last ever appearance in the SWRP NJO The Vashara Saga, Pt 3, where he was seen ridiculing Vashara for her failures, leading up to Vashara murdering him and becoming a full Sith Lord; in charge of his army, the Sith Order.

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