The early years of the enigmatic Anzati Sith Lord are largely unknown to the annals of history. It has been said he spent his childhood and adolescence on Anzat, and received his primary education from the Anzati Masters. Knowing him to have a strong connection to the Force, the old Masters had plans for him. On Venger’s 50th birthday, still young for his species, he was sent at the behest of the Anzat Shadow Order to train to become a Jedi on Dantooine.

On route to Dantooine , his ship was waylaid by an ancient vessel commanded by the Anzati Sith Lord Darth Absu. Absu, a member of the Anzat Shadow Order, had plans for Venger. The shuttle never made it to Dantooine, and to all but a few Venger, then known as Vidhar, was thought lost with it. It wasn’t until almost a hundred years later that he emerged from obscurity on the sands of Tatooine as Darth Venger.

On Tatooine, Darth Venger became a member of the local Sith faction, the Formation of the Dark. For a few years he served the FOTD well, and the hustle and bustle of the Mos Eisley spaceport with all its transient beings was beneficent to the needs of an Anzati. Soon although Venger became restless, he began to see the ventures of the local Sith and fruitless and devoid of ambition. He turned his eyes to home, and absconded hence back to Anzat.

Return to AnzatEdit

When he arrived on Anzat the Masters welcomed his return, and deeded him the Temple of Anzat, which then lay in ruin from years of vacancy. Venger rebuilt the Temple, and rededicated it as the Sith Temple and library of Anzat. He began an aggressive campaign of recovering Sith Holocrons, and other relics of bygone eras, quickly the Temple became a place of great knowledge. Some of the old Anzati Masters were quite unsettled by this move, but those in the Anzat Shadow Order prevented any question of Venger’s actions.

Soon thereafter with the handful of loyalists that had followed Darth Venger from Tatooine he founded the Sith Order of Anzat. The Order was built and driven on establishing a new golden age, Sith and Dark Jedi from across the galaxy flooded to Anzat to join. Before long Darth Venger had claimed almost complete control of the planet. The Anzati government bestowed upon him the jewel of the Anzati shipyards, the Ansavi Eclipse, which remained in orbit over the planet as a symbol of might.

The Sith Order of Anzat thrived, and became known among the galaxy as a power to be reckoned with, but as is typical unrest and ambition began to stir among its members. The Council of Seven that Darth Venger had formed to rule over the Order hatched a plot to depose Venger. One of his closest discples, Darth Merta staged a failed assassination attempt on him, severely injured Venger retreated to the Ansavi Eclipse to recover, while meanwhile the remaining members of his Council staged a coup.

The Sith Order of Anzat plunged into to a civil war amongst its members. The loyalists of Darth Venger and Darth Merta fought fiercely and turned the once great Temple into a charnel house. Blood stained the floors of its ancient interior, and the walls became charred with the marks of blaster fire and the burns of lightsabers. The Anzati government, while unhappy about the impact on trade and commerce on Anzat was powerless to take any action.

Destruction and ExileEdit

Outnumbered, Darth Venger and those with him were forced to a hasty retreat. Venger stood on the bridge of the Ansavi Eclipse looking down at the planet that was his home, hate, despair, and disgust filled him. He turned his gaze away from the view screen and ordered the ship to commence planetary bombardment. The Temple was razed to the ground, and many still within lost their lives. The whole planet bore the scar of Venger’s betrayal; civilian casualties were high, and the Anzat Spaceport layed in ruin. Venger received a secret transmission from the Anzat Shadow Order. None know what the transmission contained, but whatever it was Darth Venger and the Ansavi Eclipse disappeared into the black void of space forgotten to almost all.

Nearly two decades passed before Ansavi Eclipse emerged from obscurity. The ship and its crew reappeared in the Outer Rim under the flag of the Black Sun. Darth Venger retuned a Black Sun Captain over the skies of Mos Espa on Tatooine. At his behest former Anzati region governor Data Jacks helped Venger establish an alliance with Belutric the Hutt and the Nasirii Clan. The Nasirii and Black Sun alliance thrived in Mos Espa. The black market flourished, with the Black Sun controlling the local slave trade, and the under the Nasirii the spice flowed to almost every corner of the known galaxy.

Darth Venger became increasingly reclusive, and spent most of his time in his quarters aboard the Ansavi Eclipse. He was growing restless and disinterested in day to day affairs. Some say he began to obsess on a personal agenda unknown to all but himself. His disinterest caused Venger to lose much of his sway among the rapidly expanding Black Sun. Data Jacks visited him, sent by the Anzat Shadow Order. He gave Darth Venger an ancient star map. It is unknown as to where this map led, but very soon thereafter Venger and the Ansavi Eclipse left Tatooine’s orbit. Only his droids accompanied him, Belutric and his other allied were confounded by Venger’s disappearance, but business goes on, and once again the galaxy forgot about Darth Venger.

A Shadow Returns to Fall Upon the GalaxyEdit

Deep in the black void of uncharted space the Ansavi Eclipse drifted. Its engines failed many years prior, most of its droid crew fallen to disrepair. Without the Soup as sustenance Venger had been forced to enter stasis or face starvation and death. Although locked in a stasis unit Darth Venger’s consciousness remained aloof, and he set his mind out among the stars to summon aide.

Across the bounds of the darkness Venger stirred the mind of a Force sensitive child of merchant traders. Vermah Saval began to obsess about a region of unknown space. His family and friends grew concerned with the change in him, as he started to show signs of the Dark Side emerging in him. While on a freight run in his small frigate Saval heeded the calling Venger had been sending him, abandoning all ties to pursue this stage summoning.

Saval found the Anzavi Eclipse derelict in an asteroid field. Detecting a faint life form he boarded the ship and set about repairing some of the systems, starting with the life support. He restored the emergency power to the ship , which enacted a program Venger had set to release himself from stasis. Famished and weak from hunger Darth Venger immediately lunged upon the young Vermah, but refrained from taking his life. The Force was strong with this one, he had an apprentice.

Vermah Saval has been reported recently purchasing slaves that go missing never to be seen again. Rumors and here say begin to tell tales. They speak of a Sith lurking among the shadows of star ports, a dark clad figure seen once again on the sands of Tatooine, in Mos Entha, and asking questions about Belutric the Hutt in the cantinas of Smugglers Paradise.

What was forgotten will be remembered once again....