Darth Vexis was a Nightsister Sith witch rumored to possess skills obtained from the shadow realm that allowed her to alter midi-chlorians, including the skill to keep the dead living. Ultimately, this skill led to her death. She was brought back to life through a cloneing phase and currently serves the Dark Lords of the Sith in hopes of regaining her once great power with the dark side.


Early Years Edit

Vexis was born under the name of Kalianakula on the planet of Dathomir. She lived in a small tribe that traveled frequently. She had 17 mothers who owned 3 male slaves and 9 sisters. At the age of 12 her tribe ran across a group of smugglers and slave runners that killed half her tribe and enslaved the others. She was taken separate and sold to Almonn the Hutt, never to see her mothers or sisters ever again.

Almonn the HuttEdit

From the age of 12 to the age of 17 Kalianakula was a slave for Almonn the Hutt. She served mainly as a server, but often times served also as a dancer. Kalianakula first discovered her force sensitivity after one night when Almonn had punished her for spilling a drink on an infamous bounty hunter whom was his guest of honor. The only thing that spared her life from the wrath of Almonn was in fact the bounty hunter himself, for he had developed an infatuation with the girl. Almonn had sent her to her cell to be chained to the wall and 20 slashes from a whip. When she was left hanging in her cell, she began brewing on her anger and hatred for Almonn and conquered her fear of him. Using the force she snapped through her chains and freed herself. Waiting in her cell as she was devising a plan to kill Almonn the bounty hunter paid her a visit. He promised to assist her in escaping and confessed his love for her. That night Kalianakula and the bounty hunter killed everyone within the palace and fled together in his ship.


"You're being sold, just like the rest of Almonn's fancy possesions"

— Bounty hunter to Kalianakula

As Kalianakula and the bounty hunter had escaped into the deepness of space the bounty hunter's true intentions became clear. While holding a blaster in her face he threw her in a cage and let her know she would be sold back into slavery upon the arrival on Tatooine. During her entrapment with the bounty hunter she was treated harshly, being raped and beaten by the bounty hunter. Feeling defeated, and as though she would never know freedom, she put up no fights against the bounty hunter and simply wallowed in her self pity.

Tatooine & the Jawa Jedi MasterEdit

Upon arrival at Tatooine, Kalianakula was wheeled in her cage by the bounty hunter to present to whom would be her new master. Little did she know that the master she was being sold to was a Sith Lord who wanted her for her force sensitivity. At the same time a jawa Jedi Master was searching the planet for that very Sith lord. When the bounty hunter and the Sith lord met the Sith lord was very pleased with Kalianakula, and saw potential for her within the Sith. As the Sith lord and the bounty hunter discussed prices, the jawa master (noticing the Sith lord and the sale of Kalianakula) used the force to conceal himself and set Kalianakula free. With her safely out of the way, the Sith lord noticed her absence and the appearance of the Jedi master. The Sith lord did not hesitate to attack, and a battle ensued between the Jedi master and the Sith lord with his bounty hunter assistant. Together the Sith lord and the bounty hunter beat down on the Jedi master, almost forcing him into submission if it wasn't for the actions of Kalianakula. Seeing her chance she began to sing out, as taught by her Nightsister family, and useing all her strength through the force she caused a bolt of lightning to come out of the clear Tatooine sky and strike down the bounty hunter. The Sith lord, distracted by Kalianakula's strength with the force, was struck through the heart by the jawa Jedi master. The Jedi master quickly sensed much force within Kalianakula and believed through proper training she could let go on her grasp to her emotions and cease to use the dark side of the force.

The Jedi AllianceEdit

As Kalianakula and the Jedi embarked towards New Holstice he explained to her the Jedi Alliance and the path of the light side of the force, and promised her she would find peace within herself among the ranks of the Jedi. The words of the Jedi master brought more fear to her then serenity, for she had been betrayed by people before and felt the not to trust anyone but herself. She was reviewed with much doubt by the other Jedi masters, it was not common for a nightsister to not wield the dark side of the force. With the promise from the jawa master to be watched over, she was taken into their ranks and began her training as a padawan.

Kalianakula was quick with her training. Keeping mainly to herself she went over scrolls and data pads constantly and excelled in history and learning of the different ways of the force. She also excelled with the use of a lightsaber along with the construction of the lightsaber, often modeling her hilt after hilts of the Jedi's early years. The only area she did not excel in was controlling her emotions and having the patience for meditation. During her training, her past haunted her forcing her to feel anger and fear. When she fought it was evident that she feared the lightsaber, making her blocks more often successful. Though her emotions did not go unnoticed, they were easily over-looked by the alliance due to it's problems in the council. Kalianakula reached the rank of Knight before the alliance disbanded.

Kalianakula: "I cannot Master. Everytime I close my eyes I see my captures lined in a row, taunting me, poking me, prodding me, and when I see their faces I cant help but want to strike them down."
Jawa Jedi Master: "You must learn to control your fears, young Kali, before your fears gain control over you."
― Kalianakula during Meditation with her Master

Return to Dathomir Edit

The search for familyEdit


NS Staff dual lightsaber

After the fall of the Jedi Alliance Kalianakula decided rather then staying with the fellow Jedi seeking new refuge she would embark on her own path in order to learn teachings the Jedi could not survive. Attached to her past she headed to Dathomir to learn the Nightsisters ways of the force. She searched for years without a single trace of a nightsister. Combing the planet of Dathomir she began to believe the nightsisters to be all but extinct. Though discovering no nightsisters, Kalianakula still learned much of her out-dated race through abandoned tribal sites and a cave once inhabited by Gethzerion. During her search she found many artifacts forged by the dark side of the force, including the Book of Shadows. Within the cave she took a preserved nightsister staff and used the force to craft it into a double bladed lightsaber. The hunt for her species took a strange toll on her, forcing her into an insane state, unable to determine the difference between light and dark aspects of the force. She would often hunt animals, including Rancors , for no other purpose then to kill out of anger.

Nightsister Sith WitchesEdit

Kalianakula spent 13 years on Dathomir, and eventually in the last year a group of Nightsisters dedicated to learning the ways of the Sith stumbled upon her as she fought against a rancor. Impressed with Kalianakula's talents the leader of the nightsister group offered Kalianakula a place within her group. Thrilled to have even found a single nightsister, let alone a small tribe, Kalianakula joined up with the nightsisters. She learned all she could, but held an arms length between herself and the other nightsisters due to her remaining trust issues. The other nightsisters began to develop trust issues with Kalianakula as well, feeling that since she had not been raised on Dathomir she was not a true nightsister and deserved death. As they combed the planet of Korriban looking for remnants of the Sith, they began to loathe each other until ultimately the nightsister mother was convinced that Kalianakula was more of a threat then a nice addition to her ranks. Kalianakula sensed the mother's treachery just as she did and began killing off members of the group one by one in the shadows before the others could regroup. By the time the nightsister mother had realized her sisters had fallen, it was down to only her and another. Out of fear the two fled for the ship to leave Kalianakula behind, but when they had reached the ship she was waiting for them. Due to her fear of Kalianakula the first nightsister died quickly, leaving only the mother and Kalianakula. They dueled for 3 days, until in the end the mother was killed by Kalianakula from her use of force lightning.

Ziost Edit

After the battle with the nightsister mother on Korriban, Kalianakula took the ship and traveled to Ziost, the next stop in the search for the Sith. This was where she found the order of Sith Legends. After a quick review, there was no question that Kalianakula would be adopted into their order. Shortly after proving herself Kalianakula was picked up by Darth Kuulus to train her in the ways of the Sith. He taught her to control her emotions to use them to her advantage, making her stronger with the dark side then she ever was before. During her training she learned of the Sith scrolls and took a person liking to the shadow scroll, beginning her research on the shadow realm. Eventually she surpassed her master, and he named her Darth Vexis.

Vexis remained skeptic as she always had, keeping a short distance between her and her fellow Sith. When appointed an apprentice, she had paid little attention to him, more focused on her research and experiments with shadows. It was said that during the few lessons she held, she would be unusually cruel, and even accuse her apprentice of treachery against the Sith Legends. With each saber practice she would threaten his life, and shun him for not being a more experienced fighter. In turn he was taught by the other Sith Lords within the order. Eventually she completely lost interest in her apprentice and asked for a new assignment to help out the Sith.

Vjun Edit

Darth Ptas, Dark Lady of the Sith Legends decided to send Darth Vexis to the planet of Vjun to watch over the surface and report of Sith and other activities. It was there that Vexis first discovered the cave that would be later known as her shrine. Also she discovered an order of Sith by the name of Assembly of Darkness. Soon after her arrival on Vjun she was greeted by the ruler of the Assembly, Darth Kestrel. Kestrel and Vexis held no quarrel, both seeing each other as an ally more then a threat after learning of their motives. He allowed her to build her home on the surface of Vjun, as long as it remain hidden within the cave.

During her stay on the planet she dwelled in her cave, first forging her own personal throne behind an acidic river that flowed through the back of the cave. The cave was strong with the dark side of the force, and the darkness within it allowed her to better study the workings of the shadows and the realm beyond. She eventually developed the skill to create pure darkness around the area she so chooses. Eventually, her experiment with reaching the realm beyond backfired, and as she sat upon her throne her spirit was consumed into darkness, leaving her body in a lifeless state.

Shadow RealmEdit

The Body Edit

As Vexis' spirit was consumed, her body sat stiff against her throne staring ahead. The darkness around her began to envelope her body, and her skin turned to a hard black marble. It was there she sat for years, unmoving before being discovered by a smuggler searching the planet's surface. When the smuggler entered the cave all his lights had become useless due to the darkness, and in order to search he began feeling his way around the cave. He almost lost his arm in the acidic river, but managed to make it across to discover Vexis' shrine. While feeling his way around he happened to touch the black marble skin of Vexis as she slept in the realm of shadows. It was later described touching her marble skin made him feel that not only was his body on fire, but he could feel his spirit burning too. Every worst fear flashed before his eyes and in an instant it snapped his mind. He ran out of the cave frantically, leaving his sanity behind.

The Spirit Edit

While Vexis' was experimenting, she was trying to communicate with the spirits in the shadow realm, hoping to call forth a spirit to do her bidding. Instead a spirit she wished to call upon came and ripped her spirit from her body, dragging her soul into the realm of shadows. There he sent her spirit through extreme torture, twisting it and burning it and snapping it every which way. It wanted Vexis to feel a pain like no other has felt before. Vexis screamed in torment for what seemed like an eternity, until eventully becoming one with the pain and accepting it as her ultimate fate. The spirit, less amused with the torment then in the beginning, watched Vexis come to terms with the pain and awed as she began to expect it. Curious, the spirit ceased her torture and instead explained how the spirit had been bored in the shadow realms, and that she was the first of anything for him to come across since his death. He revealed himself to be a Sith Lord, and decided to train her in the ways of his teachings from when he was alive. Due to his teachings, it was rumored that he was the spirit of Darth Plagueis the Wise, due to the fact she learned how to manipulate the midi-chlorians in a person's system to save them from death along with the ability to retain her spirit. Such is purely speculation, for the fact she never discovered who the spirit was. After gaining his knowledge, he sent her back to her body to awaken a new dark witch of the Sith.

Sacrifice Edit

Awoken Edit

Snapshot 019

Darth Vexis' Holocron

Upon her return from the shadow realm, Vexis awoke in her body only to find it incased in the black marble. Useing her strength she shattered through the marble and descended from her throne feeling rejuvenated. Her first order of business after she awoke was the construction of a [[starwars:Sith holocron|holocron] to contain all her teachings throughout her life span. It contained secrets of Jedi training, the ancient ways of the Nightsisters, and of course her knowledge of the Sith and her experience in the shadow realm. After years of constructing her holocron, she finally emerged from her cave and let her presence be known to the Sith empire that was steadily growing on Vjun.

Shadow Hand Edit

Feeling as though her training and her quest for learning had finally come to an end, Vexis sought out Darth Kestrel and pledged her loyalty to his strive to be the next galactic Emperor. Vexis was appointed Kestrel's personal shadow hand, and in return she shared most of her secrets of the dark side. As Kestrel's shadow hand, Vexis became a personal assassin and over-seer. She was sent to kill many Jedi and diplomats within the republic. More often then not, Vexis was successful with her missions, aside from one where she was sent to kill a Jedi rumored to be a descendent from the Skywalker family. She battled the Jedi on numerous occasions, never quite able to defeat him. Eventually the hunt for him consumed her until she ultimately drove the Jedi into exile.

The Apprentice Edit

After successfully riding herself of the Jedi, Vexis became bored with the following missions, finding their lack of a challenge to be pointless against her talents. As she watched over Vjun one night she noticed an incoming Jedi ship. She raced to meet the Jedi, in hopes of a fight. When she reached the shuttle she prepared to fight the Jedi, but instead he confessed his passion to learn the ways of the Sith. At first sight she knew there was something different about this man, and there was something about him that she trusted. As a test she convinced him that all the knowledge of the Sith could be found within her cave and lured him inside. Once inside she clouded the cave with darkness and summoned his worst fear to face him. Seeing how his fear was his old Jedi master, she accepted that his path was the path of darkness and began training him with her knowledge of the Sith. With the exception of the more complex dark side abilities, Vexis taught her new apprentice everything she knew, spending every waking minute training him unlike she had with her first apprentice. Something about him made her utterly trust him, and eventually during the training they fell in love. Unlike most Jedi and Sith who shun love, the two used their love to fuel their passion and strengthen themselves with the dark side. Upon her apprentice's completion of training, it was evident he must surpass her, and in order to avoid his attempt at her life Vexis declared that if he were to behead his old Jedi master he would be worthy of the Darth title.

Death of the Sith Witch Edit

"Your death was unjust and unfair. Though you have failed your task, you are destined for the Sith. Through this I promise you shall rise stronger then ever before. My love, with my sacrifice you shall surpass your Master. As my blood courses through your veins, my love shall guide you in the darkness. Shhh, do not fret my love. The Master must come to her end, so her apprentice can be reborn to begin his destiny."

— Darth Vexis to her apprentice's severed head

When Vexis' apprentice reached the Jedi temple, his old Jedi master was ready. The Jedi master had received word that his former student was on his way to behead him, and in defense the master took with him a small group of Jedi knights. When the apprentice arrived the Jedi were waiting for him, and compelled by his master's orders, he went on with the attack without worry of the other Jedi. During the fight, the apprentice's fear that he would not return to see his love clouded his vision. In the end the apprentice was defeated by the Jedi, and in the heat of the fight his former master saw him as a future threat and beheaded him. Vexis immediately felt this through the force, and rushed to the Jedi temple to retrieve her lost apprentice. There the body had been taken and she could only retrieve the head, which she altered the midi-chlorians to keep the brain within it alive.

After the conflict, Vexis disappeared from Vjun and the public eye, secretly hiring a team of engineers, doctors, and researchers known for their work on HRDs. They constructed a body for her, made mainly of robotic parts. The non-droid parts were composed of pieces of Sith warriors collected from across the galaxy. The parts ranged from freshly killed to floating in space for an unknown length of time. The team working on the body managed to salvage as much as they could from the parts, filling in where needed with droid parts. Due to his heart being ceased, they constructed a new heart for him to pump blood through, and the doctor tried to explain that due to having to transfuse someone else's blood the blood would contain zero midi-chlorians. Vexis did not worry about this, and had the team continue with constructing the body.

When the team finished building the body, the time came to attach the head and fill the body with blood. From then on the team was lost as how to bring the body back to life. Vexis refused that the team use regular blood to fill up the body, and instead decided to donate her blood into the body. The team attached the head then set the heart to begin pumping, which in turn began sucking the blood from Vexis' body and spreading it throughout the lifeless body. With her last ounce of strength, just before the last of her blood passed into the body, she spread the power of the altered midi-chlorians from the brain in a surge through the entire body, bringing it to life. Vexis died next to her recreation of her apprentice and her lover, sacrificeing herself so he could live again. From there, Vexis' apprentice destroyed the ship and headed for Byss, where he received the name of Abattoir.

After Death Edit


Darth Vexis' Force Spirit

After sacrificeing herself so her former apprentice could live, Vexis spirit lingered in her cave, watching over her constructed holocron and waiting for whomever would come. Curious in her time in the cave, she pondered to herself why her spirit lingered, for she had not attached it to anything before death in order to retain her spirit. The answer to that question came quickly as her old apprentice, newly named Abattoir, came wandering into her cave. She was pleased to see that he had survived the operation, and informed him of everything that had happened, from his training to his ressurection. After studying each other, it was discovered that her spirit lingered from her still running blood in Abattoir's veins. It was also discovered that she could feel psyical objects, and after a test discovered that not only could she feel pain, but every feeling she felt Abattoir would feel too, and in a test Vexis told Abattoir to glide his lightsaber across her ear, and in doing so his ear was cut off. In a sudden realization that her survival depended on the survival of Abattoir they fled to Byss and had Abattoir hooked up to a life support system within their medical lab. From there she took a sample of her own blood from Abattoir in an effort to create a clone of her former self.

Clone 1 Edit

"Love is like a fog. It rolls over your mind, clouding your judgement. This is why many die for it's beliefs. This is why I died. It is clear I have learned all I can from the pain of love...because I no longer feel it. You have served your purpose, now it is your turn to feel what I have felt. As you pass, acknowledge your love for me as your downfall."

— Vexis before killing her former apprentice


The cloneing of Vexis

After the creation of Vexis' clone, she posessed the body immediatly and came to life. The first thing she did after re-animation was kill her former apprentice. Her reasons were that in her experience with death she learned love is a weakness, and in order to survive one most destroy everything one loves. After killing her apprentice, she saught out joing the Dark Lords of the Sith in hopes of regaining her former power and glory, and in hopes of this time avoiding death.

Useing the powers entrusted in her by the Sith Vexis used Alter Image to change her appearance to assume the role as Ves'ii, a young girl seeking advancement in galactic government. As Ves'ii Vexis gathered up enough votes to make it into office as Senator over her home world of Dathomir. Vexis had plans of enslaveing most of the population of Dathomir to be sold in the slave trades, along with reestablishing the Imperial Prison. However, Vexis never accomplished any of these tasks due to her untimely death at the hands of a force user by the name of Jukkar. Vexis was killed by Jukkar shorly after her win into office. She was murdered for her holocron. Few rumors say that Vexis' spirit still lingers throughout the galaxy.

Attributes Edit

Vexis by wizpir19

Artist rendition of Vexis

Vexis has always been a quick learner, and been known as a sponge of information. Due to the constant backstabbing she keeps an arms-length distance between her and anybody she associates with, but when she lets her guard down she lets it down completly. Vexis was always a strong fighter with the lightsaber, and was known for winning tournaments when she was a Jedi. Her lust for strength and power got the best of her, as well as her ability not to trust anyone other then herself. After her visit to Dathomir she became more proficiant in dark side sorcery and is known to be very strong in the art of force lightning, due to her combination of both sith and nightsister teachings. During her time with the Sith she studied sith alchemy in an effort to learn all she could of death so she could avoid it. As a jedi she studied the fighting style Juyo, and later progressed to Vaapad during her time on Dathomir. It is believed that her practice of Vaapad was what complety consumed her to the dark side. Later, after joining the Sith, she practiced in Soresu and mixed the two forms together, providing her with a fighting style that could adhere to her powers and make them her primary focus of attack, without leaveing herself vulnerable with only a lightsaber.

Abilitys Edit

  • Force Jump
  • Force Speed
  • Force Grab
  • Force Choke
  • Force Body
  • Force Lightning
  • Force Wind
  • Force Horror
  • Force Ghost
  • Hibernation Trance
  • Kinetite
  • Levitation
  • Alter Image
  • Midi-chlorian Manipulation
  • Spirit Transference
  • Animal Friendship
  • Sith Sorcery/Alchemy

Behind the scenes Edit

Most of the events are actual happenings within SL SWRP and my char. The only two exceptions are return to dathomir and the shadow realm, which were created to fill gaps in the story line and add flavor. Also, during my time in the Jedi Alliance my species was twi'lek, this later changed to nightsister along with her story. The slavery in the begining was based upon my first interest in gorean rp when I started SL, then I left gor to pursue SWRP where I joined the Jedi Alliance. After the Alliance disbanded I stopped playing for several years, until I came back to discover Sith Legends. After Legends I grew to like the planet of Vjun and bought property, creating a small homey cave in the sim. I then came in and out of SWRP, the only person I would talk to was RR, so he appointed me his person shadow hand, seprate from the Assembly of Darkness. After that SL decided to do what SL does best and pissed me off by deleteing my Kali Sartre account. So instead of bring her back I just wrote her off and started playing with my alt, Driretlan Semple. His story can be found under the name Abattoir.