DG-02, colloquially referred to as "Data-Gourah", is a modified recon droid. It possesses an interactive feature in its programming that appears to be a digital personification of Gourah.


This unit serves as a scout and was heavily modified by its programmer, having received additional functions such as omnidirectional range, laser emitters, and top notch information gathering. During its programmer's absence, DG-02 shows up to investigate various problems and offer support to sentient life upon demand.

Traits Edit

Interestingly, DG-02 mocks the personality of its owner. It may have developed a few behavioral quirks after modification to its central processor, and despite this triviality, it stays compliant with the tasks given to it according to the droid's limited set of parameters.


DG-02 deploying on Zonama Sekot.

Although it resembles a typical probe droid, DG-02's holographic imagery bears the exact same looks of Gourah's younger self, possibly two or three years younger than his current age, and projects a blue, digitized aura around its body. It sports its counterpart's signature red shirt, reinforced armored fiber pants, black boots, utility belt, and glasses.