Biography Edit

Born Anzati

Early Life Edit

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Born in Anzat and entered into the Anzati order for teaching of the ancient ways. A quick learner of any task Data showed promise of becoming a leader himself. It was not to be as like most Anzati during their early years the thirst for soup become so strong Data consumed the soup of a fellow student and left the planet on a 100 year soup binge..

Roving Edit

Hiding in plain sight Data visited many planets. Preferring to stay around the more busy spaceports it reminded him of home and was safer with more travelers to feed from that would not be missed straight away.

Arrival Home Edit

Returning home to Anzat the mists above the surface filing thhe lungs breathing in deep and savering the taste of the planets life.. There is no place like it ..

Apprenticeship Edit

Returning to Anzat to continue study Data invokes the ways of the Anzati to train under instruction of The Ancient Masters. Growing older has given more control over the lust for soup and Data is able to continue his study into the ways of the Anzati .. The many years of random feeding has long been replaced by selective feeding on minds chosen for their contents .. Knowledge tastes good.

Traits Edit

Sometimes too clever for his own good If crossed he will make it even there is no time limit, it will be even.

Equipment Edit

Single and Twin Blade Lightsaber Blaster