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Bred and raised on Kamino as part of an experiment in pushing the limits of human and alien DNA splicing, lived a fairly normal life except he was raised in a strict military environment, from ages 10 to 18 he was trained by Death Watch mercenaries in the arts of war.

Shortly after turning 18 his batch was declared no longer necessary and were scheduled for termination, finding out about this he escaped from the facility he was raised in and has been on the run for the past seven months, two of those recently spent on Bakura under the care and protection of a sympathetic mandalorian clan and in the employ of the clans alor at her bar and cantina.

Life after running Edit

After the battle on Begeren against his former owner, he decided he wanted to see the galaxy for himself, using funds saved up from working at the Runi clan's cantina he went to Nar Shaddaa with Jemma Solus to buy a used freighter from the Unubunko used starship and repo sales lot and set out on his trek across the stars, his first stop was on the small moon of Kyrasi which he felt strangely drawn to.

Upon landing he discovered the moon wasn't deserted as he had originally believed it to be, scouting out a small base he discovered and was observing the occupants when security measures were tripped, after a three kilometer chase back to his ship he confronted them there, after a few tense moments they all realized who they were and settled down some.

He decided to stay on longer then he originally intended as he felt the moon offered him more opportunities to both be who he wanted to be and to be what he was created for, though not long after he came to the realization he was the half brother to one of the people on the moon, Rikko Nillson. His genetic information being the basis for one half of his creation.

It didn't take long though for him to realize Kyrasi wasn't the place for him, he left it with his brother and his brothers girlfriend, heading back to Bakura to be back with them all.

Becoming a Mandalorian Edit

Shortly after arriving back on Bakura, he had a heart to heart talk with the Alor of clan Runi about joining them and becoming a mandalorian, having found them to be the closest thing he had to family at the time, she agreed on the condition he follow the Runi code, he agreed to it and swore by the oath, officially making him part of the family.

He briefly resided on Taanab where a Mandalorian farming community had been set up by the Marev clan, living at and working in the Runi extension of the Vode An inn Inn located there.

Kidnapping Edit

After spending some time with the family on Bakura he was making his way back to the Bakura spaceport to head back to Taanab when he was ambushed by Death Watch soldiers, he was quickly overpowered and dragged back to a waiting ship, taking him to Tattooine where they held him for ransom, demanding two million credits for his safe return, in the meantime they forced him to fight in battle pits against others of the Death Watch.

After a few days more and a couple more videos he was dragged to Mos Taike by them where the exchange took place, blindfolded and forced to sit in the blazing heat he made the best of it and meditated some until the moment when his binders were undone, something snapped in his head and he struck out at the leader of the Death Watch, kicking him in the knee but as Jemma called out at him to disengage and run his other programming took over and followed the orders of his Alor and fled the battle where the Death Watch were ultimately defeated.

Flying back to Taanab after being freed he sat down with Jemma and talked with her for awhile about the past few days, in the coming days he took things a bit slower to recover and collect his thoughts and try to plan on what to do next.

On Ilum with Hoggil Edit

Shortly after this event, he traveled to Ilum with a company of friends, accompanying Hoggil on a quest of his to help him find one of his students daughter, on Ilum they met up with one of Hoggil's friends from the order before journeying into a force crystal cave, inside of it he felt like something was calling out to him from somewhere deep inside the cave, his wandering lead him to a pair of purple crystals.

Reaching out to grab them he had a brief vision of himself on Kamino standing before a dark figure wielding a red lightsaber, in his vision he stuck out against him but the moment his saber made contact with his the vision ended as suddenly as it began, a bit shaken by the vision, he shook the image from his mind and took the crystals from the cave into his own possession, soon after the group was beset upon by a Tarentatek that had been awakened by their presence, in the ensuing battle he was swiped by the creatures claws and poisoned by it however soon after the foul beast was defeated by them, he took some of the curved spines from the creature as a trophy and made a necklace out of them.

Battle outside Anchorhead Edit

His second engagement with the Death Watch would be some weeks later after an alor meeting, someone received a tip they were somewhere near Anchorhead on Tatooine, after the meeting he traveled with Niv Dralshy'a and Valiance Khal Ordo to Anchorhead, where they surprised and ambushed a small group of Death Watch out in the dune seas outside of the settlement, during the battle he delivered four critical hits to the enemy before facing down one of them in a one on one battle, receiving a burn injury after being shot in the face at near point blank range with a blaster pistol, he managed to down the remaining fighter however and went about treating his comrades in arms who had been injured in the fighting, they ended up retreating from the scene as night had fallen and they could hear Tusken Raider war cries off in the distance and they were in no condition to fight them at that point.

Adopted Edit

It wasn't too long after this, Dazzle sat down with the alor of Runi and in another heart to heart talk, expressed his desire to be adopted into her family, even though they were relatively the same age he still considered her the closest thing he had ever had to a mother, after being adopted he opted to take on the surname Solus as part of his adoption.

Battle on Bakura Edit

It wasn't terribly long after this that the Death Watch staged an attack on the Vode An on Bakura, the attack was successfully staved off though at some cost to Runi, the alor suffering temporary blindness when her eyes were cut by visor shards after she was shot in the face by them.

Moving to Coruscant Edit

With the battle to reclaim Coruscant over, people started returning to the core world after the political situation on Bakura deteriorated and eventually broke into riots. The mandalorians were no different and a number of clans that had been based out of Bakura migrated there as well as was their nature to when confronted with such odds.

Dral moved with Runi as they opened a new bar in the lower city section of the city of the same name as when it was on Bakura, shortly afterwards he would end up joining the ranks of the mandalorian protectors.

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"I'm going to live to see you eat those words, but save enough room for my fist because I'm going to ram it into your stomach and crush your kriffing spine with it!"

— Dazzle right before attacking Vincent Gel'Vano

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