Nima and sae'hal

Small Youngling

((OOC: The following is a short story by Bladen Gearz that was inspired by a Role Play that had occurred in SWRP Second Life. Written purely for enjoyment of the community and to tell the tale of Darth Sae'hal's blood stained mask. Death of a Dozen Padawans.))


  Darth Sae'hal the second rose from his Sith Transports seat, pressing a few buttons near the ceiling activating the cooling mechanisms. He'd sigh and move towards one of the passengers seats, his ancestral sith mask sat on the seat, staring up at him. He'd smirk and flick his finger towards another button activating one of the reserve engines. The engines were quiet, meant for a more stealthy mission. Sae'hal reached out for his mask, his mind struck with a vision of the past ... A clouded image filled his mind, what seemed to be smoke or simply thick gray clouds began to clear after a few moments. A Sith Lord, looking much like himself, at least the garments and mask -perhaps an ancestor- were very familiar. Faint images flashed in his mind, small children who seemed to be in jedi robes lying on the ground. Small lightsaber hilts cast about with a red hue lighting the floor. Though, suddenly, an unmistakable sound was projected, the sheathing of a lightsaber, and with a hiss, the red hue disappeared.

Sae'hal shook the images out of his mind, it didn't quite bother him, which would have bothered a normal being ... but he wasn't the most normal of folks .. at least not at the moment. He'd throw on his mask and hood then head out. The Sith Lord ran his hand along the transports door, the ramp and door activating with a sound of technological advanced gears toning. Down the ramp he went, his heavy boots clanking on the ramp as he trailed around. Mist surrounded the area, the fresh scent of pine and other various smells could be detected ... The world of Krant. Sae'hal's mind flashed back to when he received intel that there were jedi on the world, a small refuge, a camp. "Time to find the others.." His imperial tone boomed.

Sae'hal took a crouch some tall grass, his ship didn't land too far away, so it was possible for the Jedi to locate him. Not that they knew he was coming... Darth Sae'hal II grinned, he could see the camp, a larger-type tent, tanish colored and a blue glow could be seen from outside through the cloth-type material. He could hear the laughter of children, it was nearly sickening to him ... "Young jedi .. young hypocrites." He was absolutely disgusted. "More and more of you, there are far too many. You all reproduce like womp rats." he'd groan thinking of them. The Arch Lord began moving forward towards the tent, behind the trees, he posed his back against one of the larger tree trunks as he slowly rose. His hilt still in hand. Sae'hal was now close enough to hear them clearly.

"Master Siphas went to gather some fruit with Padawan Jain." Said the youngest of the padawans, a small togruta male name Gaa'hai Nodaa. Her tiny fangs chomped on some bread. "But we are basically full off fruit! Look around us, there are baskets of fruit." The young red-headed human female shouted at the top of her lungs. She then stormed out of the tent. The metal door whooshed as she moved out of the tent. "Boy ... Mira has a temper. Probably hitting puberty." Ben Tor's snorted as he leaned against one of the crates. "Where are the other Padawans Ben?" Gaa'hai frowned as she finished off the bread piece. Ben really knew what was going on, he put on a smile and walked over to the smallest of all padawans, "Everything will be okay Gaa'hai." Ben, the 14 year old, the oldest brown haired and green eyed Padwan spoke. His hand placed upon the Togruta.

"Ben why are all these bad things happening?" Gaa'hai shrugged her shoulders as soon as Ben put his hand on her shoulder. She plopped herself down on soft carpet ground. She pulled her legs in and she hugged them tightly and put her head on her knees. She began to pout. Ben bit his lip, 'Should I lie to her more? Master Siphas is wrong', the young man thought. "Come on Hai-hai, there is nothing to be afraid of. They went to get fruit." He'd nod and take a knee and put his hand on her head, stroking her small montrals.

"Okay Ben" she looked up bright eyed at him, even if her eyes were gray. She smiled lightly at him. "Good, now behave, no need to cry. You're a big girl now. Get up kid, gime'uh hug." Ben stood up and offered his arms. "Aw.." her squeaky voice 'eeked' and hopped up happily and threw herself in his arms. "I wish you were my brother, Ben." Ben smiled, then quickly frowned, "Hey now kid! You got yourself a brother back on Shili..." he forced her backwards a small bit. "Got it Hai?" The small Togruta nodded to him, "Yes..Ben.." He grinned then knucked her head, "Ouch!" she screamed and tried pushing him back.

Sae'hal was still behind the large tree trunk, he had been listening to the padawan's talk the whole time. He wore a smirk the whole time. But then he heard the light 'whoosh' of the door then footsteps coming his way. Sae'hal licked his lips and waited.

Mira's whole face was red, her freckles and all blended together. Her eyes however, remained blue ... besides the whites. As she stormed out, the whites of her eyes began to redden, tears began to pour out as she sniffed and began to hum to herself. "I hate this world." She groaned and continued closer towards Sae'hal. Stepping on various sticks, and the sticks themselves cracking, enabling him to track her. He'd clear his throat as soon as she came closer. The sounds of the sticks breaking stopped for a moment. " one..there?" The red-head whispered. She peered behind the large trunk and saw the big man. Dark Cloak, old marauder mask and all. His arms were folded and he stared down at her. 

Mira managed to get out a half second scream before Sae'hal raised his left hand out towards her, his metal gauntlet grasped her small neck and she fell quiet for the moment. He lifted her near-weightless body up on the air. Sae'hal's right hand came up to this mask as his head gently began to turn he fisted his hand and extended his right hand's index finger and pulled it up to where his mouth would be. His hilt was still in his hand however ... he continued the gesture that showed her to be quiet. The girl nodded somewhat, as best as she could, her tears actually halted. "Wha-wha..what....are you" Mira bit her lip and her eyes shut tight, Sae'hal's left hand squeezed tighter. 'You won't be talking now', Sae'hal held his grip for a short another moment ... seconds later Mira's eyes fluttered and a loss of breath could he beard.

Ben flicked his head towards the door right as the half second scream came forth. He gazed towards the Togruta, "Stay here Hai-hai..." The largest padawan moved forward towards the door. He let out a huff of his breath. As soon as he got to the door he turned to look at the Togruta. "Go hide. Now, go no-" His last word was cut off by a loud thump hitting one of the metal cabinets resting against the tent's fabric on the inside. Ben jumped back.

Sae'hal cracked his neck as he looked at the girl, his teeth clenched at this point as he held here there for a moment. Her eyes opened again as she coughed. Sae'hal stepped out from his cover and threw his left hand out, the girl suddenly dropped from his hand a few feet before his hand fisted and aimed at her. His jaw was still clenched, the darkside flowed through him and he lifted her once again, though this time by the power of the force. Mira choked, coughed and shook her head. Her eyes looked into the Arch Lord's dark slits in his mask for eyes. His head slowly trailed upward then down. His left hand crunched together, he'd twist his wrist to the right break her neck. She was now dead...The Marauder tossed his left hand out towards the tent to the left of him.

Sae'hal was quick to follow the flying body with a quick jump then dash in the air. He landed just above the tent upon a large tree branch that arched horizontally. With a whoosh, Ben came running out and saw the horrifying sight of a fellow padawan, laying there, dead. "By the force, kriff...Kriff.." he began pacing and turned his head away from the sight. Her body layed there on the ground, her neck awkwardly positioned to the side, eyes shut. Ben's jaw clenched and he began to tear up. He plopped down on the ground on his knees. He leaned over his friends body, hands placing down upon her stomache, he then moved his forehead towards that same area. Resting it upon her, "Why..Why...Why!" He shouted.

Sae'hal let his body fall down from the branch, his legs down and slightly spread apart, arms were spread out .. making him look like the crucifix. He fell quickly and ignited his blade midway, falling around 20 meters. His red blade hissed to life, Ben looked up but it was too late. Sae'hal's was 2 meters away from the young man. His blade arched, he was ready to kill his prey. Sae'hal kicked the padawan in the head as he fell, his boot immediately breaking the padawan's face. Blood gushed from the padawan's nose and he followed up with a horizonal slash of his blade. The padawan now headless, "Pitiful.." he'd shake his head move the padawan's body to the side with his large boot.

Master Siphas, the green Nautolan moved through the forest with Jain, the most skilled of the padawans, the Zabrak Female. 'Keep up Jain, we must hurry.' The Jedi Master used his telepathy with his padawan. He was moving with force speed, the padawan barely able to keep up. Both of their robes flowed as they were a blur. 'Master Siphas, we should be back at the tent with the others, I told you I have a bad feeling about this.' She used her telepathy in return. Though suddenly the halted. "This cannot be." The old master's heart dropped, "Garen, Zaeke, Yoko, Iz'ira...Fae'ren.." The young male and female twi'lek brothers and sisters, "They're all ... gone." Jain covered her mouth, she was about to scream. Her face redened, "Master look.." her pouting voice could be heard, she shook her head and her pony tail flowed with her movement. She gestured out the lightsaber slashes. "We must go..Hurry." With a blur, the master moved off. Jain stayed behind for a moment, taking time to close each and every one of the twi'lek's eyes, "Bye ... tails." she teared as she closed her best friends eyes, Iz'ira, the lethan and the runt.

Sae'hal made his way into the large tent, Mira was hiding under the soft feathered cott, lifted up by wood carved from the trees in the forest. The young Togruta girl covered her mouth, she hid in the corner of the room, in the shadows..and the shadows surrounded her. Her gray eyes looked forward towards the door. She saw a cloaked man but then it blurred away. She squeeked quietly seeing large boots appear directly in front of her. She forced herself in the corner as much as she could, the bed creaked.

The Arch Lord stood near the side of the Jedi Master's bed. He heard the creak of the bed and he grinned behind his mask and began walking off towards the door. His senses attuned, he felt two moderately powerful forces coming. His left hand motioned towards the lamp in the center of the room, the blue glow finally was put out. It was his turn to hide. The Arch Lord took the shadows, he hid behind one of the other cabinets, he could be seen by the Togruta herself. She began to crawl closer however, seeing shadows behind the tent's material. She covered her eyes.

"Mercy..." Master Siphas shook his head, his black..beedy eyes closed. He reached for his crotsosis sword on his back. "Master wait." Jain whispered and closed her eyes. "Hai's in there." She pulled her hand back and refascined her pony tail, her zabrak horns visible. "I am ready." she sighed and pulled her firebrand type lightsaber into her hand. Siphas sighed after her, "Keep your guard up, my young padawan." The master's hand flicked towards the door, the door whooshed by the power of the force.

The Master and the padawan entered the room, he took a Juyo form, he held his sword like a bat. His padawan ignited her blade and the room let up with purple hue, she took her ataru form. 'Master I don't sense anything', she opened her mind to her master to telepathy. 'We have a marauder on our hands, the strikes of the padawan were too preci-' Sae'hal's blade ignited, he took his own ataru form, his blade was pulled horizontally near his head. "Your move.." His imperial tone boomed.

Sae'hal lashed out against them, his blade arched and they defended. He was fast, faster than the both of them. He blurred, and so did they. Blade's crossed, the padawan's own blade got in the way of the master's. Sae'hal moved in for the kill. He spun and twirled his blade towards the master, his left hand casted out towards the padawan, she flew against the metal cabinet. The master blocked the first twirl but Sae'hal flicked his hlit around as he twirled the next time, he had his hilt 'starkiller style', and when he twirled the master blocked up he did before. "You...are..weak.." Sae'hal performed a back handed jab, his saber slide through the master's chest. He ripped the blade out. The Jedi Master's facial expression was of agony, he let out his last breath, "...Run..." Jain's eyes lit up, tears formed again but then her jaw clenched. "Master no!" She sounded rather angry, she was only 13 but was the most skilled of all the padawans. She jumped up from where she was, and lunged at Sae'hal, the force actually forced him to recoil. "You will not kill any more, Sith!" She was angry, it was obvious by now, "You won't be killing anyone today..Young Jedi" Sae'hal crossed blades with her after her lunge, he pushed forward against her. Their blades hissed and clashed. "I killed your own." She hissed, "and you will die to." Sae'hal's teeth clenched, he pushed forward at her, he knocked his left armored elbow at her, striking her in the face, she recoiled.

Mira sat in the corner, watching the red and purple sabers whirling around. She didn't make a peep, 'Come on Jain' she thought to herself. But then suddenly, Jain fell to her knees, her saber fell out of her hand and rolled towards the bed. 'Run Mira' her last telepathy attempt directed towards the young Togruta. Mira heard it, she nodded and crawled out from the bed and darted for the door. She didn't use the force, she wasn't that skilled. She kept her eyes off of her master, but Sae'hal was too quick, he moved for the door. Blocking her way, he said, "You aren't leaving. Not alive." The young 8 year old girl began walking backwards. "No, please.." she whispered, her lekku began to flutter and shiver like worms. Sae'hal began to pace, just watching her back up. He holstered his hilt to his belt. Mira stood there shivering, she couldn't get a word out. Sae'hal moved forward and flicked his hand out towards the Jedi Master's cortosis sword. The sword slowly came forth to his hand. He took up a Juyo form, "May the with you.." He charged forward towards her..and with a blur ... Darkness faded.

Sae'hal walked out of the tent, blood sprayed over his plated and ancestral marauder armor. He dropped the Jedi Master's Cortosis sword on the ground. "Not horribly made." he glanced down at it for the moment before looking at the sun coming up. On his left peck, a small hand smeared down the plate ... He now bared another mark, a larger ... bloody hand mark ran along his right eye.

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