Dina'aswan (often referred to as "Dina the Trespasser") is a Lethan Twi'lek born and raised on Ryloth. Having lost both forearms to a Lylek as a teenager, she was fitted with cybernetic arms which she usually keeps covered with synthetic skin. She completed her training as a dancer and professional companion and was sold to the crew of the spaceliner Star of Corellia, which unfortunately was disabled in an asteroid field and had to be junked.


Dina was part of the crew on the deep space salvage cruiser Tontin, but when most of the crew died during a shipwide systems malfunction, Dina was the last survivor as it slowly drifted from system to system and eventually got towed and moored at Black Gazza.

She sold "her" junked ship, which gave her enough money to get settled in, and since her only professional skills were bodywork and related services, she took a job in Medical until such time as she can earn enough money to buy another ship. Working in Medical gave Song plenty of experience with Outer Rim races, as well as with cybernetic implants and light interrogation techniques. When Black Gazza came under new management, her services at the orbiting prison fell to budget cutbacks and she found herself under increased scrutiny with regard to trafficking slaves in and out of the Core. She moved her operations back toward the more populous trade routes, but still visits Black Gazza from time to time.

Dina'aswan the Cantina Girl


Dina'aswan is the professional Companion onboard the colony ship Harkenen 8. She had originally intended to only stay long enough to repair the Ursa, a slave carrier she salvaged from an asteroid field. However, she became attached to the crew and signed on for a permanent position.

Now she serves as the crew liason, scouting new worlds in advance and discovering as much information as possible before bringing the crew down and helping them accomplish their mission there. Her refurbished slave ship also serves as a shuttle and portable headquarters, taking the crew to and from orbit and providing all the amenities of home while away.

Eventually the Harkenen drifter colony had to be abandoned, when some of the salvage being transported was found to have been contaminated with a spaceborne fungus that quickly infested the ship's closed compartments and maintenance spaces, as which time Captain Song looted the station and departed in the Ursa.

The Ursa, docked at the Harkenen 8 Drifter Colony


Song made a living recovering salvaged goods from the Outer Rim systems and delivering them to the Core, occasionally supplementing her income transporting small quantities of slaves and drugs. As her business dealings brought her more often to Hutt Space, she found herself spending enough time on Tatooine that it became profitable to place herself in the employ of Gilbar the Hutt, working at his Palace as an entertainer and all-around delightful creature.

After Gilbar's departure from Tatooine, Song connected with the Arcadian Collective and made herself useful transporting goods and personnel in the Ursa, all the while continuing to make repairs and improvements to it. She is now employed as a full-time privateer.

Dina'aswan on the bridge of the Ursa.

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