Diric Fordox is a Human male Jedi from Talus currently serving as a Jedi Guardian of the Galactic Jedi Order (GJO). He was trained under the elected Grandmaster of the GJO Xzhar Seatreader and is honorably serving on the High Council.

Biography Edit

Born to a Farming family on Talus Diric led a simple life raising crops to be shipped off world. In his adolescence his family came under attack by bandits stealing their supplies. Diric, desperate to catch the escaping Raiders, unlocked his abilities to use the Force he didn't know he had and was able to reach out and grab the speeder under one of the bandits and stopped it in mid-air.

After this his Parents help convince Diric that he should be trained. Given his dislike of urban cities they searched until they settled on a quiet enclave on the planet of Fenel under the Grandmaster Xzhar Seatreader.