Master Don GatonEdit

Master Don Gaton is a human male SWRP character, a DJE Master and a former NOJ Elder.

Basic InformationEdit

SL Name: Gaton McDonnell
Jedi Name (if different): Don Gaton
Jedi Path/Specialization: Consular / Elementalist
Lightsaber Color: Green
Character Age: 50+
Character Race: Human
Character Home Planet: Naboo
Trained Under: Sir Yen Iuga and Master Kerman Boa
Padawan(s) Presently in training:
Padawan(s) Trained (overall):
Padawan(s) Trained to KNIGHTHOOD:Argynis Criss, Caronte Blanco, Pred Pall, Spec Bailey, Anala Sorbet, Light Sabre, Sable, Nuala, Zero Dragone

SW Cannon Character(s) you model your own character after: Ferus Olin

RL Home Country: Chile
RL Time (SL +/-) (GMT-4) (SL + 3)
RL Fluent Languages: Spanish, English

Background InformationEdit

Character History past:

Don was born and raised in Theed, Naboo. Besides knowing that his family arrived to Naboo after the destruction of Alderan, he didnt knew much about the family history, and that was very intriguing to him. When it came to the Force, he always felt it, but didnt know what it was. His family always tried to hide the fact that he was a force sensitive, and never told him much of the family history, but in a trip to coruscant, he find out that he was a long descendent of an old padawan called Ferus Olin. He was very entusiatic about having a jedi past in his family, even in those ancient times. But then, he start to find out about this anscenstre, and learn that he never completed his training, and also learn about some rumors that he had crussed to the dark side. With this things in his mind, he decided to leave Theed and find the New Order of Jedi, to complete there the training that one day, long time ago, his ancenstre left behind, and to learn the ways of the force, and never fall into the dark side.

Padawan Don GatonEdit

Padawan Don Gaton

Padawan Don on the Nexus

He was interview by Master Zoffa Morico, and welcomed to the order, he took some time to find the right mentor for him, till he foud Sir Yen Iuga. When he was a padawan III sir Yen had to leave in a trip, there were some trips before, but never that long, in this days Don Gaton trained himself in meditation and spended a long time inside the library studing. During those days, he found out evidence that his ancester, Ferus, worked for the empire, this was a hard thing to face for the young padawan, specialy without his master. This were dark days for him, walking a fine line close to the dark side. The tomb of Exar Kun presented an strong atraction for him, and he faced his own demons there. But after a long time, Sir Yen came back for a few days and let him in the hands of Sir Kerman Boa, and thats how Gaton started his second half of training with Master Kerman.

Jedi Knight Don GatonEdit

The new Don Gaton

Don Gaton trained with master Kerman and become his first padawan to be knighted. It was a lovely day an a total surprise for Gaton, the presence of 10 jedi Masters in the room made things even more amazing for the young knight. Shortly after the ceremony Kerman Boa was granted the rank of Master. Don inmediatly start training padawans, he found his calling in teaching others and giving lessons to the new arrivals, it was soon after his ceremony that he joined the academy committe, where he would work for most of his life.

Jedi SpecializationEdit

Gaton is a Jedi Consular a Jedi Sage, a diplomatic and a force student, known for spending most of his time on the library, even to spend full nights and sleep there. He decieded to folow his first master steps, and become an elementalist. Master Dark Ida was an Elementalist, and his padawan Yen Iuga (Gaton's master) was it too. He was given the special honor to become an Elementalist during his knighthood period. As an elementalist Gaton likes to spend long hours on meditation focusing specialy on the elements around him, feeling the force flowing back and fowards from them.

Master Don GatonEdit

Gaton Mastered 9-15-2008

Master Ceremony

A meeting was called on Ruusan old Nexus, where Sir Gaton was called and recieved his title of master. He was very honored by this, understanding the responsibility of his new title.

"I am not accepting this title for myself, I do not care about a title, but I accept it with honor, because I think I can do more help as a master, I accepted for the ones that feel that they don't have a voice, I accept it for all of those who feels represented by me, for them, for the Order, I thank you all"

— Don Gaton

Council WorkEdit

He was part of the council, and Head Master of the Academy at Ruusan, where he had work always trying to represent the voice of those who didnt felt representated by the Council. Master Gaton eventualy became an NOJ Elder and steped down from the Council.

Dantooine Jedi OrderEdit

After becoming a NOJ Elder, he went to Dantooine, looking for the ruins of the ancient enclave. Not long after that, a small group of Jedi joined him and soon he realized that he needed to dedicate his entire time to Dantooine.

This is how he left NOJ and fully dedicated to the dantooine people. He was blessed by the company of other Jedi and soon the old dantooine enclave was rebuilded.

Dantooine had a new light and a new era had started, the Dantooine Jedi Order was born, a place for diferent cultures to meet and learn under the guidence of the Force. A place where everyone has a voice.

The DJE grew strong and became a beacon of light that even today keeps on shining.


Argynis Cris

Argynis was a former sith, and this was a hard task for Sir Gaton, they had plenty of troubles becouse of her past Time passed and padawan Argynis became more balanced, she was ready for her trials. She passed them and became Sir Gaton's first padawan to get knighted. She was later removed from the order.

Esmeralda Philbin

Gaton had meet Esmeralda on the Yavin's library, she came from Apatros, a place where the young Gaton used to go on his padawan times. After the disparition of Apatros, Esmeralda had to leave and search for her family.

Darrick Argus (Destroyer Argus)

A smart young man, and brave pilot that had to leave his training and get back to Bellassa, in the Outer Rim.

Light Sabre

After Lady Argynis knighthood he took some time, but after a talk with master Zoffa to finish the training of a padawan called Light Sabre, he used to be Master Dark Ida's padawan, but he is now part of the Force, Gaton finished his training, and now he is a NOJ Knight.

Pred Pall

A former Sith aprendice that used to walk around Ruusan's streets, once again Don Gaton saw himself on the position to help a troubled sith, he helped him to turn to the light side, and trained him into knighthood. He became a true jedi and friend to Master Gaton.

Caronte Blanco

Caronte was Master Kerman Boa padawan, but when he had to leave the planet, Don assumed Caronte's training. Master Kerman arrived in time for the ceremony, being a very special day for them.

Gabriele Graves

A young hopeful called Gaton's attention, her name is Gabriele Graves, he learn to know her and decied to take her as his padawan. When she was a Padawan II, she got called away back to her planet. She had to left training and focus on her family.

Anala Morico (Sorbet)

The fomerly know Lady Furia, became a great jedi under the training of Don Gaton, she has found her family, past and future on NOJ, and haves a very strong conection with her former master, in fact she is is training Don's son Duc Gaton.

Spec Bailey

Don steped into her training, helping her finish the last stage of training, she has become a great help for him, specially on administrative work.

Arran Nexen

A former war general, that tried to left his ways to join the NOJ and become a Sentinel Jedi, but the Force had diferents plans for him, he went back to the army.

Exarn Abaddon (Exarnious Landar)

He came to ruusan from tattoine, not sure of why, but he quicly conected with Master Gaton and started their training.


A Knight with a very strong sense of empathy. She is following her master steps, both on the Consular and the Elementalist path. She has a very strong bond with Don, and he has alot of faith on her.

Nuala Silverlance (Nuala Silvercloud)

A 16 years old Kiffar that found a home on Ruusan, she became Don's padawans, and stayed under his wing. She is now a knight of the NOJ.

Zero Dragone

Once again Don Gaton found a very promissing young man and he trained him into a Knight, he started his training as a NOJ, but after leaving that order, Don finished his training on Dantooine, making him part of the first generation of DJE knights.

Private LifeEdit

When he was a young knight back on Yavin, he meet a civilian force sensitive by the name of Kris Bachem they started a relationship, but things end up soon between the both. Time passed and they meet again, things move up really fast and he took her as his wife. She was know as Kris Gaton and she is a padawan under Lady Argynis. They decied to took an orphan kid that was on ruusan as their own son, his name is Duc Gaton. Time moved on, and their life took diferents roads, last thing he has heard she turned to the dark side, Don stayed with his son on Ruusan, where he joined the Rangers.

Don and Eds wedding

After several years, he joined in matrimony to Lady Eds, a knight of his Order. It was a beautiful small ceremony, currently he is enjoying the life of a married man working side by side with her in the academy committe of the NOJ.

Personal EffectsEdit

His saber is called "Veritas" made with parts of his old training saber, this saber has been with him for a long time, and the orange color on his hilt its in honor to his family. Green blade as the proud Consular he is.

His signature sunglasses are always on, since he got them back on Naboo rarely take them off. They were his father glasses, after missing his mother funeral, and losing his father at an early age, he keeps them as the last memory of his past life. They also cover his synthetic right eye from bright lights.

Don can be seen with his shoulder armour, this armour saved his life several times on battle, and on the inside of it, he has carved the name of all his students, remembering that their life will always come before his own.