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Donney know little of his past. His memory is a blur. His mother was human. That he is sure about. But is father, his name is unknown.

He was able to move things with his mind, and also Sense people.

He ended up in Mos Eisley, Where he appeared to be around 8 years of age, There he was trained by a Sith, Who was and said, his grandfather. He taught Donney many a great Evil things, And Donney could easily Use Lighting to his will. He Vowed never to again use the dark side, And purged himself of all ill thoughts. He traveled to Yavin where he wants to study the Path of Light.

He Is now in the New Order of Jedi, And was a Padawan under Master Morico. After He Finished his training, He was Promoted to Knight, and then to Master.

He Left society for a long time. He spent many years Meditating on an unknown planet that did not appear in the Jedi archives. He found a Crystal Cave, Filled With Beautiful and rare Crystals. He spent a lot of time here studying these crystals as he studied himself.

He returned to civilization, And is now a Master at the Kalway Order of Jedi.

Early life Edit

Childhood Edit

Adolescence Edit

At some point in his early history, Donney traveled to Malachor V to learn the ways of the Sith. The Underlord initially sent him on a task to learn something from the Jedi as a backdrop for a later lesson. However, Donney preferred the teachings of the Jedi and never returned to the barren expanse of Malachor.

Apprenticeship Edit

Donney was taken as a Padawan in NOJ by Council Master Morico. There he studied hard and devoted every waking moment to studying all aspects of the force

Knighthood Edit

He was Knighted in NOJ and later Mastered

Personality and Traits Edit

Donney has a few natural abilities that he inherits form his racial attributes. He Reads a great deal, and can be found close to an archive or in deep meditation, reflecting on what he has learned and focusing on the force to guide him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Master Rank Force Powers, Plus a Wide array of other powers through his study as a Force Master.

Light saber Training Edit

He has learned many forms of Saber Combat. He Mainly uses the Ataru form and Also Jai'Kar. He is a fair Duelist, And is always willing to train and share knowledge with people.

Force Abilities Edit

He has trained hard and has learned to use the force in a sheer amount of ways. These teachings has shown him how to imbue items and people with the Force, Leap to great heights and speeds, And a many great deal more.

Equipment Edit

Jedi Grapple hook Sparky-R2 Unit

Apparel Edit

Jedi Master Robes Jedi Equipment Belt Soft Leather Boots

Light sabers Edit

He carries Two light sabers, One has a Solari fragment, And the Other is one of his own creation, Imbuing the Properties of a Ruusan Crystal and a Kasha Crystal. On Special occasions he will use Two Rare crystals that remain undisclosed to all but a few. He is known as a good creator of Light sabers, Each has its own unique design. He has, over the years, learned to build many things and he enjoys learning about new technologies.

Apprentice Saber Edit

Star ships Edit

He Is currently Using a V-Wing for day to day Flight, but has a great deal of other ships in his fleet.

Accomplishments Edit

Rank: Master

Class: Consular - Force Master