Dr. Elishia Crowley is a Combat Medic with the Tetan Empire, despite being a Combat Medic, Crowley carries no weapons and is a self-proclaimed pacifist and peace activist. Crowley is also a Trauma Surgeon with the Galactic Doctors Without Borders. She has lead GDWB missions to Mos Espa, and Tython, following the boming of the city there.

Dr. Crowley was targeted for assassination after insulting Imperious leader Sihivus Verne while tending to an injured Imperious member, Plars Gynt. Gynt and Verne were injured during a shootout between Imperious, Black Dawn Syndicate, Jiramma Clan forces and Republic security on Tython.

Dr. Crowley was the first to discover and study the life-cycles of Kowakian Blood Lice, and the document the effects of Loki's Pleasure on users.

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