Early LifeEdit

Born to a pair of explorers while on an expedition to Rhen Var, Drake was taught early on in the trade of Exploration.

Draken and Olexia Tylo were well-known archeologists and explorers who studied ancient artifacts and also mapped hyperspace routes.

Death in the FamilyEdit

When Drake was 19, his parents were killed mysteriously during a dig on Korriban. He still attempts to look into this case when he has the time.


Drake Tylo while in the Imperial 501st

501st Legion, Empire, CoruscantEdit

3 years after his parents' deaths, Tylo decided to join the Empire in order to keep credits coming in to fund his expeditions. Right after enlistment, he was stationed within the 501st, located on Coruscant.

Little did he know, was that during this time, the force was calling to Drake, awakening a sensitivity that had been long dormant in his family since the Clone Wars. Before long, not much after receiving a promotion to Private E-1, Drake began to experience a low level of sensitivity, where he was able to feel the aura of force users, causing him to get chronic dizzy spells. Vilan Narrth had used an old method of pushing him to the edge in order to test his sensitivity, which was interrupted by the Empress, Naja Fel.

Drake Tylo, Imperial Knight InitiateEdit

As an Imperial Knight Initiate, Tylo has witnessed a number of events, including some that he wasn't too keen with.

Eventually, Drake would go on to become the newly annointed Emperor Christopher Fel's researcher, looking for ways to decellerate aging, and finding the missing components of the Jedi of the past.

Unfortunately, Drake had tested the first rendition of his age-defying serum, causing his hair to prematurely age. Acting quickly, he administered an anti-serum, and duelly dyed his hair completely gray in order to have one uniform hair color.


Drake Tylo's new look

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "It seems to be our lot in life as heroes to stick our noses into that which is not our business."
  • "To use the force is to take the responsibility for the outcome."