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Dromund Kaas is a planet of the Star Wars Universe.

On Second Life, two sims placed their actions on Dromund Kaas.

Dromund Kaas (Dark Lords of the Sith) Edit

Main article: Dromund Kaas (DLotS)
Main article: Dromund Kaas, The Dark Planet

Centered on the Dark Force Temple and surrounded by swamps. Former homeworld of the Dark Lords of the Sith. It was later abandoned for Byss, then reoccupied as the Sith Emperor secret laboratory.

Dromund Kaas (Massassi) Edit

Main article: Dromund Kaas (Massassi)
Main article: Dromund Kaas (DMS)

Former sim having featured a Massassi temple. Homeworld of the Massassi Order and the Cult of Ragnos.


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