This Dxun is the 4th Dxun Sim opened in SL. And from players that play on the sim has stated it as the best Dxun sim that has ever been created in all of SL. The Sim has several things to see and explore, two of wich are not open to the Public and are listed below. The sim was made by a great team of Builders who is also listed below as well as the Clans that occupy the sim.

Clans on DxunEdit

  • Dha'oya'karir - Camp is located on the NW corner of the sim.
  • Fett Clan - Base is located to the South of the Sim.
  • Soccaras Clan - Base is located to the west merged with the Cantina Ruins.
  • Juraki Clan - Base located near the Waterfall.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Mandalorian Camps and Bases - few are open to rent for other clans.
  • Freedon Nadd's Tomb - Not open to the Public Yet. but it will be explorable inside and Out.
  • Dxun Jungle - Not open to the Public Yet, but it has Rentable Bases and bunkers as well as a severe amount of NPC Monsters that do attack you.
  • The 100 meter tall Dxun Waterfall
  • Force Cave - Now it is said that only force users can find this cave, and ICly it is true. But if you look hard enough you will find it!

Build TeamEdit

Now this Build Team stayed up from anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a day to bring you this well built great Mandalorian sim.

Koluo Resident - The brains of the operation, she managed the build, built alot of the sim as well had planned everything out before the construction begun.

Mantis Grebe - The Sculpty man, most of the Sculpties seen on the sim are from this man,

Tyro Dreamscape - The weather man, this is the person behind the lightning & thunder and pouring down rain and muggy dark weather seen and heard on the sim, as well he provided the TPers seen through the sim.

Blade Reluin - The NPC Man, He is the creator of the Mist and fog effects and some sounds as well as the NPC's scattered through the sim.

Ellisa01 Turbo - The Hard ass, She is the creator of the Dha'oya'karir Camp, (The only Mando CAMP) on the sim as well as the inside of Freedon Nadd's Tomb and the Force Cave as well she helped build the Quest system on the sim.

OOC InfoEdit

This is the 4th Dxun sim built. Past 3 have closed due to unknown reasons. The Current Dxun sim is recordered as the best built Dxun sim to date in SL-SWRP by several players and guest of the sim. It includes all the key features of Dxun that makes it famous and fun to play on and explore.

IC InfoEdit

Jarell, Alor ofr Dha'oya'karir sat on Kerest thinking. he came to the conclusion, to be a good Alor he would need to face his demons. He must return home to Dxun, the place where hus Parents were murdered. He went and Spoke with Fett Alor, Cuyan Naast. The Fett clan agreed to join Dha'oya on the journey to Dxun. Upon arrival they had found an old Mandalorian Compound. the Fetts and Dha'oya agreed they can bring back the Mandalorians to Dxun. The mandalorians worked on the old camp tore down walls and re-built and made the sight into several compounds for Mandalorians to come and use as thier own.