The First Season of the ESCAPE movie is made with fives episodes.

This first part is the backstory of the shuttle crash and survivors. Revealing information on each of them, and more on the Imperials. Through the course of the movie, the planet will "move" as Hypt does in the last episode of the series. Some of the survivors will also be rescued and some will remain because of this movement. Also connections of the characters and their role in the over all story will be hinted at. This movement isn't random, so whatever happens, it's all connected.

Episodes Edit

1.1 Arrival Part OneEdit

Lyder and Graziak wake up in the ocean and try to find help. Flashback: Lyder & Graziak

1.2 Arrival Part TwoEdit

Lyder and Graziak split up and Hypt brings Lyder to the temple where he tells the imperials about how he got there. Flashback: Lyder

1.3 The TraceEdit

Hypt Goes out to look for Graziak before he finds their secret. Flashback: Hypt

1.4 The TruthEdit

Orad wants to see Lyder but is turned down. And Hypt promises Lyder a way home. Flashback: Orad

1.5 RecruitEdit

Hypt has lied to Lyder about going home, and enroles him into the imperial faction. Flashback: Lyder

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