ESCAPE PART ONE takes place from Day 1 of the crash & series. It follows the same style as the series with flashbacks & mystery. Following the main characters from the crash itself, more of the plot will be revlealed & will end on a cliffhanger much like the episode Code 14-90.

Confirmed Parts Cast Are:

Ophela Norris – Female – Lyder’s Mother – Small Role In Part One
James Harrison Norris – Male – Lyder’s Father – Recurring Role in Part One, but smallYoung Lyder – Male, Child – Lyder Norris – Small Role in Part One

Ian Jacob – Male – Survivor – Recurring
Gary Tomlin – Male – Survivor – Recurring, importantFuture Lyder Norris – Male, Adult – Small in Part One, but major in Part Two (TheDoctor Waffle)

Liam Taylor - Male – Major Part (John Hutch)Jessica & Mark Parkings – Male, Child & Female, Adult – Mother and Son – Recurring & Important
James Swan – Male - Recurring
Graziak Kloon – Male – Small Role Harry & Lydia Smith – Male & Female Adult – Major in Part One

The General – Male – Major in Part One & Two (Otty Ling) Hypt – Male – Major In Part One & Two (Ziggy London) Hoth General – Male – Small Role in Part One

Imperial Troopers – at least 10 – Various Roles through out trilogy
Background Survivors – at least 5 – various Roles through out crash & beach scenes
Orad Kloon – Male – Recurring Role, big in Part Two
Mysterious Man – Male – Major Role in ALL movies (Aruni Ling) Havel Norris – Female – Recurring throughout the trilogy
Malaki – Male – Rebel Spy – Small role (Xoza Tyron)

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