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Eclipse is a planet in the Deep Core and is home to Jen'ari Empire, home of the Sith Order Jen'ari, the Galactic Imperials (Empire), the Jen'ari Sith Imperial Military, and the Ancient order of the Dark Jedi. The planet is a exact replica twin of Dromund Kaas with it's dark lush swampy jungles and never ending rain and thunder storms.

Background StoryEdit

Darth Marell moved his Sith Order that we now know as the Jen'ari to Eclipse after They abandoned the planet Ord Mantell and built Jen City. But when Vyrassu, Marell's apprentice, destroyed Jen City in a fight with Marell, Vyrassu re-formed the Jen'ari and had Jen City re-built and renamed it Eclipse City.

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