The Elders of Ashla are an ancient group of "light-sided" Force users.

Group DescriptionEdit

  • The Elders of Ashla are a rather spiritual group with traditions that focus on personal Internal development and the attainment of a deep insight into the true nature of Ashla.
  • The Elders of Ashla teach that all life is interconnected, so understanding such is the key to enlightenment.
  • The Elders of Ashla believe that nothing is fixed or permanent - change is always possible
  • The Elders of Ashla are a rather reclusive group that are concerned more with internal struggles of the individual than the troubles of the external worlds.
  • The Elders of Ashla focus on aspects of the self. They practice techniques such as Meditation to a high degree as they believe it is vital for enlightenment.

They have great distinctiveness in there order system consisting of only two ranks:

  • Ashla Arahant (Teacher)
  • Ashla Savaka (Student)
  • Ashla Sincere (True Ashla Friend)
  • Ashla Noble (Ashla Force User who has proven themselves through honour and dedication by serving the "light-side" with good deeds.)

Group BiographyEdit

The Elders studied the force exclusively for many millenniums, gathering knowledge and artifacts, while keeping their teachings and actions hidden from the galaxy. They're tending to avoid open confrontation and battle, although there are rumours that their combat skills are only exceeded by their abilities to control and use the force. Elders of Ashla are a rather controversial light side sect, they hold similar beliefs to many main stream Jedi orders, yet there interpretations of certain beliefs differ greatly.


The Group was based on Taris and Endor where their Monastery is located, a base to Force Users who follow the ways of the Light Side. They follow their own interpretation of light side teachings of the Force and safe guard themselves with Knowledge and Understanding.

Notable membersEdit

"A new beginning for the light, with heroes rising to justify the dark. A legend begins..."

— Saviour who redeems another saviour from a disastrous fate ...who sheds hope

"Very well then, I shall accompany you when I do find the time, it is quite rare these days i do not find myself busy in some respect, but we shall work together as a team a family"

— Drake

OOC informationEdit

We are Fans of Star Wars and Epic Role Players, we have contributed to the SWRP Community in an outstanding way over the last years. Over a slow period of time we are looking for good people who can tell an Exquisite Story to the enriched Universe of Star Wars.


  • Peter820 Little (Creator)
  • Lucas Atlantis (Creator)
  • Daria Blackadder (Creator)

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