Elixa Manifesta was a diary log created by the Arkanian Master Scholar and Scientist Jacob Thorn. It covers the notion that Arden was not actually the fourth planet in the Bakura system but there was another one that naturally was hidden by an optical illusion from gases in the area that reflect light making it impossible to see anything behind them. It ends up looking like there is only space there. The gases were believed to be very harmful so no one ventured the area. The planet Jacob Thorn had described as having what looked like at first a primitive tribal society but when he had earned their trust they revealed great technology, knowledge and understanding. The planet was known as Bakura 4. The main focus of the Elixa Manifesta pages was the story the people of Bakura IV told concerning a great vanishing Miraluka Temple called the Temple of Torr. The word "Elixa" means "Venture", "Adventure" or "Explore" while "Manifesta" roughly meant a "book", "charter" or "manifest". Elixa Manifesta meant the Charter of Exploration.

Contents Edit

These are the diaries of Jacob Thorn, Master Scholar

There is a great legend in circulation of late that there is an ancient temple of great knowledge and rare invention. However through my travels along the planets in the galaxy I have yet to find much evidence that such a place existed. I have seen and read much history in my times but never have I come across such a great discovery and adventure as the this temple. The most information I have been able to gather about this eluding mystery was on a lost planet called Bakura IV. This planet held a great society who at first appeared to me to be primitive however when I had earned their respect to my amazement they reveal great truths and understanding to me. Even to this day their understanding of the galaxy still escapes my conscious. I don't believe I have ever met such a species throughout the galaxy. One of the things that was most interesting and stood out about them had to do with something about co lours. As I spent many days with this species they trusted me enough to reveal an old story about a marvelous temple that only appeared to Miraluka with the mention of a series of special spoken words. They also explained that this temple tended to appear in more then one place or moved around on it's own and that a Miraluka's sight would only be able to see it through the force. I must admit that I both doubted the tale and was afraid of it. It was almost as if the temple had a presences of it's own. They said it was called the "Temple of Torr." The community of these people continued to tell me the tale over many days. I was intrigued and found it hard to sleep and keep my mind from wondering around frantic over the subject. They told me that they believed that it was originally created by the Miraluka species to experiment with the force and to hold all kinds of rare items. The knowledge that was submerged in the walls of the temple was believed to be beyond anything imaginable. The wise people of Bakura IV made sure to make me aware of also how very dangerous these things could be if not fully understand. I must admit also that I was beginning to surcome to the thirst of the mystery. I became an insomniac. I found myself on edge and arguing that I should be allowed the full knowledge about the temple. Before they decided that it would be best to send me along my way they at least let me know one last thing. They said that it could have been something in the temple that originally started the gene defect in the Miraluka's sight for them to be born without it. A great curse for something that controlled the force in ways that were still out of their reach. As I looked back at the planet from the ship, I felt something I could not explain. I continued my research on the subject to all ends of the galaxy as I slowly grew in age. The mystery ever so haunting me. I was unable to even pick out tiny scraps of the story and finally gave in. I lost control of my mind and had to return to that beautiful planet one final time. It took a long journey to return with a number of detours along the way. However when we had reached the region to my amazement there was no longer a planet. For weeks we examined our navigation and equipment searching for any problems or abnormalities. Nothing. Our equipment was fully operational and in near perfect condition. It was the planet that was lost and abnormal. The planets in the surrounding region had never heard of such a planet. It is odd how one planet in the middle of a space could not only disappear from existence but also from knowledge. The madness from these experience is with me even to these final days of my life winding away like mechanics. The only reference that I have seen in these final days to the Temple of Torr had been that one version or area it could be found was a popular planet in jedi and sith history. Lands often torn between light and dark side energies. I'm sure if the Miraluka were around these centuries that they would correct you that it is not the force between to energies but the emotions that are created which make up two kinds of energy. That is to my understanding and I'm afraid that is as much as I will take to my grave.

I wish you all well in your travels Scholars of curiosity, Master Scholar, Jacob Thorn

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