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The Eternity Fleet is a fleet of over 90 Ships ranging from frigates to capital ships that is run by the Kalway Order of Jedi Knight and Admiral Xzhar SeaTreader. Its purpose is to protect the innocent and help those in need. Its standard operations are mostly relief efforts and security enforcement. They can also extend to heavy military reinforcement, but it does not happen as often. The fleet's First Officer Maxx Oddson has the ability to take full control of the fleet and all of its operations should the Admiral Xzhar SeaTreader become incapacitated.


The fleet is divided into multiple divisions and subdivisions to promote order and efficiency.

Main FleetEdit

The main fleet is comprised of over 90 ships and handles all related duties. These are comprised of ship-to-ship warfare and extend to shipping supplies to planets in need of them. The ships range from frigates to capital ships and were constructed by a variety of different shipyards. They were purchased and even in some cases recovered by Admiral SeaTreader himself. He paid all costs to have them refitted and repaired from his own personal funds, most of which are dedicated only to the fleet and its ongoing operations.


The EAF is the main Infantry and Armor Corps of the fleet. It handles any and all ground operations and engagements that the fleet is involved with. It is headed up by General Cygnus Vanusk, an ex-mercenary and a longtime friend of the Admiral. The EAF is comprised of everything you would expect in a military force in such a position, with everything from sniper teams to the heavy vehicles that reinforce the infantry during battle, such as armored off-road wheeled vehicles and heavilly armored tanks. The EAF also includes the fleet's intelligence department, which is headed up by another ex-mercenary Albireo Kizen.


The Air and Space Combat Enforcement Squadron ASCES pronounced 'Aces' is the fleet's primary air and space combat force. It is comprised mostly of fighter and bomber class ships, but does have a stealth wing for operations that require its presence to be less than known.

Current Operations and FacilitiesEdit

The fleet has ongoing operations in multiple sectors of the galaxy, ranging from relief efforts to security enforcement. It has facilities everywhere from 'deadspace to Planets.


The ICARUS Space Defense Platform is the fleet's main base of operations and is in a highly classified location somewhere in 'deadspace.' Its defenses include a specially assigned wing of ASCES veterans and multiple concealed high-powered heavy repeating blaster cannons. It houses offices for all divisions and subdivisions for the fleet and is fully equipped for tactical planning and operational coordination. A technology developed by the fleet's head scientist, Gracelyn Rose, allows the station to tactically coordinate battles while remaining in its classified location using a special subspace communication technology. All of the ICARUS's systems are powered by a special reactor technology called Energetically Dynamically Generated Energy or EDGE. This complex technology, also developed by the fleet's science departnent, allows the station to fuel itself nearly indefinately, with the requirement of a power core replacement every few millenia. It is well equppied for everything the fleet needs in any situation.


Kothlis is the primary planetary base of operations for the fleet. It is also where most EAF operations are launched from. It is a less known and nearly completely uninhabited world, with the main compound being located in a dense jungle on an island in the middle of the ocean. The base is surrounded by heavy anti-air defenses and has a heavy ion canon similar to the one used by the rebels during the Battle of Hoth concealed in an underground bunker for anti-ship defense. The base is powered by a powerful reactor hidden deep underground directly beneath the main structure. The Kothlis base is equipped fully for all needs of fleet personnel, complete with a tactical room, briefing room, conference room, bunking, medbay, armory, and offices for Admiral SeaTreader and General Cygnus Vanusk.


The planet Yavin is the site of the Jedi Academy of the Kalway Order of Jedi, the Order Admiral SeaTreader is a Knight of. The Eternity Fleet's presence on Yavin is mostly military, seeing as its Infantry and Armor Corps, the EAF currently serves as Yavin's main Security Force. The EAF's role is to maintain the peace, keep the moon safe for the Knights and Masters of the KOJ, and ensure a proper learning environment for the Jedi Padawans. The EAF regularly participates in training excercises with Jedi of the KOJ to practice the engagement and neutralization of Force Sensitive enemies, the main aggresor to appear on Yavin that the Security Force deals with. Most of the Force Sensitives tend to be from the various Sith Orders in the galaxy, such as the Obsidian Dominion and the Cult of Ragnos.

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