Pre-Birth Edit

Kayar Verus, a Vahla dark force user, started his life off as most other Vahla, in the dark side cult Ember of Vahl. His entire life was dedicated to his godess of destruction Vahl, and he loved every second of it. The power he was given by this cult was comparible to a Sith order, he grew powerful. In time however his coven was found out, due to the powerful collection he had amassed of holocrons and force artifacts, and they were attacked and nearly wiped out by vigilante Jedi. After this however, Kayar fled to Correllia, to the Nomad Mountains and became a hermit. Over time however, he became tired of lingering. Without much regret, he sold off what holocrons he had left and became extremely rich overnight, using the wealth to bully his way into political and economical power over the city of Doaba Guerful. It took about three years before he became mayor of the city, and owned the primary resort skyscraper, further increasing his wealth.

It wasn't until around 310 that he met a woman, Caadia Sool, a young, force sensitive air head who worked for Kayar as a hostess. Kayar took interest in her, but not for romance. He was sick, a horribly twisted man capable of hiding the corruption from his face. He tricked her into marriage, only to lock her away down in the secret basement of the tower, which he had constructed into a torture chamber, housing horrible things and artifacts he had once again started to collect. The things he did to Caadia broke her, over twenty years of nightly torture and pain. He made her suffer without any real reason, only because he felt like it. Around 330 however, she surprised Kayar with something he never wanted, a son. This son however, wasn't anything Kayar wanted, he was force sensitive but nowhere near enough to fulfill his plans for a successor, so he casted him away. This son would grow up to become Tytos Zepher. Three years later, after making Caadia suffer for her failure to birth a strong enough son, she gives birth to another. This one, however, pleases Kayar.

Early Life Edit

Upon being born, Kayar gave his son the name of Jesric, though the reasoning has been lost in time. Caadia ended up, however, preffering the more human name of Eugene. Eugene grew up hearing those names thrown back and forth, in time coming to take them both. As a child, Eugene was not treated well, for Kayar's plans had to be progressed. Kayar began putting Eugene through rigorous tests and trials at the age of five, the first thing he mad him do, was watch his mother die. Training sessions were hard and painful, usually ending when Eugene would collapse in tears, or collapse unconscious. Kayar never taught Eugene how to use the force, but instead, he gave him extensitve training with a lightsaber, namely Kayar's signature Light Pike. Over time, Kayar's plan seemed sure to succeed.

Quickly, it became evident that Eugene's nature as half Vahla, plus the level of strength the boy naturally had, were not enough, and so, Kayar took drastic measures. He bribed the first moral-free cybernetic surgeon he could find, and made him take the knife to Eugene. The work done to Eugene was extensive, every bone had to be reinforced due to his bones being in a state of half-bone half-cartilage due to his Vahlan DNA. Kayar forced the doctor to keep Eugene conscious for this surgery however, forcing his son to watch as his entire body was cut open and worked on, piece by piece. Eugene passed out by the time they were a quarter of the way done.

Kayar however, was short sighted and arrogant. Around 348, Kayar's tower was raided by a band of pirates, posing as Exchange thugs. Kayar was overwhelmed and murdered by these thugs, who stole out every last credit in the tower's entry level before vanishing off the planet. Eugene survived, however, having snuck out from the basement to be with the Zeltron friends he had made years prior. Eugene came home to smoke and ashes, and without any other choice, he was forced to bury what was left of his father, despite the hatred for him great. Despite being so young, Eugene was forced to leave his home. He raided his father's secret basement vault and took a sizable amount of credits, what was left of his father's light pike, as well as a single Sith Holocron, and fled the planet. His ventures took him to various planets, from Bespin to Utapau, from Tattooine to Coruscant

Despite being a child, Eugene was pretty lucky when it came to travelling alone. His first planet he escaped to was Bespin, being the first ship off Corellia available. Cloud City was nothing he expected, but his time there was very short. About seven hours after he arrived, a Mandalorian ambushed him, since he couldn't hide the pike from view and walked with it always in hand. He survived, but only by escaping, the Mandalorian also walking away without injury. After Bespin, he roamed to Utapau, spending a few months there. The Pau'an were nice to him, which showed him how wrong his father's xeno-phobic nature was. The Pau'an gave him food and shelter for his stay, the leader of the area enjoying any visitor that came his way. After leaving Utapau, he came to Tattooine, where he saw just how dark and seedy life was. He spent no longer then two days there before leaving, mid gunfight, to Coruscant.

The Jedi Order Edit

Upon arriving to Coruscant, Eugene, using the alias Connor Dalton, was alone and scared. He knew of the order there on the planet but was hesitant. He knew the darkness was strong over him, even if he never embraced it, it still was there, choking him. When he arrived to the temple, many questioned both his somewhat expensive apparel, as well as the pike he continues to hold. It took a few weeks for the council there to finally agree to allow him in. Eugene took a quick liking to the archives, spending any time he could there, reading of jedi past, as well as the history of his own planet.

Roughly four months passed with him learning very little of the force. At the behest of a fellow initiate, Eugene was forced to do something out of his comfort zone: Bug masters for lessons. This tactic however proved successful in two things, learning the force, and getting Eugene out of his shell. Eugene learned many things from all the masters and knights, including the basic meditation form, and sensory through the force. Rather quickly however, he progressed, almost too quickly. With ease EUgene cut through everything he was offered, learning many techniques and abilities that would take others months, and so the ultimate next step happened roughly a year after he came to the jedi. He was taken as a Padawan learner by Iridonian knight Kao Sazen

Under Kao, Eugene was changed, from the quiet, scared child, into the man he is now, learning many abilities, basic and advanced, like Tutaminis, telekinesis, and psychometry, showing a very strong affinity for all things telekinesis related. Under Kao, Eugene took part in many off planet operations, including missions to Tattooine, Adega, and to the lower city of Coruscant. He was knighted roughly four years after arriving, his advancement, despite desiring it to be slow, was fast. However times on Coruscant weren't what he sought. After he was knighted, he began to see just how he would be treated by his fellow knights. He was the kid, he was pushed out of all major affairs, even by a council master who chose to call him 'child.' Every major mission that came up, he was barred from, along with padawans and initiates. To the council, it seemed he never was knighted. Many issues would pop up for Eugene however, ranging from never being told of anything yet being frowned at for not being there, as well as being pushed into operations with the RSF that he in the end did not think were fitting of the Jedi Order. He left the planet, aboard the haphazardly thrown together light freighter Harsh Vigil, when the RSF decided to barricade a public medical facility with the Jedi's aid, yet was ignored when he asked why they did such a thing.

Home away from Home Edit

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The civilian registered vessel Harsh Vigil is a strange minced up model of various ship names, using Corellian, Sienar, and Kuati ship parts. Her previous owner was a man named Coralis Varn, a Black Sun sector boss and highly influential man. He had the ship custom made for him, requesting a ship that could outrun anything in hyperspace, but was small enough to be able to evade fire like a fighter. The end result is the Harsh Vigil, a ship smaller then a freighter but larger then a shuttle, with a hyperspace engine that could reach a rating of .5, outrunning nearly every stock Republic made hyperdrive. The ship was equipped with two turrets, one that was hidden in a jack-in-the-box compartment near the ramp, and a rotary turret on the top, as well as four micro-torpedo launchers on it's forked wing. Her shields were about average, nothing amazing, since an agile ship is shot less anyway. However, the ship Eugene bought was a much different ship then the one Varn had made. The Harsh Vigil was abandoned in orbit of Kessel, every system on her was locked out with heavy encryption, and most of her weapons were stripped. The Munn salvage team that found her, took her right to Coruscant and started trying to sell it, thinking it was some amazing piece of tech. Years passed however, with no one wanting this ship, not wanting a potentially hot ship after all. The price rapidly dropped with each denied sale, until it was about fifty thousand credits in price, which was the price Eugene bought it for. He went looking for a fighter, but the Munn salesman pushed the Vigil, and so Eugene took it at a good price.