A once great Jedi Knight from Uvena Prime, Bakura, and New Holstice, with the likes of Masters Mikori, Clu, Hoggil, Mass and more, Xolarin is now going down the path of the Dark Side on Byss. It would seem his fate was never clear...

Captured on Ossus by his once-master Darth Sar'Rai, Xolarin is taken to Byss not to be slain, but perhaps revived in the Dark Side. That would not be his final place, and he would eventually roam free, slaying a Jedi, and claiming a new name of Exertus.

Early History Edit

Coruscant and Corellia Edit

Xolarin was raised on Coruscant and Corellia by his parents, Zalos and Xorana. Zalos was once a trained Jedi Knight from the New Jedi Order long ago. When the order fell, his father decided to return to Coruscant and put down his lightsaber. Zalos then used his family's wealth to build a successful trading company based on both Coruscant and Corellia.


Xolarin's lightsaber

It was on Corellia that Zalos met his wife Xorana - they were wed and bore Xolarin. Zalos trained his son in the Jedi ways, having successfully trained several Jedi in his day. Xolarin quickly learned the ways of the Jedi, although he was less combative than his father. His parents both passed in a shipping accident in the outer rim, something Xolarin's strength in the Force helped him get through quickly. He even constructed his own lightsaber using a spare crystal his father had from an older weapon.


Xolarin as a Jedi

Xolarin still carries a good portion of his family's wealth, although it is mostly in holdings and such. The trading company was sold off upon Zalos' death so that Xolarin could live on his own path. After serving for local law enforcement groups in the inner planets, it was time to seek out other real Jedi and find his path in the Light again.

Coming Back to the Force Edit


Xolarin returns to Ossus

Xolarin arrived on Ossus, slipping past the Sith Empire patrols, in order to research where to go next. He briefly began investigating the Jedi efforts on Uvena Prime, only to give up hope and travel around the galaxy elsewhere...


Xolarin in Smuggler gear

Xolarin moves to Tatooine, hiding himself away in Mos Entha, in cantinas and such. He begins to run small smuggler/supply runs, although still unsure of where he wants to go. The light that surrounded him all these years slowly fades to darkness as he loses hope.

Finding his "true" path Edit


Xolarin in the Sith Archives as an Initiate

Now after a fateful shipment to the Sith homeworld of Byss, Xolarin finds his true path to being order to the galaxy. The Sith Empire has welcomed him and offered to train him. He relishes in the order and strength of the Sith - something he never would have imagined in the past. But it encompasses his being now, and he embraces this new camaraderie.


Xolarin meditating as Disciple

Xolarin was taken by Darth Aran, a great Sith Prophet, as his apprentice. It was an honor, as Lord Aran had discovered Xolarin's potential initially and welcomed him to the Sith ways. Xolarin learned much, from the basics of the Sith ways, to some Sith powers, to some of the key Sith worlds, and even a few saber tactics. He has also learned much from and has a great affinity with Lady Sar'Rai. And when it was announced the Darth Aran was leaving Byss and the Empire, Xolarin was glad to hear he would continue to work with her, possibly under Darth Karola (another Prophet).

Xolarin also received ocular implants in order to aid his eyes from the fiery planet of Byss. Initially not attuned to the heat and ash, in addition to wanting protections at other locations, he received implants from the lower levels of Coruscant for protection and visual aid. They can change in color just like his normal eyes depending on his attunement with the Force. For now, they stay green, although not quite as brilliant (more yellow hues).


Xolarin's Lava-crystal-powered Lightsaber


Xolarin's Lava-crystal-powered Lightsaber

The Sith Disciple was shown how to obtain a unique Lava crystal for his lightsaber, to replace the green crystal from his father. It was a strengthening experience, one he was glad to share with Lady Sar'Rai and proud to show Darth Aran.

The almost Sith Lord was asked to infiltrate a certain system when he decided to stay undercover and not return to his masters, now Darth Moi'Rai and Lady Sar'Rai. He disappeared from the empire and has been on the move since, trying to continue his studies of the Dark Side while not serving the over-powered empire.

Sith Lord Edit


Xolarin leaves the empire and finds a new master on Uvena Prime

Xolarin, after training for months under Darth Marcus on Uvena Prime, learning the ways of hatred and anger, impressing fear on the innocent, and honing his dark powers under the tutelage of the Dark Lord and a mysterious power, has proclaimed himself a Sith Lord at last. It is not out of arrogance or a need for titles, but merely a show of confidence in his own abilities.

In helping Darth Marcus, Xolarin learns much about powers such as Force Storm and inserting dark energies into the world around him, into the energies of the Force on the planet. While he played a minor role, he did contribute to the eventual winterization of the planet. It was the true mark of his eventual dark power.

One fateful day, Xolarin went out with two Tuk'ata beasts he had acquired from the same source as his climate control powers. Instead of encountering Jedi and Shistavanen, he came upon two soldiers. And instead of slipping through their fingers like he had done on numerous occasions before, he was somehow caught. He did cause quite a bit of harm to his opponents with lightning and storms, but they won out. Lord Xolarin did not consider this a failure due to arrogance, but an inevitability in the never-ending quest for power on this light-filled planet. Despite the plans of the Dark Lord Marcus, things could not always go their way.

Path of the Jedi Edit

Back to the Light Edit


Xolarin as a renewed Jedi on Uvena Prime

Xolarin gets sick of prison and breaks out. Only he wishes not to return to Darth Marcus or the Empire, but get to the Jedi. Prison is not for him, but looking at the path of Light once more, with hope from Masters Clu and Mikori. After a series of discussions, a couple battles, and aiding the villagers and orphans as best he can, the Jedi begin to trust him and his efforts to recover to the light. Only time will tell if he can be redeemed...

During his recovery stage, he still wore his under armor, but he put on a couple items of less... black, from his duffel bag. He did not have his all-weather cloak (but a fur cloak from the village), his vibrodagger, or lightsaber. His only possessions were a datapad and access to his family's wealth.

Eventually, Xolarin has come to realize he is ready to take the name of Jedi again. He has finally re-configured his lightsaber with his father's old crystal, cleared the lightsaber of any dark side aura, donned his father's old robes (alongside a new set of underarmor), and returned to the ways of the Jedi Knight.

Jedi Knight Reborn Edit

After fighting for many months on Uvena Prime alongside the Jedi, and then taking a mission to Fondor with the GLA, Xolarin took a trip to Ossus on his own (stowed aboard the ship of Master Clu) to meet [Causidicus]. There he met the ancient wise Jedi as well as an old master, Darth Nessa of Byss. His non-combative confrontation with her and his discussions with Causidicus both affirmed his own path in the Jedi Light.

It was not but a few weeks later that he was on his way to Nar Shaddaa with Sir Nikkat that the two Jedi caught the trail of a Republic Spy, only to learn that it was Lord Atrox of Byss. They fought and Atrox ended up at the bottom of the Undercity, mangled and lifeless - seemingly gone. This battle was the pinnacle of Xolarin's return to the Light. He now knows he is a Jedi Knight once more and will always be in the Light.


Xolarin and Nikkat battle Lord Atrox (source GNN)

Finally, after much effort, training, re-training, fighting for the good, and going back to his Jedi principles, Xolarin was recognized as a Jedi once more. In a ceremony on Uvena Prime, in front of some of his close friends, Master Mikori Lawson (re)Knighted Xolarin. Once again a Jedi Knight of the Republic and the Jedi Order.


Xolarin (re)Knighted in Dec 2012


Xolarin kneeling before Master Lawson

The Dark Side calls Edit

Xolarin continued to feel the Force and strive to become a better Jedi. But ultimately he would feel the call back to the dark side. It may be seen as unfortunate, but he learned his true place on Byss. Being capture by his former master, Darth Sar'Rai took him, tortured him (he lost an eye and his left hand), and put him in his place. Xolarin learned the true power of pain, and realized that control could be had this way.

Xolarin also went on to train on Byss and explore the galaxy. While exploring Korriban, he ran into an old Jedi Master, Richi Haven. There was a combat and Xolarin won, killing the Jedi outright. It was a glorious day for the Sith, and he began to take on his new name, Exertus.

After this, he took much time to focus on his path and his power, and eventually he would return to Byss to train and work for the empire, invigorated beyond the belief of many.


Data Records Edit

Older Support Team Edit

Not in communication with these folks as much anymore...

  • Drew Shillis (Corellian, Personal Family Pilot): Expert with fighters, light cruisers, and navigation
  • Trak Molinti (Human, Former GLA Marine Captain): Ground support, commands any other troopers in Xolarin's squadron
  • Jin-jah (Female Bothan, Informant): Information gatherer, scout, computer hacker

Attributes Edit

(See table at right for basics)

  • Dark side powers: Spark/shock, Lightning, Storm/Elements
  • Force Strengths: Concealment, Melee martial arts (with fierce Force slams), Defensive tactics (Forms 0 and 3, a bit of Form 5)
  • Weaknesses: Confrontational/Brash, Not good at front-line combat, better at Force slam/quake powers than lightsaber ((FFC only))
  • Parents: Sir Zalos (former Jedi Knight) and Ms. Xorana of Coruscant - both passed
  • Cybernetics: Ocular implants (color changes with emotional state), left hand and forearm
  • Equipment: All-weather cloak, under-armor, utility belt, hidden pouches, boots w/ vibrodagger, lightsaber, electro-synth bracer on left hand (controlling new fake hand replacement), eyepatch on left eye

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