The F-76J2 was a space superiority starfighter produced in 193ABY.


F76 2

The F-76J2 with engine nacelles extended

The F-76J2 was a starfighter specifically for Force-users. Armed with four laser cannons, most of its emphasis was on its two, large engines with minutely adjustable nacelles which electromagnetically directed thrust away from the center of mass for greater displacement. This afforded the fighter performance beyond what normal reflexes could cope with. Its controls were finicky and delicate, and the engines were especially vulnerable to enemy fire if the fighter's modest shields were overcome.



Corellian Engineering Corporation entertained a contract for starfighters from a small group of Jedi. With profits in mind, however, the company saw the Force-user angle as an opportunity to tap into a potential market for enthusiasts of Force-user culture in general.


The tentative experiment did not pan out as CEC had hoped, and it quietly retired the line after dismal initial sales.

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