F/LCK is a Lightsaber construction kit maintained by Furia Freeloader.

Current version v4.4. F/LCK users are automatically sent new updates as they become available.

This version is not open source (scripts are all new and no-mod). It is available at Furious Star Wars Avatars in Taris.

F/LCK Features Edit

  • Reconceptualized blade design uses sculpted prims. Sculpted prims allow for seamless textures and a more realistic form and blur.
  • No need for extra scripts for prims in the hand hilt! This vastly improves the saber design process for users of other LCK systems.
  • Realistic flickering saber glow - waves of energy travel the length of the blade. Blade length can also be adjusted from 0.3 to 2m length.
  • Saber deflection animation/sound/effect when shot with a physical bullet!
  • Custom draw and sheath animations and integrated hip/hand hilt system
  • Integrated adjustable lighting which changes color with saber color, and turns off when saber is off
  • Automatic detection of new lightsaber styles when added to saber!
  • INTEGRATED UPDATE SCRIPT will automatically send new versions of F/LCK to you as they become available.
  • Custom HUD system with automatic saber style detection, up to 10 styles, all new textures, and small footprint.
  • Backward compatible with all LCK animations/sounds.
  • Compatible with all combat systems used in the star wars community and many others as well. This includes the Orb Combat System, FCRS, RCS, and DCS2.

F/LCK updates Edit

Improvements in F/LCK v4.4 and v4.3 Edit

  • Blade length adjustment now an integrated feature, and can be controlled via the HUD or text command. Length can be adjusted from 0.3 to 2m with 1.2m being the default blade length.
  • HUD now supports triggering up to 10 Lightsaber Combat Styles (animation sets).
  • Fixed bug with colored prim gradient, blade also slimmed and additional gradient prims added.
  • Integrated support for the "Apprentice" style - blade automatically reverses grip when this style is selected (and returns when another style is chosen).
  • All scripts now recompiled in Mono for faster response and reduced lag.

Improvements in F/LCK v4.2 Edit

  • Windlight glow added to saber core. This is a subtle effect. Blade has been slimmed slightly as well to balance the glow effect.
  • Light radius is now adjustable from 0 to 20 meters in radius! Default is now 5m.
  • Style choice, blur preference, and light radius are all stored in "memory" so they will be retained even if the saber is detached.
  • Redesigned HUD with new "settings" sub-menu.

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