FCRS is a combat system developed by Cindy Kellner

Description Edit

What it is Edit

FCRS, Force Combat Roleplaying System was created as a result for the need of a good Roleplaying Combat System. For a year or so, the dominant CS on the market was plagued with greifers who, not needing to wear the system themselves could easily disrupt a roleplaying sim by shooting everybody with a "popgun". To top it off, everybody was forced to "purchase" this system. Roleplaying which is suppose to be a free and fun adventure was capitalizing on new people who were force to purchase this system that never updated and also never responded to the needs of it's customers. It was in this environment that a few close friends of Cindy Kellner suggested her to create a "Free" system that tackled the problems that this outdated system refused to tackle. Problems such as, somebody cheating and resetting their health during a Roleplay, greifers attacking and killing who had no business in the sim anyways, meters that people could actually see, etc.

A Dream was born! Edit

So Cindy Kellner started to create her own system, one that would be free to everybody and dealt with simple changes that the before mentioned system could have easily of done but didn't. We grew from a cult following to a culture. With each new update, she grew closer and closer to my dream of creating a Roleplaying system that had ranks earned without XP, but also responded and prevented Second Life "greifers" from ruining our fun. Durning the development, we got the attention of other Roleplaying groups outside of the Star Wars community. This is the reason this site is "Kellner Systems" instead of "FCRS". With the release of FCRS 1.2, She have the structure to be able to create different systems for other Roleplaying groups that are either compatible to FCRS or not. This website is also new, and will be updated. For now, you can click on the FCRS manual to learn how to use it.

Features Edit

Free Edit

FCRS was created to be free so people first entering into Second Life can get to know the roleplaying community before having to commit any money into it.

However, since the version 3.0 (April 2009) FCRS is now a paying system.

Ranks Edit

Create custom ranks for your group to add credibility to your training. The purpose of this was to reward those for good roleplaying practice as well as training others good roleplaying practices. Unlike other XP based systems, the ranks on FCRS are peer based. Groups must obtain a charter through the community run FCRS Senate.

However, since the version 3.0 (April 2009) Anyone can now buy a Group Kit sand make there own FCRS group and custom ranks with preset limits on stats ( Added By Madathlon Frostbite FCRS Admin )

Anti-greifer Edit

Second Life has a problem with greifers. People who come to your sims and disrupt normal roleplaying, usually through weapons that cage or orbit you. FCRS gives the victim a message that they are being greifed and is the first system in SL to do so. In addition, guns and other projectile weapons still work even when the sim owner prevents the ability to rez objects into the sim. Using non-collision based projectiles are also a first for FCRS.

Lanugages Edit

Speaking a different language in roleplaying is very important for the enhancement of Roleplaying. In the past, languages had to be purchased independently and became very, very expensive. FCRS includes 20+ languages free of charge in which the user has to "earn" the right to unlock them in an all inclusive package.

Force Powers Edit

Force Powers are included with FCRS with Lightside powers, Darkside powers, and Neutral powers. In addition, people can gain force power points through meditating as well as recover enough to flee a fight by sleeping using the Force Powers Hud.

However, since the version 3.0 (April 2009) Anyone who can script can now make a custom Force HUD with supplied Codes ( Added By Madathlon Frostbite FCRS Admin )

Currency System Edit

For those who are not Force Sensitives, the kredit systems was born to help groups such as clones and mandalorians to recover or purchase equipment to help them fight.

However, since the version 3.0 (April 2009) This has been suspended due to abuse of the system ( Added By Madathlon Frostbite FCRS Admin )

Easy to read meters Edit

Unlike other combat systems on Second Life, FCRS uses brightly colored meters instead of text to display health and stamina.

Large Community Edit

While FCRS sims don't have the highest amounts of people in their sims, the system was used in a time in more sims then any other combat system. In addition, FCRS using community are united in an effort to build a unified community.

Community Run Edit

Due to the sophistication, FCRS is community run by it's users.

Price Edit

Since April 2009, FCRS became a paying system. Sims and Groups have to pay set-up fees, players have to pay for levelling up their avatars.

  • 6000 L$ (about 5 USD) for the group manager
  • up to 1000 L$ (about 2.50 USD) for a level
  • Free Ranking is provided by the FCRS Admin to help personal who are good Roleplayers who want to rank up. ( Added By Madathlon Frostbite FCRS Admin )

References Edit

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