FCS / FRS was a combat system, predecessor of FCRS created by Cindy Kellner. Although there were beta versions, as well as release versions, both systems were the beta of FCRS.


FCS, Force Combat System was the first of the systems created by Cindy to come out. The first working model with minor bugs were released within 48 hrs of the first line of code. Cindy claimed that after the first week that it was identical to RCS and that after a week it became a more advanced system. This attitude most likely fuelled the war between the FCS/FRS/FCRS systems, although there was a rivalry between the two sides from the very beginning. The idea to create FCS started when Cindy contacted Nenilai Valentine because of some security issues, a notorious griefer, Blades, also known as Pheonix Snakeankle, had a way of killing somebody by simply issuing a chat command. Nenilai responded harshly saying that Blades needed to be banned from the sim. Because of the heated response, Cindy decided that it would be best that a system could be created that would respond to the needs of it's users.


After the success and growing popularity of FCS, Cindy decided to develop FRS, Force Roleplaying System. FRS was to be used by force users with the idea of having force powers implemented as well as evolve into a system that would have more tools for Roleplaying then just combat. The key most notible difference were "laser deflection", the ability to deflect blaster fire. FRS was only available to members of NOJ. Eventually it was thought that FCS would remain free whereas FRS would become a premium system that people would pay for.


As the popularity of the system increased, confusion between the two systems was the deciding factor to merge the two systems into FCRS. Along with the decision to merge the system, it was then decided that the system would continue to remain free to use as the motivation from the beginning was to improve Roleplay and not to make money.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The initial release of FCRS 1.0 was sort lived only lasting a few hours. Scripts in Second Life are limited to a certain size and the systems have outgrown in popularity. As a result of the size, FCRS 1.0 would crash after a few minutes. Users were asked to revert back to FCS and FRS so that the script could be broken up to into several other specialized scripts.

FCS and FRS actually had 3 modes, Roleplaying Mode, Training Mode, and Universal Mode. Roleplaying and Training modes are identical to the counterpart modes for FCRS. Universal Mode was training mode (could use the /1 reset command) but was for use with Roleplaying, in addition it had the ability to damage RCS without being damage by RCS, giving FCS/FRS users an advantage. (Another insult to the growing rivalry between FCS/FRS and RCS users)

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