The FX-7 Medical Droid is specialized in the practice of medicine, performing tasks such as diagnosis, injections, and surgery. The droid was originally produced by Medtech Industries but the company has stopped producing this model. The droid was found and repaired by a technician named Celina Valencia to aid in the sick bay during her service in the Republic Starfleet. Since the droid's initial reactivation, several replicas of the unit have been built and sold to various organizations to act as medical aides.

Where to get an FX-7 Medical DroidEdit

Droids of this make can be purchased from Celina Valencia or one of the Droidworks vendor locations in Second Life.

Additional InformationEdit

  • The FX-7 Medical droid avatar comes with a custom animation which makes it "roll" along the floor. Along with this the avatar also includes a HUD which controls a retractable arm, a retractable syringe, the color of the liquid in the syringe, as well as controls sounds which can be emitted by the droid.